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      My daughter in law threatens me to commit suicide and file a case against me if my son and granddaughter won’t end all relation with me. My son doesn’t want to but afraid of her false allegations and frustrated. So he decided to separate her but still she abuses me and threatens to kill me. I have no one to support he is the only son and my daughter lives abroad. What should I do to safe myself. In case she do osmething( dramatically commit suicide as she did twice but no police complains yet). Help me please

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      If unnecessarily your daughter in law is harassing you & threatening to subside, you do not frighten0 & do not bother about it, You have legal remedy you may approach before the court. 9821387099, 9224799546

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      Dear Mr. Chopra,

      People who threaten suicide never commit it. But still the problem is not your daughter-in-law’s threats but that your son is afraid of her. So he has to get his guts together. When he stands up to this nonsense, it will end and not before that.

      Legal remedy. Is there ever a legal remedy to a loose tongue. And if your son does not have the guts to stand up to his wife, then what legal remedy can you apply. Any legal remedy will require the cooperation and full hearted support of your son.

      Maybe your son is the one who needs a dose of reality and strength, That may be the remedy to this nonsense.

      warm regards

      sanjay mehra

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      My brother is married to a girl for 5 years. He has been living with her alone at different location (delhi) since marriage took place. They had major domestic dispute 4 months back which led them to live separately in their respective homes (with their parents).

      He no longer wants to live with her or continue his marriage with her any more because she often mistreats him.

      His wife (my sister-in-law) wants no association with us and wants him to completely live on her terms or else she threatens him to file a false case against his loved ones (his family).

      He is living with her just to save himself and us from any legal abuses.

      My father expired 3 years back and since then my brother is more keen to live with us for our support.

      My brother has also been sick with HCV and had gone under medication since last 7 months which resulted in his health down fall. He has not recovered well form his sickness yet but instead has to drive for more than an hour to come to his job place. We have no problem if she does not want to have any relationship with us. But she even refuses to live near his work place i.e Gurgaon, so that it becomes easier for him to commute.

      We are living under continuous pressure, seeing our brother suffer. And if he raises his voice, he along with us will be sent to jail under false accusations.

      Can any one help or advice what can we do in such situation?

      Is their any grievance cell for girls like us, who are unmarried and still fight for our rights?

      We also don’t have enough money to fight a legal case or divorce petition.

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