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Beef Roast


1 kg. clean beef without any fat,
6 large onions + 1 onion for cooking,
4 large potatoes thinly sliced,
6 green chillies,
1″ ginger and
1 large pod garlic,
2 medium sized tomatoes,
4 cloves and
2″ cinnamon
1 tablespoon vinegar, salt to taste
1 tablespoon black pepper powder.


Cut the beef into moderately large chunks of 1/2″ thick.

Cook in water, adding green chillies, onion, tomatoes,chopped ginger and garlic, cloves & cinnamon, vinegar & salt. Pressure cook till the meat is moderately soft.

Drain the liquid and keep aside.

Chop the onions lengthwise and fry them till dark brown & keep aside.

Peel and slice the potatoes into large thin slices, fry them in oil and keep aside.

Fry the cooked beef chunks in the same oil to brown both the sides and keep aside.

Mix all these together in a saucepan with the remaining liquid, add the black pepper powder and cook for two minutes. If the gravy is too thin, make a paste of 1 tblspn of corn flour and add to the gravy while boiling.

Serve hot with bread slices

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