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      1. Can the wife get the case registered in any police station in a town or a village where she belongs to instead of the police station in a town/city where she lives with her husband?

      2. Can police detain the family members on which the complaint was made irrespective of any evidence?

      3. What is the procedure to be followed in case of such detention?

      4. What are the ways to come out of evil motives of wife and her family members? Is there any chance to file a counter against them while this case is in progress?

      5.What are the conditions for getting bail?

      6. How long the people have to be kept in remand though there is no evidence?

      7. How to prove that police are biased and registering the case without any evidence?

      8. Is there any way to come out of this false case at police station level itself without going to the court and facing the remand.

      9. The advocates are demanding exorbitant fees to deal with this kind of false cases. Do you have any advocate available in Hyderabad whose motive should be to do justice instead of extracting as much money as possible.

      Please clarify on the above as one of my friend’s son is facing the above and he is in police custody since 1 week in the name of counselling without producing him in the court .We have been fighting for his release but in vain despite the absence of any evidence against him or his family members.His family members are going to be arrested very soon.

      Kindly help by giving detailed clarifications so that it would be helpful to proceed further with caution and come out of the trauma this case is creating to all of us.

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      for Criminal case, it should be within jurisdiction, but she can file dowry,dv,divorce,maintenence in her place.

      Police can take or call you to Police station for enquiry and if arrested they have to produce you before court within 24 hours.

      There are various ways to counter her claim or false alegation,by using RTI or tax return details etc.

      for bail, you should submit a guarantor or bail money.

      File RTI to get details and report it higher Police if police submit false evidence.

      Bribe the Police, or Produce the evidence.

      We dont recommend lawyers.

      You can meet our hydrabad members for more details and HELP

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      Thank you Dr Dsouza for those details. We’ll meet your Hyderabad members for more help.

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