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      Everyone should post your story of

      False 498A IPC

      False Domestic Violence case

      Forced to pay maintence, Even she is working / Educated

      Denied Visitation / custody

      and Other Legal Terrorism

      Website is

      Clikc on Share Your Stroy

      Enter Your Story and contact numbers

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      Aamir Khan or Satyameva Jayate Team has no BALLS to make stories on men, or their Problems;

      as so far all episodes are on women only

      Female foeticide in India

      Child sexual abuse

      Dowry system in India etc and more will come on Women Issues only, coz most of the viewers are Women only. and they like Women sob stories only, no one want men real life struggles and their harassments.

      If Aamir khan really after TRUTH then he would have made one men issue too, when he makes 3 for Women.

      thats the TRUTH.

      still you say TRUTH prevails ?

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