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      I was into business for the last 13 years and last year due to so0e heavy financial problems I decided to wind-up my business & decided to look for a job. Now, after living with me for 5 1/2 years, my wife has decided to quit the marriage and till date she has not spoken to me or any of my relatives what is the exact reason. Hearing this all on a sudden my health suffered and I was admitted to hospital. Outside the hospital her mother informed my uncle that since I’m in debt and health also in poor condition, is better her daughter quit this marriage. And my parents & other relatives told them we all will sit together & discuss this matter, but her father told he’s not interested in any discussion & only she & her mother turned up that day at her uncle’s place. There also without giving any reason she told she cannot continue this relation anymore. Then it was agreed that till April 2012 midst she wants to wait. This happened in December 2011 first week. Then during New year her uncle infor0ed me that my wife’s family has cancelled my name from their ration card and handed over the slip to him. I went over there and collected it.

      At this point I’m really confused what step should I take now? We have visited so many places in India when I had money and when I faced problem with my business and when she felt that she can easily live with her salary, how can she simply break the marriage and go??? If the same is done by a man, how the man & his family will be punished under the law???

      According to her mother, the woman if she’s going for work, the money is not spent for the family, but that has to be saved for her future, because the husband may leave the wife at any time…

      Now all are telling that agree for their demand and give them a mutual divorce… So, where’s my effort & time which I’ve put to build this life???

      Can anybody suggest how can I proceed in this case?

      Eagerly waiting for a reply,

      Unnikrishnan B Menon

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      if possible record she says she want divorce and some proof of she left herself.

      and also her job details/salary etc

      and dont forget to find out if she found someone else….?

      more marriages are broken not because of financial problem but because of extra marital affairs.

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      She is not worth the effort of fighting. If she is not asking for any money, just give her the mutual consent divorce and let it go. You both don’t seem to have any children, so this is the right time. If you have children in future and then she wants to break the marriage, it will get much much worse. Just let it go now.

      warm regards

      sanjay mehra

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      If your wife herself is not interested in continuing her matrimonial relations with you, what is the use to have wait to her, if she do not claim maintenance, it will be better to leave her. 9821387099, 9224799546

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      One another issue I’m facing in this is, my office premises. While buying it (It comprises of 5 shops), for the initial payment of 10 Lac, my wife told me that can be arranged from my father-in-law as a personal law & later we can repay it as I was planning to mortgage it. And using that money we registered the bigger 2 shops (almost 65% of the total area) in her name itself. And the total cost came to Rs. 25 Lacs. And after the total process was over, her father objected to mortgage the property and by that time, I had invested whatever was there for the remaining payment & furnishing. That is when my business started facing serious financial issues. Later in Mar 2010, my wife herself, took one personal loan from various financial institutions for approximately 13 Lacs, for which I’ve paid the EMI of Rs. 39,057/- every month till Nov 2011, till she left my flat. Now when I’m trying to sell of my offices, whose agreements are with her, I asked her how many days prior she needs an intimation, she told she needs to calculate the amount I owe her and even after almost 3 months I haven’t received any reply. Then I sent an email to her during Jan 2012 last week. Till now there’s no reply with proper details other than an email saying that she needs to check all the details.

      Now how can I get this sorted out?

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      First get all the concrete evidences that she is the one who is asking for divorce. Then propose that first get rid of the loan problem either by selling away that property or transfering the loan in her name and then get the divorce.

      However, this is big lesson for every husband and needed to be publicised. For any kind of property sharing it should atleast be joint ownership. or better delay.

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      Also record her conversation regarding property and any threatening she giving to you.

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      It is better get everything, note everything about any thing having connection to legal activity, in writing.

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      hi Krishnanbmenon whats the latest news in your case. Sorry to say but, there seem to be two factors in your case : one is property/money that she has managed to take away in her name and second an extra martial affair. Surely it’s a well planned conspiracy. let me know the latest update….

Viewing 8 reply threads
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