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      Dear Sir,

      My sister in law filed 498 case against my parents who are at the age of 70 & 65.Now our case is going on as the most corrupt department is yet to submit charge sheet.Now in family court maintenance case is filed by that lady & as final decesion is yet to come, so in the mean time judge advice us to pay Rs 1000 per month.Now I need your valuable suggestion,please advice

      They are not coming to family court from last 4 hearing date.Though my brother is coming in every consecutive month.Our case is going on in Silchar & my brother is working in 450 km away from that place.What should we do?

      we want that during these until & unless criminal court doesn’t decide anything about 498 case,we want that at least court must allow my brother to see her child who is only 5 years now.Can it be possible?Under what section it allowed to do so?any judgement supporting this claim?

      Can anyone help me to get the number of Mr.D.S.Rao from kolkata so that i can meet him & discuss with him all this


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      call our other kolkatta number from here to get DS.Rao number.

      You brother can ask visitation, and they should not deny it. under The Guardians and Wards Act you can file petition [ ref : ]

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