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      I’m a 24 years old man. I’m being tortured by a girl who is my school friend.Whenever she proposed me ..I SAID NO. She gave me so many trouble.All my friends usually come to my home.This girl purposely came when i was alone.I was not aware of her intention at that time.(before she proposed me ) .

      I had hope that she will understand and be proper in life.

      Later she just filed a case against me that “I’m trying to cheat her after having sex with her..” I dint commit any mistake.I never turned faces to her.My family members believed her. Everyone sarted hating me.I dont have any proof to prove that I dint commit any mistake.Everyone says that “YOU HAVE TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCE FOR THE MISTAKE YOU DID”.No one was ready to hear my points.I was helpless.So many problem rose..My mom fell sick. They made engagement on March 2009.

      I faced so many problems from then… stuggled and hunted to find a solution for this.Seeked a lawyer… he confused me a lot and cheated me.Days went.

      Last month,suddenly they made arrangements for the marriage between us. No one in formed about the arrangements. All of a sudden they told a lie. took me to my home town,tortured, blackmailed me to get married.

      My life is totally lost.No peace.

      I could’nt live with that girl anytime in my life.What are the legal ways to get divorce? Do i have any solution?

      I want a life to live.My life is already screwed..

      There is Not even a single law..?one loop.. ?to save me from this horrible situation?

      I could never live with this false name on me and its not possible to adjust also.i’m also a human being.

      I have to seek a lawyer..but before that I want to know the points and in what grounds to file the annulment or divorce.. in such a way that i get justice…coz i have to shape up my life correctly atleast now.Its my life. So pls give all the possible ways in law to proove me…

      please give me solution for my Questions..

      How far my annulement will be strong? On what grounds can i file this?

      If i’m being sent to jail how long is the period?

      If i file a divorce when should i apply it? How long will it take to get divorce? Will i get justice?

      What to do if she does’nt agree for mutual divorce?

      Please give the legal advice…seeking ur help desperately…..

      Or is there any loop hole in this case and in law of constitution to get a life?

      There is no law for men to fight for his rights? Sir…. pls give me some legal points.Give me a life.

      i dint commit a single mistake in my life.. Pls sir pls…

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      How can someone force you to get marry.?

      thats the funniest story i ever heard.

      at least you should have run away from there. or shout screem if they are doing against your wish or approch Police.

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      Dear friend ,

      I have gone through your matter, you dont worry about your problem. I have a similar case with me . If all the facts are true and correct , you may defend and suceed in your problem . If really you are not interested and not willing in your present matrimonial relations you may challange the said marriage on the said circumstantial evidence . It will be declared as null and voide.

      9821387099, 9224799546

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      yes it may sound funny Crusader..

      i made all possible attempts to come out the situation..But everything failed . i feel myself as a coward now.

      But i din’t have choice on dat day… i compromised everything only for the sake of my mother… only later i came to know it was drama … dat she was ill.

      My mom’s repeted statement is ” You should deserve for the mistake u commited & just because of ur selfishness pls dont spoil d family name”

      100’s of arguements, fights, blackmails, suicidel threats… all these just bloched my mind

      All that i need now is to live my life.thatsy seeking a help to come out this. I want to completely come out of this. I’m just 24… i made enough compromises n lost almost everything n my life. i wish to live a life of happiness.

      I’m out of my house now. i cant live with dat girl in a same house for a minute also…

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      Everything s true…I swear……. In what way i can proove myself..?

      Pls give me ur legal advise on this.

      I’m not living n my home as dat girl s there. I will never go back to my family also.

      Pls guide me what has to be done to get my life back?

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      Can i have some suggetions on this…?

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      If Adv. Kachave hv similar case .contact him personnlly and take suggestion


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      Adv. Kachave….


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      Hope this story is right… and not some melodrama.

      Your biggest mistake was marrying her.

      Your family wants their ‘respect’… you are disposable!

      First read up on false rape cases here:

      I am not so sure that it will be very easy to get out… bcoz your own family supported marriage. So who will you blame for fraud?

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      Thanks yodha..

      its true dat there s no one to support me any time &no proof with me..

      but is it possible to get a divorce… will i get justice…

      if there is not even a single point in law to save my life then i have to end up my life.i dont hv no other choice.

      I can never make my mind to live with that girl at any time

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