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      Hi All,

      Brief history .I was married in 2008 . My inlwas filed 498A (Complaint Case)

      ,406 and Crpc 125 in feb’2010. Case was transferred to Mediation Cell ,Aligarh

      after four -five hearing a settlement was reached and all the cases were

      withdrawn on 1st March’2011.In the settlement it was written that both the side

      could take divorce. But when we decided to pursue for Mutual Consent divorce

      they said that they would give divorce when we return the clothes of the girl given at

      the time of marriage.

      There was no demand of such kind when they had signed the settlement letter

      prepared by the mediation cell court .

      I have decided to file divorce .from my side . Would it be fine and what other

      option are there.

      In this regards, any help and guidance would be very much appreciated.

      With great regards,

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      it is only her clothes she is asking.. why don’t you return and go for mutual concent divorce.

      you are lucky she has withdrawn the cases. many women opt for withdrawing the case when complete settlement is done. what if she again files the case??.

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      so it means your mediation and settlement was not perfect.

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      If mutual consnt is not possible, you file divorce petition, you will have sucess. 9821387099

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