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      i got married recently in Calcutta. in marriage her family did not give anything except a bed and cloths of her. she was not good with us from the first day. she keep on fighting with me and my family on small issues and every time i found she had discussion with her mother one phone just before the fight. she is also not good with his father. on one day she quarreled with me and my family and told that she want to do false dowry case on us. and after that she went to her mother home. her family members fought with me for bringing her back with me. i told everything to her family. after a gathering of people from both side in which her father mother accepted her mistakes and agreed that she will not do it again i brought her back home. but after a few days she tried to get her burn. after unsuccessful she again went to her mother home.

      i am also from Calcutta. and just after the first incident i put a complain in nearest police station about her activities in written. also after that i recorded the discussion of gathering and and my discussion with my wife in which she accepted that everything she is doing is wrong and she is doing for taking revenge. when i asked her why revenge what i have done wrong with her, she tells nothing but started crying.

      i doubt she was in affair with someone and this marriage is against her will. but another thing that she hate men.

      sir what i should do now. can i do complain against her now, if yes than what case i can do. will that complain copy and recording keep safe me from arrest or help in getting bail if she file 498a against me and my family. i am not in condition to stay with her due to her misbehave.

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      Dear friend, you have not mentioned your date of marriage, its ok , if she is not willing to stay with you, file petition for restitution of conjugal rights, if she will not come after order of court, then it will be ground for divorce. If she is going to prosecute you, apprehension of arrest apply for A.B.A.

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      thanks for reply. i got married in oct 2011. is the process of registering 498a case has changed or diluted. as i come to know from some news and friends that now police taking some time for investigation before arrest in 498a and even not register fir if found the case is fake. and if fir registered, court try for consultation first before going further.

      if this is, will my complain, recordings and other proof help me.

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      498A Investigation varied fom Place to place and police to Police;

      some police just file Charge sheet without much investigation;

      some police when they found no truth in her statement, they call husband and ask money for not to file CS.

      most of the time they call husband and refering both of them counselling; if women cell is not there in your area;

      if its in women cell, most of the time they try to force you to agree what she says.

      Whatever may be the process, be available when they call;

      be polite, do not argue;

      show you are not guilty.

      Record all the conversation if possible; threats / money demand if any.

      do not sign anything

      Consult good criminal lawyer for legal options or ask us.

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      thank you Dr. dsouza,

      i found your reply very informative and surely very useful. thnks again

      i want to have some more information, if you can please help me.

      my wife has now gone back to her parental house and i have come to the conclusion that she is doing all these nonsense in my life just because she want me to separate from my family and live with her in a nuclear family.

      but i dont want to leave my family. to achieve this target of her she is doing a lot of wrong things while staying with my family.

      she tried to threaten me by saying that she will commit suicide and tried to threaten my parents too.

      I have asked her that if she comes back to my home by her own will she should give me in written the same thing or otherwise she better stay with her parents as she can try these kind of things in future too and can put false allegations on me and my family.

      i am thinking of filing a case against her.

      what do you suggest and how should i proceed in this matter, kindly guide me with your expert advice.

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      im not expert, its my experience speaks.

      Marriage is not about fighting or EGOs of both, and if you are thinking to divorce her and marry someone else you will be happy, you may think, but god forbid she may be wrost than before. so try to seetle whatever difference you have amicably. if you decided to end then go for mutual instead long legal battle, and wasting your precious days of your life.

      if she is talking term, explain her what life is, if she wise she will understand, or else leave her for her fate. you both need parents, but your life comes 1st. keep away parents from your private life and do the duty of a son/daughter, ask them not intefer in your personal life or do something which she dotn like, and her parents should do the same.

      most of the time girls parents ruin whole marriage. and girls do as her parents says.

      tell her what you dont likes, and what she want and what you want from her. forget past and start a new life

      Forgive and forget both for some extent.

      Marriage is Bed of Roses with thorns

      Kabi haan, kabi naa…

      wohi tho jindagi hai.

      Try your level best to solve this problem, if she talk legal, answer with legal language.

      Rest up to you, its your life.


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