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      My elder brother is living in Bangalore. He took his girlfriend with him to Bangalore under pretext of taking some IT courses and job before 6 months. This was done with her father’s consent. She is living in some ladies PG in Bangalore near to where my brother has rented an apartment. Although being from a conservative family background her father did not care to take my parent’s consent to this. My parents did talk to her parents in presence of some family friends from both side sometime before this about how to go forward with marriage but there was no explicit consent from my parents for her being in Bangalore for this course and job. Since then my parents have not kept any contact at all with girls parents or with that girl.

      About a month back we realized that my brother has spent more than 2.5 lac in 6 months in his stay in bangalore. This has concerned my parents and caused them to question intentions of her and her parents. My brother is not giving any detailed account on where the money was spent but says that it was mostly spent on weekend gateways. We can see from his account statement that almost 5k was drawn from ATM machine every three to 4 days and that is apart from expenses like petrol, rent, phone bill etc. The girl has previously pressured my brother to buy for her parents, or let her buy for her parents a house for 5 lakh before marriage if she gets job early, so that they can rent it and get some income. We had rebutted such a strange demand in the meeting with her parents and since then she seems to have given up this demand. Unfortunately, my brother sees this as her genuine demand and also doesn’t see anything wrong with her father allowing her to stay in Bangalore near him without even an engagement.

      Now we fear that the girl may charge him with rape due to sex with consent under false assurance of marriage if we try to stop this marriage or if there are other obstacles beyond our control like a quarrel between my brother and that girl. As per law it may be possible for us to prove our case in higher courts but is there any way we can avoid such trouble for my brother like getting arrested in lower court or after filling of FIR.

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