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      Hello Sir,

      Our family is one of the victim of Sec 498A. My younger brother got married on 14-Dec-2006 and this unlucky person and our family didn’t know that we were going to have a very miserable event which is going to make us mental and physical strains. We are joint family and my brother wife lived with my brother for approximately 2 months. She was misguided by her elder sisters and one of the elder sister husband is a cinema director name (Sakthi Chidambaram) in Tamil Nadu.

      All her sisters misguided this lady and every day she use to fight with my brother to go separate. My poor parents also looked for a new house and then they paid the advance to occupy. One fine day evening the cinema director came with goodas and attacked us and then took this lady with them. The same day we went to police station at Maduravoyal, Chennai and gave a complaint. The police went along with my brother to this cinema directory house where my brother’s wife was kept. My brother’s wife didn’t come and said to the police that she doesn’t want to live with my brother. The cinema directory kidnapped my brothers wife and the news was flashed in all new dailies and magazines.

      Next day my brother and my father went to Chennai Police commissioner office and gave a petition to the commissioner. The synopsis of the petition and to release my brother’s wife and make her to join with my brother. The same day, the cinema director and my brother’s wife came and gave another petition saying that she came on her own and nobody forcefully take her from the house.

      Within a week (22-Feb-2007) these people gave a dowry harassment case in All WOmens Police station. Police arrested my father and last younger brother and put them jail. The trial started this case in 2008. There was no cooperation from my brother’s wife side. Police sent summon to them to appear before the court for witness to tell the story. In mean time, my brother’s wife side filed a petition saying that they want to finish

      the case fastly.

      In the FIR, including my brothers wife, there are 7 witness and the hearing of witness is over. From our there are two witness and hearing of witness will start tomorrow.

      Summary of Charge sheets: (A1 – My first brother, A2 – My father, A3 – My last brother)

      1) Attempt to murder

      2) My brother is an impotent

      3) Sexual harassment from my father and my last brother

      4) Rs 5 lakhs towards dowry

      5) No food and water provided to her

      I have below queries and request your adivice and guidance.We didn’t have any idea about the judicial systems work for this 498A case

      1) Many things are mentioned in the FIR. In the charge sheet few things are either missed or dropped . Witness are telling few things i.e. some are in the FIR/ Charge sheet and some are not there. My question here

      a) how judges will take these points

      b) Which are the points which we have work out more

      We are in deep mental worries, physical worries, we lost of our dignity, respect, name , friends, relations, money and my mother is surving under ventilation.

      Please guide us with your adivice.

      Would provide details wherever required.


      Narayana Kumar D

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      Dear friend,

      I have gone through your matter, You have not informed that whether you have engaged your lawyer or not, if not, you do that first & defend your case , If wife of your brother & so called director have committed offenses you have to prosecute them by filing criminal case, then only you will get relief otherwise they will continue to torture you.

      Yours ,

      Adv. R. N. Kachave



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      Hello Sir,

      Sorry I didn’t mentioned about the lawyer. We had appointed the lawyer to argue for this case. In the charge sheet there are 7 witness from my brother’s wife side and from our side 2 witness. Hearing of all 7 witness is over and today one of our witness explained about the happenings.

      Kindly clarify the below points

      1) Whether all 7 witness from my brother side will be considered for cross examine or will there be filter on the witness for cross examine

      2) Similarly from our side also whether all the witness will be cross examined or will there be filter on the witness for cross examine

      3) Since there are differences of statement between FIR, Chargesheet how the judge will consider say for an example if some are mentioned in the FIR and are dropped out in the charge sheet

      4) Different witness will give different/same information. THis how judges will be take

      5) One of the allegation is that we asked the brothers wife to get 5 lakhs from her house. This is completely baseless. How judge will take this.

      6) Similarly other allegations such as impotent, attempt to murder

      7) Is there any possible to get the document/records during the hearings of the witness.

      We don’t have knowledge how court will proceed, how judge will react and how judge will take the points from the allegations. Kindly being an eye opener for us.


      Narayana Kumar

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