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      My in-laws file the Domestic violence 2005 case @ September 23, 2009 in sardhana ( Meereut) on the basis of my wife mere written complaint and verbal statement with no records to back her allegations . Judge give one sided decision to instruct me to give 5000 PM as interim Relief. & ask them to submit evidence @ Feb19, 2010 as we had not received any notice . it come to our notice @ april 24, 2010 thro my father friend. I appeared in court @ april 28, 2010 & submit application for restoration, limitation & stay on one sided decision . Judge refuse to provide stay on interim relief @ may 15, 2010 by saying that he can not recall his order .

      They file 498A @ SEP 1, 2009 (Meerut court) & using almost same allegation they file DV 2005 IN SARDHANA COURT Can two cases based on almost same allegation preceed in differet court

      CAN WOMEN BE RESPONDENT IN PWDVA 2005 . my mother & Married sister (Living in delhi) name are there

      Court had not appoint any protection officer as there is no protection officer report

      high court allahabad instruct me to give INR 25, 000 as interim refief i deposited the same in meerut court i have the certified copy of receipt & they hide this truth from sardhana court

      I already filed RCR @ aug 04, 2009 in gurgaon (Haryana) court

      Please help/suggest me what to do I will be highly obliged to you.

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