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      Hello ,

      My wife had first file DV against me and my parents and after 15 days she filed divorce against me. We are staying away from each other from last five months. She is having affair with her ex boyfriend. When I notice this fact I left my home where currently she is staying.

      In last month she filed false 498a and arrested me for one day. I got bail from court .

      In all these cases she filled false statement that I have affair with her own younger sister.Her sister was also got arrested.she filled FIR which includes that I taken gold away from her and also demanded money from her etc.

      I have two flats on the name of both of us ,but now she is leaving in one flat and also getting rent of second flat in her own account. she earns morn than me.

      Under DV case court order me to pay 5000-/- for my 5 year childs maintenace.currently I am leaving in rented home with my parents.

      she want 20 lacs as a compansiation and also home and 7000-/- per month for child.

      So ,please suggest me that how to handle this situation.whatever she had filled all things are false ,so guide me how i will prove myself.

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      Dear friend your wife has taken possession of all flats & you are staying in rental premises, i am very much surprised. You have to challange your cases through your lawyer & try to quash the said don’t pay 20 lakh , no need to pay the same. If you need help you may contact. Be reasonable not emotional.

      9821387099, 9224799546

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