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      My wife filled a 498A case against me and my family members. except me all other family members got anticipatory bail from session court(Bihar) and mine was rejected(she wanted to come back but i refused to take her back) I have approached to high court for the same, and high court lawyer says it will take about one month to get the AB.

      After my family members bail my wife filled maintenance case under wich sec i dont know for her and for the kid(1.6 Yrs son, right now kid is with her).

      She is educated enough MA in Psychology and did Govt job before marriage in Bihar ( I have proof of that).

      I am working in private firm in mumbai and my salary is XXK/month, as she know she mentioned my salary as XXK in maintenance petition.

      but she don’t has any proof of that.

      My father is retired and mom is diabetic dependent on me.

      I am paying rent of 12K in Mumbai.

      Can I hide my salary as she don’t have any proof.

      Please let me know chances of giving maintenance to my wife and my kid and how much maximum the lower court will consider.

      Please help.


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      Court can get Salary details directly from your company, better get some loan and show your take home is very less.

      as 498A is already filled you have to get Bail not Anticipatory Bail.

      if she was educated and has working experience you can counter her demand with other citations

      like Educated working women is not entitled for maintenance

      and if she left her own without valid reason also you can deny

      find all these judgments here

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      and dont forget to file visitation immedietly.

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      My company dosen’t provide any load should i take loan from bank, would that be considerable, like car loan? please let me know any other kind of loan, want to minimize the maintanance amount.

      Please help.


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      should I resign my job??

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      take any loan, which reflect in your salary account as big chunk of deduction. and your take home will be very less.

      no need to resign, if possible ask for transfer

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Viewing 6 reply threads
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