Who has to prove accusitions in 498a ? Please help.

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      Hello ,

      What is the exact procedure?

      When there are allegations on the husband framed by the wife, who will be asked to prove the truth.

      What has the husband got to prove if so?

      i do not have any proofs as i have not taken any dowry.

      Also my wife’s side have produced fake medical certificates for abortion, and framed it on the Husband. stating IPC313.”How critical is IPC313″

      They have raised also IPC307, stating that husband and husbands mother have tried to kill her using pillow.

      The husbands father is not been complained upon. ‘Can the husbands father be any sought of proof to solve the case.’

      Please help.

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      You have to deny charges when Judge ask

      Guilty or Not Guilty.

      Then trial starts, its impossible to prove false alegation but its upto your lawyer to question her,

      They cannt produce Fake Abortion certificate, if They produced it then they are doomed with their own ill Plan, Every Clinic take husband signature before doing abortion as its legaly crime, take that certificate copy and go to that hospital and ask is that is true copy or not, Even if its true or false you can report it to Police for killing your unborn Child, both your beloved wife and Hospital will be in trouble.

      for IPC section sread http://mynation.net/ipc.htm

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      Thanks Dr Dsouza for your speedy reply.

      But as per the FIR they have produced false certificates for abprtion stating that husband has harrased her for dowry.

      How can they do this if the hospital will be in trouble and also that hospital is a reputed hospital in bangalore.

      They have also taken a fake wound certificate from Government hospital.

      Please suggest


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