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      Got married on 3rd May 2009, just after month she went to her Parents House due to some slight Ego Clash. I tried a lot to bring her back but her family raised issues to restricted boundaries, and vague alleagtions that I am impotent, father id Chracterless etc.

      Failing at all fronts I applied to Red Cross Social Health to help me Bring her Back but instead of coming there they went to Police under 498a. Our residential society intervened and settle the issue in which I have to pay a amount of 3 lac to her although i dont have that potential till now but agreed same for sake of my Parents.

      We had returned whatever they gifted us all her belonging etc and Rs. 1.5 Lac Draft of Girls Name made of my Fathers account.They in cashed the amount 9I have Bank certificate of Payment) and taken all the goods and even did not returned our Jewelry worth 2 Lacs. now they have turned back and demand more money from us.

      They did not signed any receipt and agreement. to Us but a written statement to police was given that a settlement is under way and I don’t want any action to my compalin as I need One month time. Police closed the case mentioning that statement and compromise is made.

      What should I do at this stage as i fear they will approach DV in court or another complain with police

      1) I have no income on my name

      2) I have no property on my Name

      3) Living with parents and in Parental house

      4) She is Govt Teacher earning above 15000 a month

      5) Father also a retired from Bank and Army (Good Pension)

      Please suggest me what should i do at this point.

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      keep all records as she left her own and your efforts to bring her back, else court will say you never tried to bring her back. and force you to pay her Alimony.

      File RCR let her answer or else proceed with Divorce.

      Get proofs of her employment which will help in case if she file for maintenance.

      Let her file DV, then think about it, now fight for current situation only

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      Your case is typical of what happens to husbands who worry too much about parents’ wishes, society etc.

      You will continue to pay and they will continue to do it… till you decide to put ur foot down and stop this nonense.

      Attend SIF local chapter and learn some commando techniques… the system loves ‘good boys’ like you because they feed the money into the system.

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      As per the facts of your case your wife is not willing to stay with you, so it is better to file divorce petition & be free from her. In respect of her criminal complaint move for anticipatory bail & avoid to pay her.

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