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      The law itslef is like that, we cant do anything- that is what i learnt.

      3years jail and fine -If i accept the fault.-

      7 years court attendence – if i want to fight.

      What is so bad going to jail in india? andhrapradesh jail?

      do i lose my job? what job? I am tall dark and handsome. I am rowdy when situation occurs. May be you can make nice dirty friends there in jail- with me?

      You have no central or state govt job- 48hrs arrest spoils your career

      You are not rich NRI – to lose greencard or passport problems or bikini babes

      What is the problem?

      If you say YES to magistrate-chapter closed. Everyone gets shock. No lawyer no money, no trouble to old parents.

      The above is very better. Because,

      already, TV9/andhra jyothi- made a big news about you and your parents. Your old parents cant walk around to buy vegetables, They are already dead by shame, because of you and your legal officail wife.

      If you goto jail, nobody cares, society thinks you are in pune working for some infosys. Comeback and work for infosys.

      Whats so big deal with 498a when the case goes for 7 years, but jail term is 3years. What the lose?

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      Hmmm.. I don’t know……………… It sounds very easy, but is it really that ez. Do they let you do self study, I mean enhance your skills and let you take some certification in the jail????/

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