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      Reason / requirement of amendment :

      1. Responsible for elder abuse ; elders are losing their homes and facing harassment due to never ending false litigations

      2. Marriage being reduced to just a monetary liability for educated young guys. Severe damage to institution of marriage and consequently to Indian culture and society

      3. In the name of “Protection of women”, thousands of mothers and sisters are facing false litigation and physical, mental, financial abuse due to the same. Such acts are not covered under DVA though they are also women

      4. Against natural principles of justice : Monetary compensation for harassment ?

      Proposed amendments :

      1. No interim / final reliefs to educated / capable wives

      2. Wife should have no legal claim or even residence rights on property owned by in-laws other than hubby

      3. Short duration marriage – No reliefs

      4. Strong consideration of evidence even before registering the case against anybody

      5. Multiple maintenance should not be allowed … If reliefs granted in sec 125 / sec 24 etc, DVA should not be allowed to continue (and vice versa)

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      If women is not able to prove her DV claim she has to be punished or MIL can file damage/defamation in same court or same time in same case.

      OR MIL should be compensated and DIL to be charged with jail

      No intrim/maintenance till case finish

      MIL/SIL also can file DV on DIL

      DV should not be Valid reason to claim maintenance/Divorce/Custody

Viewing 1 reply thread
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