[Act No. 60 of 1960 dated 26th. December, 1960]1



1. Short title, extent and commencement

2. Definitions

3. Continuation of inquiry in respect of child who has ceased to be child


4. Child Welfare Boards

5. Children’s courts

6. Procedure, etc., in relation to Boards and children’s courts

7. Power of Board and children’s court

8. Procedure to be followed by a magistrate not empowered under the Act

9. Children’s homes

10. Special schools

11. Observation homes

11[12. After-care organisations

13. Production of neglected children before Boards

14. Special procedure to be followed when neglected child has parent

15. Inquiry by Board regarding neglected children

16. Power to commit neglected child to suitable custody

17. Uncontrollable children


18. Bail and custody of children

19. Information to parent or guardian or probation officer

20. Inquiry by children’s court regarding delinquent children

21. Orders that may be passed regarding delinquent children

22. Orders that may not be passed against delinquent children

23. Proceeding under Chapter VIII of the Criminal Procedure Code not competent against child

24. No joint trial of child and person not a child

25. Removal of disqualification attaching to conviction

26. Special provision in respect of pending cases

27. Sittings, etc., of Boards and children’s courts

28. Persons who may be present before competent authority

29. Attendance of parent or guardian of child

30. Dispensing with attendance of child

31. Committal to approved place of child suffering from dangerous disease and its future disposal

32. Presumption and determination of age

33. Circumstances to be taken into consideration in making orders under the Act

34. Sending a child outside jurisdiction

35. Reports to be treated as confidential

36. Prohibition of publication of names, etc., of children involved in any proceeding under the Act

37. Appeals

38. Revision

39. Procedure in inquiries, appeals and revision proceedings

40. Power to amend orders

41. Punishment for cruelty to child

42. Employment of children for begging

43. Penalty for giving intoxicating liquor or dangerous drug to a child

44. Exploitation of child employees


45. Power of Administrator to discharge and transfer children

46. Transfers between children’s homes, etc., under the Act, and children’s homes, etc, of like nature in different parts of India

47. Transfer of children of unsound mind or suffering from leprosy

48. Placing out on licence

49. Provision in respect of escaped children

50. Contribution by parents

51. Control of custodian over child

52. Delinquent child under-going sentence at commencement of the Act

53. Appointment of officers

54. Officers appointed under the Act to be public servants

55. Procedure in respect of bonds

56. Delegation of powers

57. Protection of action taken in good faith

58. Act 8 of 1897 and certain provisions of Act 2 of 1974 not to apply

59. Power to make rules

60. Repeal and savings

Foot Notes


An Act to provide for the care, protection, maintenance, welfare, training, education and rehabilitation of neglected or delinquent children and for the trial of delinquent children in the Union territories.

BE it enacted by Parliament in the Eleventh Year of 'the Republic of India as follows: -


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