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      Hello All

      I wish to seek guidence and if possible the legal route to tackle the below mentioned problem arisen within my extended family.

      My brother-in-law got married 7 months back.Since the very first day the relations between him and his wife were not at all cordial.Although there was no physical torture but definately there was mental torture.Within one month of their marriage the wife became pregnant.The husband was not too happy with this situation and probably there was more mental torture of the wife.All thru this time period the husband’s parents were very nice to the girl and would take care of the girl but were unable to speak against their son as they feared a backlash from him.The girl used to go very often to her parents place probably due to the mental torture from the husband or maybe due to occassional tiffs from her mother-in-law’s side.The usual Saas-Bahu relation.

      Now the actual problem. The girl’s family has lodged a false dowry related police complaint against the husband’s family.My query is since this a false case filed since there was no dowry demand or any thing related to dowry can a complaint be filed like this? Here the complaint has been filed how can we counter it?Will the boy and the parents be jailed merely on the girl’s totally baseless charges ? How to tackle this issue and what could be the implications now ?

      The boy and his parents were called on the 18th of August at the local police station.As expected there were allegations & counter allegations.Finally this is what the girl asked for

      1. She is at present in her 8th month of pregenancy.She said she wants maintenance for her yet to be born child.

      2. She has asked for the total money spent by her family in the marriage.

      3. She says she does not want to stay together with the boy and his family.Although the boy and his family have given in writing to the police officer that they have no problems if she comes back to them

      The police woman has asked her to file a case under section 125 and ask for maintenence.

      Again on the 25th of August 2009 the girl her parents and the boy and his parents were called at the police station.This time the girl was asked to bring with her the list of all the items which she had brought along as part of stree dhan during her marriage and also the list of all the things given to her by the boy’s family.

      The list which she brought had all the items mentioned which were brought by the girl as well as given by the boy’s side to the girl.In addition to that the list also mentions the list of items which were never brought by the girl and also which were never given by the boy to the girl.So the actual items brought or given to the girl are less and the other items which were never brought or given to the girl are more.

      My question is will the police not look for the proof of the items as mentioned by the girl in the list ? Anyone can bring a huge list of items.

      Can the boy ask the police about the proof of all the items mentioned in the list?

      what will the police do next ?

      what can a girl do if the boy says that more than half of the items mentioned in the list are fake?

      Can the file a case in the court of cheating against the girl?

      Will the police only hear the girl’s side story and ask her to file a case ?

      Request you to kindly provide your valuable reply to all my queries as stated above and also let me know what steps should the boy take now such that only genunie items are returned back to the girl.

      Is there any need to fear about section 498A from the girl’s side ?

      Thanks in advance

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      If really case is filed , if possible send copy of FIR on my address.

      Adv. Ramchandra,

      http://www.jaihindlegal.com, My Nation/www.jaihindsena.com

      9821387099, 922479224799546

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