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      I got married 6 months back, its a love+arranged marriage. But, I know this girl from past 5 years at the same time this girl is known to my family from past 4 years and every one expected that she is a good girl. She used to visit my home regularly from past 4 years. During this period I used to stay with my mother and she became a good friend of my mother. Since I expected that she can integrate in to my family members I took further steps towards marriage. Myself and she both are well educated and working in good companies with decent salaries. Before marriage, I have given some good amount of funds to support studies of her brother. The mistake I did is I didn’t did much checking about their parents behaviour and intentions. Another big mistake is I have given lot of freedom to her at my home, including financially.

      Marriage has been accepted by girl’s parents and guy’s parents completely. Finally 6 months back Marriage went fine with many people from girls side (600 people) and very few people (20 people) from guy’s side in Karnataka. One of the main reason why guy’s side people are only 20 members is, the girl’s people informed me that they can not afford more money if more people coming from guy’s side. Due to this I called very very few people from my side as I don’t want to burden them. Frankly after understanding their financial situation by phone, I informed them that if any financial support is needed for marriage, let me know I will try to arrange it. The expectation is girl’s parents will bare the marriage expenses as per their tradition. Only at the time of marriage only I also wondered to know wow, these many people came from girl’s side, but how stupidly I didn’t call few more people for my marriage event.

      At the time of marriage we (guy and his parents) requested the girl to wear yellow colour saree, but she refused even after couple of requests and finally as per her interest she dressed in white colour saree. But just after this marriage event, things became worse and the girl’s parents are not interested with the guy & his parents. After this marriage event she & her parents visited guy’s house for one day, actually on that day no one is there in my home other than myself, expectation is to drop her daughter in my home. On the day girl’s parents visited my home they made big galata at my home (with me) and took her away to their home town.

      After few days passed, they are saying that they want to go for divorce, even the girl also saying the same thing. They are telling very silly reasons for divorce like when they visited guy’s home he didn’t provide enough drinking water and not taken care us as he didn’t offer us for tea, at the time of marriage they insisted my daughter to wear yellow saree, during the day of marriage function that guy asked me to arrange hot water for bath, why does your mother staying with you…etc. etc. I feel these are absolutely silly reasons, even to discuss on these items they are not ready, including the girl. Few months passed silently without any communication from anyone.

      Presently they disappeared from their home town also. Now after contacting few of girl’s relatives, I came to know that they are claiming that they spent huge amount of money for marriage event, and as they are going for divorce guy has to refund those marriage expenses (they are claiming the expenses of girls ornaments & jewelery). Also in this case there is no dowry/gifts involved for marriage event. Also we didnt meet physically even a single time (hope you got the meaning).

      I am holding 2 decent apartments in bangalore which I purchased 3-4 years back (jointly with my name & my mother name). Do they have right to claim share on those apartments in case of divorce. Actually, just after marriage girl & her parents asked me that, why did you put your mother name on these assets and show up your financial status info etc.etc.

      It looks like girl completely obeying her parents words and she is not even interested to talk about the marriage matter. Currently she is being scolded not to talk with her husband and no response from her even if I am trying to contact her by phone/mail. I have absolutely no idea where she is now. The only communication for me is only by mobile, that too only if they call me. Basing on the conversation with the girl I understood that she might come back to my life only if, I leave my parents & relatives completely (not even any kind of support), but I have to get all the assets and funds which I am eligible legally from my parents. But she can not come out from her parents and she will continue to support her parents & brother physically and financially. I am not fine with this kind of conditions to stay with her.

      Currently I am totally disappointed as such type of parents & girls will exists in this world. In india does any parent will inform her daughter, saying dont talk with your husband at any cost? And why this girl behaving so, just after the marriage and what could be her intention finally, what she learned from her studies and this society. I am not getting how should I proceed further. I have never expected this situation from a girl which I know from past 4+ years.


      1. I didn’t understand clearly just in one week of marriage how can my wife get share, on my hard earned money/assets over the past 10 years. If that is the case once in every year she will get married with one person and on next week if she goes for divorce to get 50% share of that guy’s assets?

      2. Does court will consider this type of silly reasons for divorce like not offered tea/coffee etc.

      3. To prevent my hard earned assets what steps I should take up.

      4. During divorce settlement is it expected to settle the marriage expenses aswell, even if they spent without any knowledge/acceptance from the guy or guy’s parents.

      5. How much time I need to wait if we want to go for divorce. In this case am I expected to provide maintenance to her future.

      6. I do have all perfect evidences about fund transfers on bank statements. Can I get these items settled in case of divorce.

      7. What kind of evidences can help me to prove the real facts at court in case of divorce.

      8. Is it true that guys only will face the penalty in case of divorce.

      -Thanks in advance

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      There should be 1 year seperation to file divorce, anytime if mutual but marriage lasted for a year.

      If you want her back you can file Resitute conjugal rights, Even do not want her back but show to court that you asked her to come back legally, and she has to answer reply legally.

      You can report it to police that she left you with her own will, so you can avoid or contest if any false case she file on you later.

      check http://mynation.net/docs/sitemap/ for educated / capable women will not get any money from husband

      you can call out Help line if you need any guidence.

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      If you knows your wife since last more than 4 years prior to your marriage, & now you are saying her ill activities, it’s not proper, you have to settle the matter & start to be settel in life , be happy, in the lapse of time all problems will be finished.

      9821387099, 9224799546.


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