Please help and suggest a solution in case of mental harrasment by a wife

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      Dear Readers,

      Please help me wih your valuable suggestions.

      My brother got married 6 months back with a middle class,extremely b’ful girl with no brains.Girl is extremely suspicious by nature and is very demanding…to the extent that she doesn’t want her husband to socialise with friends and colleagues.She is verbally abusive too.

      Unfortunaely her father is a editor and has some poliical contacts. He keeps threatning my family that if his daughter shows any sign of unhappiness in my family he will file false cases against my family that we have harrased her for dowry etc.She keeps threatning my bro. that she will leave him and ruin his life.In last 6 months she has packed her bags almost 7-9 times and warned my bro. of conciquenses he might have to face. She clearly tells my bro. that she wants him to live his life on her terms.

      Ours is a very simple and respectable and upper middle class family. My father is too image concious and that is why he had been trying to compromise with this situation till now.Now my parents are not able to cope up with these kind of every day torutres.

      My mother is suffering from multiple health problems and on he top of that she is being tortured by this girl every now and then.Yesterday girl left my place to stay wih her family.

      I need help on follwing :

      1)What kind of report can my brother make to get an anticipatory bail in case her father files a false FIR against my family

      2) CAn my brother make a complaint against her behaviour in terms of mental harrasment.

      3) This girl has some kind of phsychological problem I think.As her behaviour is not normal and that a reason why she keeps framing things told to her by any one in family and then she tells a different story o her father so that he can torture us.Please suggest how can we prove that.

      An early response will be very helpful.As my family might face a problerm any time now.

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      Why are you waiting for her to file case.

      collect all evidence of her torture and harassment

      Audio/Vedio Record if possible and ask mother to file complaint to police against her her Father

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