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      Dear Reader,

      My wife is very suspicious in nature that, it mad my life miserable. She does not even think to link up my extra-marital relation with even servant or unknown tel callers of marketing/consultants. From the day 1 of my marriage in 2005 she started showing suspicious kind of nature. She calls up on office numbers whether i am in office or not. If my extension or mobile comes busy, she abuse that, i am on phone with girl friend. She keep calling my office board line and ask about my whereabout even to the operator as well as peons. Everybody in office had come to know about my problem. She had even changed by surname to womenizer and created lot of stories and i got girl friend and will sleep with sex workers and all. She even threatned me that, she will come to office and blow up the issue and she want to spoil my reputation in my office and loose the job. She use very foul language towards me and my family members. I got two sons age of 4 and 1.5 yrs. From the last two years she is staying at her fathers place. They had confirmed me in written two time about the improvement of her behavior towards me and my family member but nothing had happened.

      Her father is influence person from nanded. They had called me to nanded women cell to discuss this matter. As i have written communication and phone recordings with me.

      I have recorded all her abusive language towards me and to my family. I got phone recording up to 8-10 hrs, which a common person can not hear. She keep calling my office 10-15 times daily in office. She keep threatening that, with their influence, they will put me and my family in jail using the good laws given them by our govt and Laws.

      Current Status: At present she is residing at her father’s place from last two years. They had taken her saying, they will consult good doctor and improve her behavior. We have come to know from her relatives that, her mother is also having same kind of behavior. I have filed divorce petition under hindu marriage act at thane court in 2008, which is pending, they had turned up for hearing only once.

      In reply, they had filed the reply and asked to transfer the case to nanded and put case under 125Cr(maintenance). I am ready to take my two kids but they are not willing to do so. At present the case has become so complicity and in legal lengthy process.

      I do not find any improvement in her from last 5 years. Things are getting murkier day by day. They are so proud of being rich and influence persons.

      I would like to know is there any way to stop calls to my office and please try to go through my case and give me some advise.

      Thanks and Regards,


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      Browse these judgments here

      You will get idea on what people are getting Divorce and women not getting maintenance.

      and how you can turn her abusive words to help you get Divorce

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      You are having issue, try to settle the matter, it will be better. If not possible then try to move before the court.

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