Settlement reached in Aug' 2010 but other party not ready to give divorce

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      Kindly let me know if the settlement of the mediation cell is a valid documents.

      Marriage happend in Jan’2008

      Came to know wife suffering of BPD in march’2008 due to taking medicine.

      Tried to ask her but no answer ,also taken up the matter with myinlaws but no response from them.

      My father fill ill in april’2008 as he was suffering from parkinson. He passed away in aug’2008 in Lucknow.

      I came to delhi on 22nd Aug’2008 .Leaving my wife in Lucknow as my mother was alone and she had to return on 30th Aug’2008 .But she had an attack of BPD in 25th Aug’2008 and on 26th her father came and took her to aligarh to get her diagnosed where her medical treatment was going on .We had also got the checkup done by Dr.S.Singhal whose prescripttion was taken up by her father.

      We tried asking them the details twice in Jan’2009 and Jan’2010 but not getting any answer we send the legal notice thru our advocate in feb’2010 in retaliation they filed 498a,406 and 125 crpc in Aligarh .All were complaint case .I filed divorce after this in New Delhi

      Case were transfred to mediation cell at aligarh district Court .After several round of mediation we aggred for the same in Aug’2010 thru payment of money.Terms were of withdrawing of all the three cases and mutual divorce.But till date they haven’t given the divorce.

      I had then filed the divorce on 31st Oct’2011 in aligarh court on grounds of cruelty. In reply to my petition the Ws given is that we had to pay clothes and jewelery .But there was no such aggrement. between us.

      Kindly advice what should be my next steps .Are there no laws to deal with such types of greedy people.

      Note: Settlement letter was made and signed by lawyers from both the sides including the mediators and both the parties. Mediation took place at Aligarh Mediation cell of Aligarh District Court


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      Payment of money done as per Aug 2010 Agreement or not ? after payment if they have not fulfill their part then you can file criminal/breach of trust case on them.

      if they are demanding cloths/jewelery then ask them to produce list which dully signed by both parties at the time of marriage.

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