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      I got married with my lover,but he supressed his first marriage issue(his wife is living with him).i filed a petition against him in a family he is not attending for the case,but court has given report that it is expartee evidence,what is meant by expartee evidence?how much time it will take to give the judgment in null-void marriages?

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      Exparte mean evidence given by u only. it means without his evidence in ur side. it will get 2 /3 dates at the most for finish of mtr.

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      If he do not attend then it will be in your favor; as you asked in your Petition

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      Thanku sir,but now i came to know that he wants put a petioion dat he is scheduled caste,we forced this much time it will take sir? & how can i proceed.

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      There are no Special marriage rules for Schedule caste; He should come under HMA or special marriage act;

      If he older thn 21 years, he is mature enough to know whats going on.

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      how much time generally to give judgment after expartee evidence.

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      Judges take their own time, they are not bothered about others life and time.

      Even After evidence he may say,lets send another notice, this is if men appeal for divorce whihc leads to Exparte.

      anyway its upto judge and your Lawyer, how he convince judge,still judge will take his own time to write a decree.

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      we have send two notices already,but i petitioned in party in person,we came to know that there areso many cases like dis so many people are telling that it will take 1 year.give me advice

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      If Court able to server Notice to party then it should take only 3/4 dates after that to lead to your evidence.

      After that Judge should not take more than 2 dates.

      then decree may take another 2/3 months.

      This is my case experience.

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      is there any ine to him?i heard tha fine will be from 10,000 to 5,00,000

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      Dear All,

      I am married for 6 years but we stayed together for 19months only and have a child.

      After the child was born, I discoved few papers in her absense in bag only to find out she had married earlier in Temple and had taken divorce in Court. She had never told me.

      Its been more than 3 years we are staying separate in different cities. Since I am not taking her back she has filed RCR and interim alimony for herself and demanding huge money for out of court settlement.

      Please Advise if I Can file divorce basis

      1) Desertion and 2) Not informing the truth during marriage ( null and void)?

      I have taken no legal action till date and need correct info to select lawer and proper action.

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      is there any ine to him?i heard tha fine will be from 10,000 to 5,00,000

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      Dear friends, in the court if we have expedite the matter, our lawyer has to request the court for short dates, has to press our application, it will be finish then soon.

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