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      I stay with my parents in ahmedabad and got married on 2nd march,2008 at mohali,punjab. Before marriage neither my wife nor my wife parents informed us that my wife has squint in left eye[ bhengapan] by birth and also she has only 5 metres of vision in left eye by birth. My wife and her parents also hided the fact that they had done the operation of squint eye of my wife in childhood.

      Whenever i use to ask my wife for eye check then My wife and her parents use to threaten me that if i went for any eye check up or operation of my wife eye then they would file a case against me and i will be behind bars.

      Nobody from my wife family even came to visit until July,10,2009 after 16 months of marriage.

      I went to Civil hospital in ahmedabad for eye check 2009 where i came to know that my wife had undergone operation in childhood in 1993 at pgi, chandigarh.

      My wife left for her parental home to attend her cousin marriage on 13th march,2012 and took all the gold and jewellery and all the clothes and also took gold of my mother which was kept in my room locker without informing us and has not returned to date 20th march,2013.

      My wife has undergone another eye operation on 23 april,2012 at her parental home without informing me or inviting me.

      My wife has filed a false case at woman cell on 12th dec,2012 for dowry against me and my entire family and also included my sister name who is already married.

      I made a statement in woman cell that i am ready to take my wife back and also sent letters to her to come back, but no response from her.

      My wife has filed a domestic violence case against me and my family in feb,2013 and asked for maintenance and has also said that all the gold is with us and we are not giving her. But the fact is that i have all the video recording to prove that she took all the gold .

      I have complained to SSP, SHO, Deputy chief minister -punjab regarding this but no help and sent all the proofs also.

      Sir my date of hearing in court for this domestic violence case is 10th april,2013.

      What should i do? I want to file a divorce case against her or should i wait for the hearing and tell the magistrate that i want her back

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      Forget about eye problem and eye operation, now concentrate only on cases.

      there is a recent judgment that after a year of separation she cannt file DV on you.

      if she took mothers Gold and your mother can file cheating , robbery and DV case on her if you have proof.

      send all your complaint in SPEED post to Police and file RTI for status of the complaint.

      send her a lawyer notice, followed by RCR and she has to reply, if no reply ask judge to convert your RCR into Divorce petition

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