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      Hi can u please give me the advise how to get married in Mumbai Let me explain you in detail

      My partner she is British/Indefinite stay holder she is Muslim I m HIndu we stayed togeather in the UK 16 months

      i cameback 2 India due to Immigration issues now we want to get married in India n I want to go back to the UK as the spouse.

      tell me the procedure,wat she ahve to do get married in registirely so that we dont face any problem to apply

      for going back to the UK wat I have to provide as an documentation I mean

      pls advise or call me please

      93200 78105


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      That’s gr8 you are getting married. BUT I am not happy speacilly getting married in india with indian girl.

      Did you ever heard of IPC 498a, CRPC 125, Domenstic Violence?? if not goolge it first. I urge you, not to spend more than 2 hours for this. then decide are you ready for all this just because you are getting married in India?

      If she is not indian, better get marry out side of India and change your nationality. don’t make mistake to get her Indian Nationality after marriage.

      This will save you, your future wife and parents and siblings and Childrens also from long legal battle.

      Hope I have mate your expectations.



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      Dear friend,

      I have gone through your matter, being you & the girl are of dfferent religion , so you have to apply under Spl. Marriage Act, one months notice will be given, then after you will be married before the marriage Registrar before three witnesses.

      If any problem, contact, I will co-op you.


      Ad. Ramchandra N. Kachave, My Nation,

      9821387099, 9224799546

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