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      My case is different.

      I got engaged on the 31st Oct, 08 and the same night, during the ceremony, the gals father misbehaved and abused in drunken stupor. I reacted to this and there was a major showdown.

      The next day, gal’s father came to my residence with accomplice and using physical assault, he took all the valuables they gave us.

      Then he filed a complaint of dowry against me at the women cell in delhi and asked for a few lakhs to which i refused. the girl was against this and she got in touch with me.

      Then the girl went to the women cell and gave 2 written statements, the statements stated that the complaint is fake and its filed by her father without her consent. She gave statements on the similar notes on the 19 Nov 08 and 01 dec 08.

      After this in March’ 09, the girl and I decided to end the relationship as her father was pestering us both beyond limits.

      Again in May’09, i started getting notices from the women cell. This complaint was followed up again after 6 months and since then i and my family has been pestered. Their demands are unscrupulous and as they are seeking money for the food, sweets, DJ and liquor served during the engagement ceremony. They have also included money which the girl spent on the engagement on her clothes (Lehenga – Rs. 23,500) and make up (Rs. 5000).

      At times, they dont tuen up on date and the cops have been threatening me to settle the case else will arrest me and my family. However i dont understand, why they are hiding the statements that the girl gave against her father.

      I am writing this coz we went to the women cell yesterday and since then my father is worried about the matter. After that he got ill and was rushed to the hospital in the midnight.

      I am supposed to go there today also at 1100 Hrs.

      I know, this case is baseless and just a gimmick. Please suggest how can i take care of it. I am not willing to pay for the food, liquor, DJ, sweets and other expenditure as we were not consulted wen they were included in the ceremony.

      Awaiting a solution.


      Rahul Chhabra

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      in 1st place, there was no Marriage so this case will not stand.

      2ndly Police cann`t arrest you, see the direction of Delhi can ask our Delhi members for this or search on Internet. Delhi helpline numbers can be found here

      Give in writting to Police about her statement, and tell them, if they do not stop harassing you, you will meet Higher Authority of Police.

      no need to pay anything,whatever they spent.if they still threaten, there are limitation to spend on marriage,as you did`t asked for it.

      and at lastly, you can go for HC to quash FIR,

      refer some of the judgements

      and many of the other judgments Available here

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      I went to the women cell and had a discussion with the ACP, Enquiry officer and the other party.

      Again i was asked to cough up for money and i said the following:

      1. As per the list that i have submitted to the Women cell, i am willing to give away the gifts that i possess.

      2. I refuse to pay the money for the sweets, Lehenga, food, liquor and other expenditure.

      3. I may go ahead and pay for the food as per the number of guests from my side, that is the max i can do.

      4. I may go ahead and share the expenditure for the photographer, however i would need a copy of all the pics.

      5. All the gifts that we given by the guests and the relatives are with the other party and i need an info on the same.

      6. I asked why the case has come in picture all of a sudden and there was no activity for around 6 months (Dec 01, 08 till May 23, 09), to which i got no reply.

      7. I asked the police to refer to old statements, to which they had a negligent attitude.

      After this, the police said that they are going ahead with the FIR and asked me to leave.

      As per my old conversation with the complainant (my x fiance), her father has some sources in the women cell. I dont know if its true or not. However all the notices that i have received from the women cell, mentions her as Mrs., ironically we never got married.

      I have recorded the full conversation.

      Please suggest what do i do.


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      moreover the girl flew away from her house twice and came to stay with me. The reason for this is her father’s ill-treatment to her.

      The first incident happened on the 18th Nov’ 08 (midnight), the same was reported to the nearest police station. The next day i asked her to go back home and she did.

      The second incident happened on the 1st Dec’ 08, after she gave a statement against her father. She came and stayed with me for 22 days, after pressurizing her to leave. During that span she went to work and her attendance has been marked at her workplace.

      Now i am accused by the other party of kidnapping her for 22 days. During that span, the girl gave me a written document saying that the complain against me is false with her signatures on it, though it was not submitted to any authority.

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      Without much delay apply for Anticipatory bail;

      and same time with all your facts appeal at HC to quash FIR.

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      On the basis of document available with him (from girl), can’t he file case against that man for blackmailing and threats? and also against officer of women cell???

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