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      Dear Friends,

      Thanks for the service to the community by you people. I am new here and i need your help and suggestions. My name is Arvind, i am from Hyderabad but basically from karnataka. Currently working as Asst. Manager in software company.

      I am married 4 years ago and i have one kid. It was not a good married life. 2 years ago, 498a case were filed on me and my parents. The case was registered in Vijayawada and the police asked to come for investigation but myself and my parents took the Anticipatory bail. We have been harrased alot in the police station as they insisted us to take the girl back by giving in writing but we didnt do that. My wife and her parents again visited to my office for harrasing but the security didn’t allow them to get inside the office. Finally they we went to Congress activist Sumati Mohan and their they started threatening to give everything written in bond paper which i didnt accept it. She went to local police station and informed them saying that she will broke open the lock and get into my house.

      Advocate has suggested to file divorce petition which we filed in court but didn’t proceed for that.

      After few days they visited to my lawyer and asked for the compromise and even she said that it was her mistake which she will not repeat and want to compromise and stay with me.

      Finally we have quashed the case in High court under the section 482 and 320 IPC in the month of March 2009. But we didn’t submit the quashing papers in lower court and according to lawyer he says that we need to submit the petition in lower court to close.

      We started staying together and again in the month of July 2009 she started behaving the same, beating me biting and abusing words. I thought that i should get adjust with her and stay. I used to take my wife and son outside on every Saturday and Sunday for shopping,movies or exhibition. She never used to prepare proper food or behave properly. With her behavior my parents said that she may trouble them again and they stopped talking or calling as they stay in Karnataka.

      Since from last one week she is abusing and not preparing any food at home. Apart from that she is complaining to her parents that i am beating her and not getting food items to prepare. but i have all the bills whatever i have purchased including food items and jewelery.

      Today she informs her father to go to police station and file a complain in Vijayawada against me. I came out from the house and staying at present outside.

      Can they file 498a case again once it is quashed. I am worried about my son as she even don’t care him properly. I am fed up to stay with her.

      I am even scared to go and stay at home. She even says that if i go out and stay away from the house she will have the flat which i have purchased from home loan and she will get the maintenance to stay. She threatens that her father has political background which he can use the influence and break my legs and hands.

      She finally says that she can win the case if i file any case against her. She says that Indian law will support always to women to harras husband if it is false.

      Look forward for your valuable suggestions.

      Thanks and Best Regards


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      Do not worry you are not alone now.

      Call our hydrabad numbers, they will guide you properly what to do.

      Do not leave the house, if possible record all her threats.

      She can file 498A n times, you can report it police with old judgment about her renewed 498A threat. File a LC with police, let see what they are doing.

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      This is the most dangerous thing, that once they test the blood, every time they threat you to file another cases.

      BTW you can always collect proofs of your innocence… take her to restaurant and keep bills with you… take snaps while she is preparing or having food…

      and as your first 498a was quashed with mutual consent, it doesn’t add any value to your current 498a. unless she had accepted that it was false case and you two wants to live together…

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      hi, this is adept post. I like this posts. you suggestions are just awesome , I have applied them &they seems to be working for me.

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      Hi Myforums15,

      We are some gud people are helping others, but what if we don’t stay here tomorrow???

      we need more and more commandos to join this movement and spread awareness…

      Pls contribute, what ever way you can..



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      Dear friend if your divorce petition is pending proceed it be free from your wife, if she lodged complaint move for A.B.A. in sessions court. 9821387099, 9224799546

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