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      Dear all,


      I want to apply for permanent excemption for parents from existing 498 case. My details are as below..

      married:-2005, FIR:2008, victims, only three ,myself & parents.

      Case now stand for trail. we all three are regularly attending the dates. however the law njoyer..my wife didnt turned up so far after 3 summons also.

      I therefore request you all to please provide me the details like

      1) how to get permenant excemption of parents / is it possible

      2) against which section / law

      3) wht is the procedure,

      4) wht are the points to be written on application.

      is there anyone among us who had tried such thing is yes kindly provide the copy of such applications which will solve all above questions.

      This permenant exemption is required only for attending the court trials / dates as they are of old age. father retired n mother always ill due to old age. in case if required by the court they will attend the court as per the requirement of H’ble judge

      please also guide me in this and do needfull URGENTLY..




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      Apply application for permanent exemption on specific ground before the concerned court.

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      Yes sir, i want to apply for same. i asked many times to my lawyer for such application but he just trying to delay.. this is my 2nd lawyer. he is good n competent but dont know y he is delaying. he is keep on saying me tht let the parents dont come i’ll manage in front of court by saying any other reason. but i dont want this. i want to fight the law with the help of law. so i thought i’ll prepare everything n give tht to him so that he will produce the same in court. afterall i only have to fight this terrorism isnt it. i’ll be applying this application with the knowledge of my lawer only. but i’ll give readymade cake to him.wht u say..

      so can u give me any other copy of application for exemption if u dont mind. based on ur application i’ll prepare my application. sir i simply dont know the court formalities. im understanding this only whn i got 498. before tht i was totally unaware of any kind of laws.

      wht grounds i should putforth for exemption.

      against which section / law we can apply

      wht is the procedure of the same

      wht are the points to be written on application

      pls provide me these details.

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      There is no special format for exempt petition; its just like any other appeal;

      check here for some petition formates http://mynation.net/docs/category/forms/

      if you are typing ask Lawyer to how much space should be left on left side and it should be double spaced.

      its not what format you use, but its based on the facts and points you ask for exempt.

      if lawyer says he can manage without your parents, let him handle; lets see

      check this Judgment http://mynation.net/docs/2803-2007/

      it says <B>the learned Magistrate should not insist on the personal presence of the petitioner unless if it be absolutely necessary for the progress of the trial in the case.</b>

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