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      Not sure if the topic title is confusing, but here is the elaboration.

      Mr. Akhil died in 1994 without a will. He had 3 sons and 2 daughters.

      His self earned properties were a rented house (Pagdi system), a factory (under bank loan) and some land.

      After his death, all brothers and sisters along with their mother signed an agreement giving power of attorney of all the properties to one of the brother and he also went ahead and submitted the same along with a letter to the bank that he shall be the sole responsible person for repaying the bank loan.

      Today, the same brother says in that rented house with his family and the bank loan is still on.

      The eldest sister and her husband is no more, died under very depressing situations due to their child and her family.

      Now her Son has filed a case in the court for claiming rights to the property of Mr.Akhil who died about 17 years ago.

      How does he stand in this case?

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      As his Father already gave away his rights, so he cannt any claim in the property.

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