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      Id – sg0508
      Case Details-

      Marriage took place in July 2016.
      Marriage duration-2.5 months
      No kid.

      498A FIR Date- 08 oct 2016 in Bangalore.
      Her residence- Haryana
      Her work status- On papers not working.
      Her qualifications- BAMS Ayurvedic doctor + MBA
      Unofficial work status- working as Ayurvedic doctor but unable to get any proof.

      125 & DV running in Haryana.

      Case status –

      125+DV combined file- Interim Consideration in April.
      498- Summons being served but Opposite Party not appearing for evidence.

      Question- Lawyer not agreeing to file fast track for 498. How to make opposite party travel to Bangalore ?

      How to order for costs in 125 if she doesn’t attend date there in Haryana coz I will have to travel by air for date there.

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      If events in 498A and DV are same then you can ask to quash the case filed later.
      Search for the judgment on Mynation where it says you cant be tried for same case twice.
      There are judgments where Maintenance is denied for Working women, Educated women
      search mynation for the word “No Maintenance who sit idle to claim maintenance”

      if events in 498a she wrote are in other jurisdiction you can for quash also, same search again for “498a jurisdiction”

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      File speedy trial for 498a with different lawyer. After u get favorable speedy trial order, change the current 498a lawyer if he cant handle ur case.

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