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How to make Tea

There may be many different teas around the world. Tea-making is no just throwing some sugar tea powder and milk together. It’s an art. Master the trick of making tea that everyone loves to sip. So here we go and lay down the rules of making a nice cup of tea.

Boil water. Take 3/4th cup for every cup you want to make. The measure of water is important for the taste you want to achieve
Now add tea powder according to number of cups. You can take one teaspoon per cup. If you want the tea to be strong then add more powder. If you wish to keep it light lessen the amount of tea powder
Now add sugar as per your taste buds.
Bring the mixture to a boil. Stop when you see a reddish tinge in the concoction. Boiling further would give it a bitter taste.
Sieve and pour in cups.
Add warm milk for milk tea. For tea without milk add some ginger drops or lime, according to your preference.

Secret tips for making special tea

Add a pinch of salt while the concoction is boiling. It will give a unique flavour to your tea and make it special
Avoid using cold milk in hot tea. It can ruin the warmth of tea
Avoid boiling tea over and over again. It spoils the flavour and is an unhealthy habit. Make tea and store in a kettle or thermos

Different Teas

Now that you have become an expert in making tea, learn some more on various teas that you can enjoy. You can start with a different type of tea each day. Check out the list of different types of teas and make it right in your kitchen. This will make the every day event more interesting.

Black tea

Just add a little tea powder to a cup of hot water. Let it boil for few minute. You can add sugar if you want. Tea is ready. You can have it when you want to avoid milk.

White tea

Its preparation is as simple as black tea. Add tea powder to milk and let it boil. Add sugar as per your taste. A pinch of cardamom powder will add on to the flavor of tea. You can also put crushed ginger and let it boil for sometime. This type of ginger tea is a good remedy for cough and cold.

Green tea

If you are health conscious you can try green tea. Use a teaspoonful of green tea leaves for one cup of water. Place strainer over a cup with green tea leaves. Pour hot water over the leaves and steep the leaves. Do not steep the leaves for more than 2 minutes to avoid bitterness. An ideal green tea is ready to drink.

Lemon grass tea

Add a few strands of lemongrass to boiling white or black tea. You will get a nice lemon grass flavour in your tea. It tastes better in white tea. Lemon grass tea is good for coping with cold.

Ice tea

In hot and dry summers you can experiment with this tea for quenching your thirst. If your black tea is ready keep it in fridge to get chilled. Add a little lemon, litchi or peach syrup or squash. You can avoid sugar as it is already present in syrup. Garnish it with mint leaves or lemon slice

Spiced teaOR Masala Tea

Spiced tea is nothing but the popular ‘Masala Chai’ in India. For making this type of tea, a pinch of powdered mixture of spices like cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom and pepper is added to the black or white tea.

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