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      I got married on 30th May 2008. My wife is working as a Govt. school teacher. We have a baby SON of just 8 months old. Also my wife is now pregnant again for last 2 months. I am living with my mother and sister. My sister is working with Railway. I lost my father on 2003.

      The detail story:

      I got married through paper advertisement. My wife was divorcee but it was my 1st marriage. (Reason for divorce said by them: Physical & mental torture – although it was love marriage).

      When we met with her family they informed me that the 1st relationship stayed only for 2 months and it was love marriage. After marriage I came to know that the relationship stayed more than 3 years.

      After finalizing our marriage we met on regular basis and discussed on several issues. During that period I was in love with her. It happened because I never attached closely with any girl in my life. She also confirmed that she is in love with me. To marry her I informed to my family & neighbor that I know & love this girl for last 2 years.

      Another surprising thing was waiting for me when my wife confirmed(while discussing on various issues) before 20 days of our marriage that she was having a 2nd relationship with a boy(continued for 2 years) after her divorce. This 2nd relationship end because the boy refused to marry when he came to know that she is divorcee. I don’t have any other option except to marry her because everything was finalized.

      While finalizing the marriage, I informed my in-law that I need 6 to 8 months time because I don’t have financial freedom to organized the marriage function (because of my newly constructed house ) and go only for registration marriage with a joint party sharing equal money. But they don’t agreed. I have not taken a single rupee from them.

      During that time my mother in-law said that any time my father in law may died (he was a heart patient) and have to give their daughter’s marriage immediately. My wife also confirmed that she will take care my expenses (she never did that) till the situation is ok.

      Then I discussed separately with my wife about how to arrange the marriage function immediately because she and her parents was forcing to go for marriage immediately and not interested for only registration marriage.

      Finally I took a private loan of Rs:100000 @ 8% interest pm. And also took Rs: 120000 from my friends and relatives with the permission of my wife. She and her parents also confirmed that they will help me to get out of this problems which they never did.

      In my family, my father is died. I have my mother and sister. My sister is a govt. employee not yet married. They never interfere me to do all the process related to my marriage. My sister helped a lot in my marriage.

      The real drama starts after marriage. Her parents start interfering to our day to day activity. After 15 days of our marriage my wife transferred most of the GOLD to her parents.

      While visiting my In law’s house till date, my in laws never respect me and behaved very rudely specially my father in law. They wanted me to obey all the words of my wife to run my family which I never accepted. Even she tortured my mother in different way.

      From my daily life activity with wife I also understood that my wife still carrying all the past relations in his mind and started behaving in a negative way with me.

      Month of July2009, one day my wife said there is a function in her house and her parents invited us. That time my wife was 7 months pregnant. We visited and after that my wife said to me that she will come back after 10 days. But she never came back till my baby son was 3 months old. Later on I came to know she has taken all the documents(her own) along with my cash of Rs: 32000. I also understood that it was a pre planed drama.

      My baby son born on September 2009 and now he is 8 months old.

      From July 2009 they tortured and blackmail me like anything. The day hospital released my son and wife, my in law came early and signed all the hospital documents and took my son and wife with them. Even I don’t have my son’s birth certificate.

      From February 2010 to 6th May 2010 I was with my wife and baby son in my house. For that I obeyed so many terms & condition given by them.

      Again on 7th morning her mother took her with my baby son. My wife is again 2 months pregnant now and saying that she won’t come.

      On 14th May I visited my wife’s house to see my baby. While discussing about my wife & baby’s come back to me they started torturing me even physically. My in law and my wife’s uncle threaten me that they will kill me through local GUNDA and they will go for 498A case to finish my life if I asked for my baby and wife. Now they are saying : “go to court if you want your baby”

      My question:

      1. How I can stay with my baby son may be with wife ?

      2. If I make a complain to police against my in law’s torture & threat are they(police) going to take any action ? is it possible for me to go for a case against in laws ? how I can do that?

      3. If I go for RCI any advantage ?

      4. Now how to see my baby on regular basis.

      5. They are not informing me when they are going to doctor for my baby son & for my 2 months pregnant baby. Any law related to this so that I can also go to doctor to know the condition ?

      6. If they go for false 498 A how to escape from it.

      7. Is my mother have a right to go for a case of domestic violence to her against my wife ?

      8. I don’t have any documents/birth certificate of my baby son. How I can get it from them?

      9. Any social organization in Kolkata from where I can get help?

      10. My wife is a working lady & spend everyday 10 hrs for the job. Any advantage out of it ?

      11. Will I get child custody

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      First comment…. you are only responsible for your misery…

      When girl was divorced, why you have opt to marry her???

      just 20 days before marriage she confronted that she is having relationship with boy, why you still married to her?

      this make me doubt on your character also…. why you get married first answer this then I can reply to your problem…

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      hi Atit

      Thanks for your reply.

      I already mentioned that I was in love with that girl.

      Also when I came to know about her 2nd relation, by the time all the preparation done related to my marriage. no other option except to marry. What to tell to my family/relatives/friends/neighbour when I already informed them that I know this girl for last 2 years ?

      I am in problem now. Please advise if you can. Don’t use all those wrong words when you don’t know somebody.

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      This is typical men syndrome… they can face false cases by wifes, but not a single harsh word by us…

      Yes, you are in problem, it’s because of your sympathy towards your wife.

      Pls contact local SIF chapter…

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      when you came to know abt her second relation, you can opt out to marry…

      Now only option is fight it out or pay them what they are asking for..

      To fight you need to be real jerk, and think out of the box and have to dedicate atleast 2 hours a day on your case… don’t consider that i will hire best lawyer in town and he will do all for me…

      start reading about IPC, CRPC , HMA, CPC from

      Best of luck if you opt to fight out…

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      How can anyone help you when you wont help yourself? You admit that they behaved badly towards you even after the birth of your son. Yet you are so enamoured of your wife that you got her pregnant again in 6 months time. And now you are crying about them threatening you about cases.

      Buddy, there is more to this story than you are telling us. If you expect free advise and help, the least you owe in return is honesty. Get real buddy, be honest and it will help you to fight this mess. Lie and you are going to bear the rap, not any of us.

      warm regards

      sanjay mehra

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