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Threating to put a fake dowry case

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      Dear sir, Iam from hyderabad, my brother was married 7 yrs ago, and has a girl child of 4yrs. soon after marriage My brother’s wife (Bhabi) tried to saperate my brother from our family by making silly fights within the family. But our parents didn’t took seriously and tried to hold down the matter thinking time will make them understand. We anyhow managed this long time saving our family from breakage. Last month my bhabi suddenly dissapperared from home with out notice. We searched for her a lot as it was evening, as we knew the nature of her, we though she could go to their fathers house in rajesthan. And also lodged a missing complaint with police the next day.

      Their parents were informed. Fortunately Police people found her with some other guy 2days after she fled from home, at the railway station. as they took the statement of all of us. and the boy has put up behind the bars and leaved him next day. Now it was clear that she fled with some other boy, and as per the police request we informed her parents and told them to take her daughter. When his father arrived, we took him to PS and made them record his statement that he is taking his daughter with him. Till here everything was fine.

      Soon they changed their mind and stater telling that you beaten my daughter since 4 yrs in such a way that her mental status is imbalanced and will charge a dowry case against us if we try to think of giving divorse. her daughter managed to chang the police statement somehow and recorded that his husband is beting her since 4 yrs, so she tried to go home to rajesthan without informing anyone, and the boy’s name was completely removed who was with her, when police arrested them. may be they gave bribe to police and changed the statement. Now they are threatning us, that they will book a dowry case against us, we are all scared, please help us what to do. All our neighbours will support us, as they know everone of us since childhood. But she managed to gahter peopleof her village against us. and we are under pressure.

      We know we are on true path and never ever did any sin, GOD is there to witness, and you can help us find a way out. Please help me save my brother.

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      File a RTI with the Police asking for the status of her missing complaint. and your brother can file Adultry case against the boy who she was runaway. on that basis you can go for Divorce and also counter 498A, as they did not reported any cruelty before she left your house.

      Please find Hyderabad HELPLINE numbers form here and contact our members, they will guide you

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