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      Gender equality & stopping misuse of law to save India & Indians

      1.Making 498A IPC Gender Neutral, right is required that Husband & In laws also can file 498A against her wife/ Daughter in law/ Sister in law.

      2.This is applicable for Domestic Violence case also.

      3.Police should not arrest any person before proper investigation.

      4.498A must be Bailable offence, until court declared the particular person guilty.

      5.Any people from any status are misusing laws like 498a, etc. I think this is for to extract money by treating marriage as a drama; applicable for any other law also. It is also a strong example of wasting of valuable time & expenditure of govt. of India, Govt. of particular sate, judiciary and administration & also applicable to Indian citizen’s who are waiting for proper justice. So, if any person found raised false case & it is proved by court then his or her citizenship must be seized & any kind of facility from government should be withdrawn by law.

      6.If anybody comes to police station & court to file allegation against anybody it should be mandatory to take declaration that allegation is true & if found false, fraud, fabricated only for blackmailing opponent he or she should be in jailed for a period of equally as per his present age for misusing Indian law. i.e. if a person file case at the age of Thirty years & after Five years court declare final Judgment then said person came to age of Thirty five & he or she should be jailed for Thirty Five years.

      7.It is also required to take help from modern scientific system that the persons who raised allegation is true or false when Police receives diary or Judiciary receives case, by this process some false case may be eliminated and stop present fashion to earn money by misusing IPC 498A, etc.

      8.Stop such person to marry or impose fine INR 1 Lakh with multiplying with his or her age who feels shy to express them as Husband or Housewife.

      9.If it is proved in court that anybody raised false fraud, fabricated allegation only for blackmailing opponent then he or she should pay all expenditure incurred by opponent also expenditure of Govt. agency for his or her case.

      10.Advocates who are represented client should fixed rate for a particular act and it required to issue money receipt of fees.

      11.Tax relief from expenditure on court.

      12.Most important compensation part who are suffering for false case. Summation of age of all sufferers multiplying by Rs. 1 Lakh. i.e. if total persons suffered 6 nos. Sufferer 1- 55 yrs., Sufferer 2 – 50 yrs. Sufferer 3 – 30 yrs. Sufferer 4 – 26 yrs. Sufferer 5 – 28 yrs. Sufferer 6 – 5 yrs. Total Summation of age 194 yrs. Punishment should be not less than 194 yrs. x 1 Lakh = Rs. 194 Lakhs only. This hard step is required to reduce misuse of Law by the person who are not respects our India, Indian Laws & citizen of India.

      13.If he or she unable to pay such amount all property to be seized & sold according to law & his or her earnings of every month in jail to be handed over to Victim person.

      14.Who really do the wrong he or she also should be punished according to law to stop cruelty against Man or Woman.

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      14.Who really do the wrong he or she also should be punished according to law to stop cruelty against Man or Woman.



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      Unless solid proofs Police should not take any complaint on just words.

      and later if it found to be false there should be double punishment than what they sue other party and also compansation for the false case victim.

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      Poilce dose care about solid proofs. In my case my Father was arrested by West Bengal Police nearly 11:00 pm at the age of 78 yrs. he is a patient of Cardiac problem, Arthritis and partly paralysed & unable to walk without stick, Glaucoma in eye i.e. partly blind on that very day he was suffering indigestion & stomach pain with loose motion. My mother repeatedly request to Police officer not arrest his in this condition but he does not care about it & also Police officer told if Woman police available then they will also arrest her. On that date Police also investigate & questioned so many to my Mother & Sister, police officer questioned to our neighbor also.

      Why ? – My Wife & her family members filed a false FIR & after that Police lodge 498a DP act 3 & 4 Poilce did not very about trueness.

      After some period of such case she filed cr. pc.125, DV case for same reason. After consuming some month in Court her family offered us to solve the problem by paying of Rs. 20 Lakhs. After One & half year of case they offered solve case by paying NIL. So, if we do any cruelty with her why they offer like this.

      I like to continue the case because I know she and her family members are lodge False FIR & false case to squeze money by Blackmailing me. Although Poilce take action against us without veryfying the real fact.

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