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      I married in 1996. In last year, I discovered that my wife have developed a relationship with some other person. When this has surfaced out, she left the house on the name of doing treatment with all her important documents like passport, PAN Card, Educational certificates etc all along with gold ornaments. She visited my parents house in December and asked for Divorce. We have 22 years of Marriage life. At present Kid is with me.

      My problem is there is money on her name, property on combined name and there are some amount of money I gave it to my Father in Law in case of some contingency happens to the family. Whenever I am asking that money I gave to my father in Law he seems to be killing time and saying that I will give after some time etc. Money given is via bank transfer.

      I would like to understand what legal remedy is available to me and how can I protect myself if wife go and file some FIR with wrong allegation. How long one has to remain separate if my wife needs to file a case for non consent divorce?

      Kindly advise, as it was shocking from me to go through all these.


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      1. If you have evidence against your wifes relationship with another man then file a case against him.
      2.If you have evidences against your wife of harassment via social media or internet file a 66a against her.
      I think you shoukd ve able to file a case against your father in law for cheating money as well

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