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Beef Roast


A chunk of Boneless Beef – 2 Kgs.
Crushed Garlic – 6-7 flakes
Crushed Ginger – 2″
Marinading sauce – 2 tea spoons (optional)
Maggi cubes – 2 Grind to powder:
2″ piece cinnamon stick
6 cloves
8 pepper corns
6-7 rosemary (optional)
2 Madras chilies
For frying Oil or Ghee – 5-6 table spoons
1 Big sliced onion
2 tomatoes sliced (always peel and deseed the tomatoes)
4 Kashmiri chilies


Fried potato fingers
Lettuce leaves – 6
1 Big lemon – cut into round slices
2 Big onions – cut into round slices
3-4 coriander stalks


Clean and wash the beef chunk. Pierce it with a table fork gently all over. Drain all the water. Mix the ground spice powder

with the marinading sauce, maggi cubes, crushed ginger and garlic. Rub this paste now on the beef chunk thoroughly and keep

it overnight. Pressure cook the marinaded whole beef chunk without water on a very slow fire for 15 minutes. It will leave

out water. Close the fire and let it cool. When it is cold remove the whole piece and slice it according to your choice.

Slicing should be done neatly. Take ghee/oil in a non-stick or any vessel compatible to you. Now put the Kashmiri chilies

and let it change the color then put onions and fry them till they are brown. Now put tomatoes fry for five minutes. Arrange

the sliced beef pieces in the same vessel and pour the water from the pressure cooker, cover the vessel with a lid and let

it cook on a very very slow fire. Make sure it does not get burnt. Take an oval (optional) shape tray. Arrange the base with

lettuce leaves. Organize all the beef roast pieces neatly on the leaves, decorate them with onion rings, lemon slices,

potato fingers and coriander leaves and serve it hot.

Note: You can even fry these beef slices coating them with egg and breadcrumbs.

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