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      sir, please advise on the following issue:-

      Me and my wife had some misunderstanding and she quietly left with my 3 year old and filed maintenance under 125 CPRC six months back. I never received any document from the court. I brought her back through some relatives 4 months back and since then staying happily together. But last week i received a letter from court in which “PESHI” (Attendence) in court of IST Class Judicial Magistrate is written. I dont have the petition as my wife then told that her parents will drop the case. Please advise, should I go to the court or not. My inlaws are basically from place “X”, Me and my wife are staying at place “Y”, but case filed at place “Z” (where my inlaws shifted temporarily probably due to fear of society).

      Also please advise, as my wife has been behaving mysteriously whenever I asked about the case. I have enough proof after my wife rejoined me. Recent Air tickets/boarding passes whereevr we went for vacations, Also I bought jewellery, Dental treatment record, Son’s admission card in school, photographs, video of Birthday . Online transfer record of money from my account to her account for her luxaries etc. please advise what is relevant or not.Can my wife demand maintenance even while staying with me. I humbly request experts of the Forum to please advise

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      Together with your wife you must tell to court you are living together in court case from last so many month and there is no Dispute. Must appear in court and Solve the matter. Consult the Lawyer and File the reply against notice. GaNesh

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      It look like she enemy within.

      Actually she filled case with the help of her parents, she is just staying with you to get inside information and pack your valuables.

      Never trust a women she can stab you on your back anytime. They can change their Statement / tone within fraction of time. she will agree with your every word but as soon as they reach Police / court they can change as per they planned.

      take all your valuables without her notice.

      get xerox copies of all her documents, and also phone numbers / address.

      tell her to clear the case or withdraw or whatever, if she wanted to stay with you.

      If she file DV on you, then you have to provide her accomodation and maintenance

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      If you two are living together then you need not panic or worry much.

      As your wife and her parents to consult their lawyer(who has filed 125 on their behalf) to withdraw the case.

      You already know what your wife has done to you, so nothing wrong in being cautious but that doesn’t mean you should be suspicious of whatever she does, that will jeopardize your relationship further.

      Am also affected my wife cruel act and facing lots of ordeal. Am happy to see that your wife filed just 125 whereas my wife as filed 498a,125 and then DV too.

      Be cautious and begin again to build your relationship stronger.

      Dear Members,

      Let our suggestion be constructive for broken relation. Yes, we are all victims of cruel laws which women are using against us, but in this case his wife may be really wanted to live with him, any misguidance to him will break their relationship now.

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      if your wife is residing with you and if she want to settle the matter , you ask your wife to withdraw the petition. if not possible contest the matter with appointing lawyer.

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      Dear Members of the Forum,

      I am sincerely thankful to Mr Ganesh,Dr.Dsouza, Mr Rajkumar and Adv.Kachave for their valuable advice. Actually I have received the petition from the court alongwith “summon”. Since there is no date anywhere on the petition or even on the date of issue of summon, I am not certain whether any summon were issued in the past. As per my knowledge, my wife had filed the case in Sep 2009 and while rejoining in Dec 09 she told me that they would not chase the case and it will automatically drop. I am not sure what instruction they have given to their lawyer. Anyhow I’m not in a position to confront her before I attend the summon as the contents of petition received are all false and disturbing. So Im keeping shut. Quietly, I will attend the court and produce evidence that she is residing with me.

      Comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks to all.

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      Hello Tapun,

      Don’t take it lightly, same was happened with me also my wife do compromise in women cell and joined me but she don’t take her DAV case back and in the mean while she collect my salary slip and all other docs and also some complaints against me in police station.

      So, please don’t blieve blindly till u r 100% confident no legal matter is pending with u.

      My wife produced my salary slip in court and get 10,000 pm mantain.

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      Dear Friends

      Thank God ! My wife has agreed to withdraw the case filed by her at station X. Now I seek advice on the modus operandi as to what are the formalities to be done by her and how it can be settled in the minimum possible time.

      As you all know the female folk are generally fickle mind, they change their decision every morning. There is hardly any time left for the hearing and she is staying with me at a station Y. please advise:-

      1. if she appears in front of Class I judicial Magistrate in the present location and gives an affidavit to withdraw the case and the same is handed over to the court on or before the date of hearing, will it be sufficient?

      2. can the petition be taken back by the lawyer by submitting the Affidavit before the date of hearing?

      3. can both petitioner (wife) and respondent (myself) avoid physical presence in the court (in order to save money). As my wifes’ lawyer will present the affidavit mentioned at serial 1 in the court.

      4. Do I need to hire a separate lawyer for myself?

      kindly give your expert advise earliest



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