Whomsoever it may concern


Dear Di;


     Today is 1st Court date [05/04/2004] i know, you will not come,coz you are not able to face the truth, i gave you 4 years to think and act,now i know what you want . You have made right decision and you know better, what is good for you. I'll not blame you for this; I just want to ask one question.

Still you Charged me with this...

IPC 498A : "Cruelty by husband or relatives of husband"
IPC 323   : "Voluntarily causing hurt with full knowledge and intention".
IPC 504   : "Intentional insult and provocation for breaking public peace"
IPC 506   : "Criminal intimidation with a threat to cause death".
                   Just ask your self Even done anything like this to you.......


Why did you did this to me. ?

     I can't stop you,When you decided to leave. I always pray for you to get good home somewhere, and better Future.

    Lastly its time to tell the truth.

     You always think that my parents told me to illtreat you, but the truth is, none of them ever told a single word, nor i listen to them; Even today, you run away with my gold/money and lodged False complaint of dowry, your parents came home and insulted, threatend them, still, you know, what they said, they will bare anything for me .

     You never beleive what my Father do, he recite 10 Rosaries every day, For you, Glenn and me.

      When i planning to go to Sharjah police, Police asked me to bring Marriage certificate, they will deport you back to india, they said. you know, what my mother told, if i do that, i have no right to enter that our home in karkala.

     When you told my parents, when we are in karkala that i`m illtreating you, my mother said if i`m thier son, i have to treat you well, because they took you as thier daughter,but i never told them how you were harassing me.

     Whatever i did was just because, the situation you created, i tried to control many times, but your sharp words, and you giving something in my hand and asking me to beat you, what i have to do. you know better what you have done.

     I always tried to be good husband; whatever I did was just a reaction for your actions. Today I ask our Saint, Lawrence of Attur, whom I trust and believe. I dare to invite CURSE on me if i did wrong, if you and your people did anything to me then same applies to you also.


St.Lawrence can do miracles, and I have faith in him, and he will do judgment on me, before his next feast. I pray to him, O St.Lawrence, I asked you, and you gave me Diana, and with your prayers you gave me Glenn on your feast day, I beg you protect them always and everywhere. I`ll come Walking from my home to your church every time.


     Thank you for every thing you have done to me, you can keep my gold, money, insurence, i`ll never ask it back, I trust in god he will give me in return 1000 times more.

     You also can keep your Dowry Complaint, in  my memory, that will not harm me anymore.


     Do not Blame me, that I ruined your life,

1)     It was your Father, when he forced you to marry me;

2)     You loved someone else and married to me.

3)     When you refused  to do your marital duty;

4)     It is your mother misguided you telling not to cook and not to do household things;

5)     It was you refused to learn household things;

6)     It was you made our son Glenn, sleep empty stomach;

7)     It was you who forced me to promise and be alcoholic;

8)     It was you refused to take any responsibility of our home;

9)     It was all you relatives came home and threatened me;

10) It was you when you lodged false complaint;

11) It was you when you run away with my gold;

12) It was your sister Helen called me mad;

13) It was your brother called me Dog;

      Do not curse me, curse yourself and your relatives for misguiding you,

And do not repent now, I gave you many chances, I came to your door step 5 times, begging for return, once you came back and left next day.

      Do not try to bend something beyond its capacity it will breakaway;

      If you think you left something in my home, you can come any time and take it, no one will ask you or STOP you.


QUOTATION:   Thus let me live, unseen, unknown,
  Thus unlamented let me die;
  Steal from the world, and not a stone
  Tell where I lie.
ATTRIBUTION: Ode on Solitude.

AUTHOR: Alexander Pope (1688-1744)


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