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      Hi all,

      First of all i want to thanks to all those who thought of creating this form.

      I was an Indian Army officer and i damaged my knee while servicing the Army. This shattered my future prospects in the Army, so i thought of leaving Army. After resigning i married to an NRI girl and moved with her. Within a few days i come to know that they are drug dealer, so i came back to India within 10 days.

      As the Indian family system interfere a lot in all kind of relations and that system made me go back and girl apologised that she won’t force me anything of that nature but that never happened.

      Since than i am leaving separate but unfortunately i haven’t got divorced yet and in the mean time she lodged a case against me and my parents in India. I have been declared as PO and my old parents who don’t even know this girl properly (coz she leaved around 18 days in India when we got married) & my sisters are facing the charges. They are struggling in the courts. When i told my lawyer about this form and requested him to lodge a case against her under section 498A, our lawyer said they never heard anything like this.

      So i am wondering if someone could provide me full details of any case or if there is any lawyer who could take the case, i will be highly greatfull for that.

      Please suggest me what are my options.


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