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Vegetable Kababs

Noorani Seekh
Ingredients : 40 gm French beans, 50 gm carrot, 15 gm paneer (grated), 5 gm green chilli (finely chopped), 3 gm cauliflower, 25 potatoes, 3 gm salt, 2 gm garam masala , 3 gm coriander leaves, 3 gm turmeric powder, 2 gm fried garlic.

Method : Blanche the French beans, carrots, cauliflower and potatoes, squeeze the excess water, and blend till smooth. Mix with grated paneer, green chillies, fried garlic, salt, garam masala , cumin powder, turmeric and coriander. Now shape this like a seekh and heat in an oven for eight minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. Now, serve with a wedge of lemon and sliced onions.

Tulsi Paneer
Ingredients : 200 gm paneer (cubed), 50 gm cheese (grated), 5 gm green chilli paste, 10 gm cashew nut paste, 25 gm cheddar cheese (grated), 25 gm hung curd, 10 gm cream, 3 gm white pepper, 5 gm salt, 10 ml sesame oil, 25 tulsi paste.

Method : Mix cheese, green chilli and basil paste. Silt cubed paneer half way and stuff paste into it. In a bowl, mix green chilli paste, cashew nut paste, hung curd, cream, white pepper, salt and sesame oil. Coat the paneer cubes with this marinade and heat in oven for eight minutes at 180 degree Celsius.

Cheese Corn Tikki
Ingredients : 100 gm American corn, 25 gm cheddar cheese (grated), 50 gm paneer (grated), 3 gm cumin powder, 3 gm cardamom powder, 3 gm salt, 2 gm green chilli (finely chopped), 3 gm coriander leaves, 5 gm corn flour

Method : Blanch the American corn, squeeze to remove excess water. Mince roughly in blender. Mix with cheese, paneer , cumin powder, garam masala , cardamom powder, salt, green chillies and corn flour. Divide mixture into small balls and pat them into coin shaped tikkis . Shallow fry till they turn light brown and serve with mint chutney.

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