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      Me and my Old parents have been charged falsely under 498A by my wife in April 2007. After spending 10 days in Judicial Custody I got bail. Soon after bail my wife put a sec 125 on me against which I am presently paying her alimony every month as per the final maintainance order given by the trial court judge. While the 125 case stands resolved trial for 498A is going on. I work in a MNC company where it has been made mandatory for all employees to have valid passport. I applied for the passport in Dec 2008. At the time of police verification I didnot hide anything and declared that there are 2 cases viz. 498A and 125 ( 125 was pending at that point of time ) pending on me. Thereafter I had to multiple times visit the local DIB office and DIB HQ just to come to know that my police verfication report has not yet been processed. Passport office says that they are still waiting for the police verification report. I even discussed this with 2 of my lawyers but they are unable to guide me properly on this. I am required to submit a valid copy of Passport to my Office failing which I may loose my job resulting in non-payment of the alimony money. In the present scenario following are my queries –

      1. Is it at all possible for a me to get a passport in the present scenario ?

      2. As per India Passport Act, passport can be issued if a NOC letter from a competant court is produced. Can I go ahead and apply for a NOC in the Trial or Higher courts ?

      3. I only require the passport for complying to my company rules and for the sake of saving myself from loosing my Job. Niether my company nor me intend to travel abroad. So can I go ahead and plead the court explaining the actual requirement ? It is even Ok with me if the court/passport office takes custody/blacklists my passport after I submit a copy of the same in my Office as I have no intentions to travel abroad. Pls advice.

      4. Some of my friends and well wishers have suggested me to approach travel agents for getting my Passport done. Is that OK ?

      5. What are my other options in this regard ?

      Also to add on to my Misery and bad fortune/luck my Mother could not bear the trauma of the false allegations made by her daughter-in-law and had a massive Cerebral Attack resulting in 50% paralysis. She had to undergo a immediate Brain Operation. Both my Father and Mother are under bail for 498 A along with me. I have been searching for helps/suggestions in every possible way but everything seems to be falling apart when I came across this Group. Pls help me with the Answers to my above queries.

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      Any suggestions on this pls ??

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      When Criminal case is pending, in same city getting Passport is Imposible, even reneawal. as under 498a, man is guilty till proven innocent.

      You can Produce Court NOC,still its upto Passport Authority to issue Passport.

      Try without wasting time, Every citizen has right to have Passport. even criminals, thats how all Politicians have one(?)

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