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Precautionary measures before and after 498a cases.

Some of precautionary measures to be followed before & after 498a cases.


Right from the marriage learn about the marriage laws of India. (Divorce Laws / Various Grounds for divorce/ Alimony / Other by products like 498a, DV Act etc)
Never commit fully with wife & her family before making sure that the girl really loves husband & respects his family.(Like spending money to their family, getting job to her brothers etc)
Love, Respect, Trust & Intimacy are the four pillars of marriage. If it misses any one of these 4, then definitely it will end up with divorce & in turn 498a in current trend.

Wife Side Family Structure:

Understand the structure of the wife’ family. Get to know about the decision-making & influencing people from their family.
Collect all the employment & social standings of male members of wife’s family.
Get the contact details, employment details and social background of as many relatives as possible of wife´s side.
Don’t disclose any financial information of your family to anybody from wife’s side.
Never discuss wife side family matters, financial interests, investments etc.
If something fishy about the activities of wife & her relatives, try to reduce the interaction with her relatives.

During Marriage Life:

Keep evidence / bills / receipts etc for every purchase / expenses you do when u r with wife.
Never believe the innocent face of the wife after acrimonious quarrels with her husband.
Try to find out opposing member from wife’s family to get information. Keep in touch with them & it will be very helpful in case of 498a & DV act cases.
It´s easy to find impending cases & actions from wife’s side by her behavior with husband & his family. If u smells any abnormality, don´t argue with her & try to solve or mellow down the wife.
Learn about health abnormalities of the wife & past records of it, if any.
Read about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) & related abnormalities. Try to understand the symptoms w.r.t the wife´s behavior. These disorders are very crucial in deciding the behavior. No sane female will try having her marriage life, personal things, etc in Police records & try to book criminal case against her husband & put him in the jail.

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Pre 498a:

Try to read between the lines in wife´s family conversation, as there can be lot of clues for the impending cases.
If u r sure that the marriage will not last, make the first move. That is filing either RCR or Divorce petition, based on nature of wife.
In case of martial problems, where husband is 100% sure that wife won´t rejoin, file RCR & enjoy the fun at family court counseling sessions.
If the FIL & any other male members or relatives of the wife is in Govt job & if the wife behaves abnormally, be sure that 498a is going to hit you any time. Govt employees are well aware of the dowry case & women’s cell. And they think that its one of their perks to implicate false dowry case, if some female from their family has troubled marriage.
But the advantage of having relatives or FIL in the govt job is, u can nail them easily as so many rules & regulations are framed in various govt depts.
Do your homework to learn about laws & issues related to 498a & DV act. Make sure that Police, lawyers & wife’s family are aware about your knowledge in these cases. If Police comes to know about your awareness on these issues, they will never dare to intimidate you.

Post 498a:

Keep in mind. If 498a is in your fate, nothing in this world could stop it. So main strategy is to keep calm & collect information on their movements. Don´t discuss much about the problem.
Contact nearest MyNation team members & attend the meetings regularly to under stand the gravity of the problem.
Don´t panic & ask your family members not to panic. Make them aware of all these false dowry cases & its motive. For parents & elders false dowry cases will be a great shock. Educate them & make them comfortable.
Never accept the demands of the police & lawyers for settlement & mutual consent divorce with 498a as intimidating weapon.
Adhere the conditions of AB & say good bye to Police station.
Don´t withdraw RCR & make those ill educated girl & her family to run around family court.
It´s for sure, if you hold the fort for 6 months – 1 year, they will definitely come to your terms. You can dictate things as per your will.
NEVER go for Mutual Consent Divorce when 498a case is open.
Keep watching the moments of immediate family members & other family members from the wife side thru contacts or detective agencies. Be sure if a girl is filing a false 498a on her husband means, credibility, moral are very low in her family. Definitely there could be lot of abnormalities their family. Get detailed background about her parents & siblings. (This should have been done b4 marriage. Since we missed it, we got trapped in 498a)
If the girl is employed or eligible for employment, keep a special eye on her moments. It will be very helpful for maintenance case.
Never be in hurry to settle the case with money. The police & the crooked lawyers can do nothing, once u passes the initial ordeals in the police station.
In counseling sessions of RCR case, try to confuse the counselor & wife as much as possible by saying only good things about your wife, even if she had done nothing to u.(It will be real fun)
Never show interest on 2nd marriage in any of your conversations with lawyers & wife’s side.
If the instigators, brothers, FIL are in govt job, collect info abt their credibility & make a move accordingly. Try to nail them individually by creating problems to them. Nobody will help others, if their own house is on fire.
Uses RTI to its maximum extend. It´s our “Brahmastra” to tackle 498a case. RTI can be used effectively against the members of wife side, if they are in Govt job.
Don´t be in urge to file counter cases. Make slow & steady moves to nail them.
Get the copy of the complaint or charge sheet & read every word in those documents. You can get numerous clues to file counter cases. Discuss with senior MyNation members on this.
Collect evidences to counter the allegations mentioned in the complaint.
Trust that it´s extremely difficult to prove false allegations. So run thru your memory lane & write down all the incidents, fights, arguments happened between u & your wife from the day of your marriage. This will be very helpful in courts & counseling sessions.
Keep a careful watch during counseling sessions in family court as u can get many clues & counter arguments from wife´s statement & counselor´s queries.

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Advantages of false dowry cases:

Never lose heart for these filthy cases, which kills time & money. It will definitely test your nerves & will power. At the end of this ordeal u will be surprised to see your own strength & will power growing immensely.
Believe me, there is no other ordeal in this great nation (Jai Hind!) for its own citizens as intimidating & cruel than false 498a case. (And not every citizen of this country is blessed with this case, to test their nerves)
Please concentrate on your job or business as usual. Everything will be cleared & u can start a fresh personal life. Believe me; these cases can supply immense will power, which u can use in job or business to deal with day to day problems.
Can get rid of ill educated & crooked wife.
You will be aware of so many laws, IPCs & functions of Indian Judiciary, Police & other Govt organizations.
Your strength & will power will improve tremendously, which will be very vital in this completive world. This is the real benefit out of 498a.


53 thoughts on “Precautionary measures before and after 498a cases.

  1. hwo to come out of the 498a section cases myself and my brother and my mother been put as acuste and how long the case will get prolong already the 2yrs passed and please guide me to save myself and my mother and brother

    please guide me

    sir please save us plz help


  2. wow..tat was quite a read..but am sure all u dirty men are nt tat innocent..wt bout a victim who is truly harrassed for dowry??

  3. Very well written article.. i must say.. This article implies that even if men did the criminal deeds as per 498A, and if he is slapped with 498A, he shud consider him as Bhagat Singh, who is in jail for all the false allegation slapped aginst him by his wife (even if they r true). Its like GLORIFYING the all wrongs done by men. They never feel what they did was wrong. They will always attach some illogical reason to all their wrong doings to satisfy them selves. DIRTY MENtality.

  4. My son is married to a cruel wife.She never cooks and wash at home.My wife is in govt job . My sons wife is also in govt job. Her sister is clerk in High court of pujab. She teases our family by making every false alligation that can be said in this world. please guide me.She has gone to home.many times we tried to patch up but they are threating us to file 498a.

    //If she left your home and threatening with false 498a,then you can report it to Police, and also give them to take her all her stridhan if she brought anything.

    You have to approch Police before they report.

    if they given any dowry then,you can file FIR, as per dowry law (IPC 498A) giving dowry also crime Refer and ask Police to take back her dowry too.


  6. A number of false cases are being filed U/S 498a IPC,but GOv is not taking any action to amend this cruel law.It completely ruins the husbands family because police makes money instead of probing the case to find the truth.There should not be any arrest till the case finalised.

  7. Hello Saina,

    If your husband slaps you, then file a case that he has slapped you. Why are you miss using the IPC 498A. Do you know for what 498A is used.

    Hello Nagashree,

    Here we are talking about “false” 498A case. If anybody has really been a victim of Dowry harassment, then let them prove it in the court.

  8. Hello Saina & Nagashree,

    I will just ask you one question. How would it be if your brother’s wife files a false 498A against your brother and you. How do you feel?

  9. Hi Saina & Nagashree,

    I would like to ask you one question. How would you feel when your brother’s wife files a false dowry complaint against your brother, you and your parents?

  10. the answer to the above question is simply- the way you all will feel if your mother, sister or daughter is burnt for not bringing enough dowry…
    you all are people who are colouring the world as white or black because perhaps your wife filed a false case against you(thats yet to be proved) every case by every women is false according to you.

  11. Dr Mitu Khurana;

    Where we said all women file False case. We do not colour anyone Blindly and we are Aware about Law and make sure that our mother sisters will not burnt for dowry Instead we will report it Police, if our Sisters Inlaws demand dowry, and We will not make our sisters get married to the Person who demand Dowry.

    We are Against Giving and taking dowry, We fight aginst it because we are harassed even we have`t took or demand any dowry.

    and As per NCRB statistics 98% of these dowry cases are False.

  12. Dr. Mitu Khurana,

    Even home minister is saying that law is highly misused, so not to arrest people

    CJI admitted this long back that Section 498a is highly misused.

    What world you are living in?

    do you know from 2004 to 2007 136000 female were arrested just because of this law?

    If you ahve data which show the 498a is genuine more than 5 % pls let us know..

    Even US have issued notice to all NRI who come to india for marriage saying that beware before marrying indian girl.

  13. Dr. Mitu Khurana,

    Going by the logic you’ve mentioned, if wives of your brother/son/nephew file a false case against them, then you’ll support such a wife for the simple reason that in your imagination – only a woman can be a harrassed lot, and all the male members are actually cruel, just because they are male.

    You can understand the plight of such a male member only when you have witnessed it closely. OR, maybe you do not have any male members you are connected to, that’s why you can’t understand all this at all!!

    Why not consider suggesting your mom to file a false case against your dad?
    Afterall, such false cases most of the time get filed even for small arguements.

    BTW, can you answer a simple Q: If, by chance, you have a son and her wife files such a false case on you and entire famliy, and all are put behind bars, how do you plan to support such a wife (woman, right!!)?

    (Don’t say it’ll never happen to you ’cause you are a good human being, as our moms have been equally good but still facing false cases)

  14. Dr. Khurana,

    You are going thru BDH prob, please read the document careful All i can wish, Get well soon.


  15. Good article to educate all the MEN’s who are planning to Marry. Is the trust completely gone in life? I believe women should introspect such things before accusing others. Ultimately money has no meaning without a together relationship which is the purpose of marriage.

  16. family mater
    we are facing some problem with my wife named —- she is tourching me from last two yers with mentally & physicaly. if i tell her any thing then she alweys tell me about the right og when i tell her parents about this matter and i also tell them about our mutual divorce then they throath me and they also tell to kill me with the help of politically party. please tell me how to safe my son age 3 yrs. and me & my family. pls tell me as soon as possable thanking you. my mather -in – low tell me she lonch against me 498. what is 498 & how to save me from this 498.

  17. I married to girl age 19 on 15th May,2010.But she did not behaved well from 1st day.somehow I managed to continue with her.But in June,2010 when I took her to her house so that she can meet her families she ignored to return with me.After that from her own house she ran off with another guy & stayed with him for four days.This we had come to know from her family who themselves told us.Now she is at her homeBut when I told her to give me khula she is refusing it not exactly telling what they want from me.Even I have a letter from jammat in which it is mentioned that she has done such culprit & husband is right on his place,after conforming from her relatives.

  18. if you have been loveing ur wife,than dont fear about 498. because 498 will not disturb u. it will disturb her…

  19. Friends, being so favourable and against to this section we have tremendous cases been have filed every day in India. Many families are alliged to be victims of this 498A IPC and have already being punished for what they have not commited. This is happenning only becoz of a wicked wife and her parental families who want their cruel wishes to be fulfilled like monetary and property of a husband, who makes suffer an innocent husband and his family too. I humbly submit that this is only a gift suffering given by those wicked and cruel husbands who in real have killed their wifes/attempted to kill them with very cruel hurts on their body for only cause of dowry/additional dowry.

    My dear friends we should also feel the pain to those innocent/familes are suffering with these cruel sections…. so why sholdn’t we take step forward to humiliate our Indian Lawmakers to get those positive sections into actions which will not attack innocent and be a tool for the wicked.

    My real good idea to waive off 498A or reconcile this section to be a Civil case instead a Criminal and after a real investigation made should come into action a criminal case for the accused who have commited such sin and be punished.

    very clear view is it should not be given into hands of our own Indian Police. Only such cases should be under their province where the crime is clearly known and proved by wittnesses examined at the place of commitment

    Matrimonial case can’t be of criminal kind coz for instance if wife gets anger we can only see her poor husband to be behind the bars. Just imagine how could be this justice.

    CrPr 498A IPC – cant reconcile a marriage, which we belive that “marriages are made in heaven”
    (this section proves the above statement to be false) India had a great culture and tradition from centuries to have one husband and one wife who lived together for their lifetime. Whereas here we can only find family breakings but no reconciliation to get joined their family back. We on ourself making the mindset of a father of a girl to get himself strong to face his son-inlaw in any unfavourable circumstance to attack him with this section whom for his own benifits can put behind bars.

    I respect/salute/hatsoff to those WOMEN who have been adjusted so far for small issues raised in her inlaws-family and understood loved her husband and changed them for being good to them with great love and affection and kept up their familes alive untill their lifetime. WE CAN SEE OUR MOTHERS/SISTERS/RELATIVES & FRIENDS.

    My honest request to those young girls/guys planning to marriage or have a girl friend/boy friend to be carefull whom they are choosing and wat their life could be……plsssss think broad and u cant allige either of them for not being happy nd for your own problems after marriage where issues are ur life partners and if u both fail to handle them together which may also result in section 498A and other’s. I am sure if this continues there is no surprife if in India we find 60+% of broken families.

    India is great, Indians are great and Indian families are real great to our nation who stand stars for our culture and tradition’s

    Pleaseeeee save families and relationship’s. only faith and love can improve this situation, as such your own love will redeem your life for no surprise.

    I love my wife so much who caryy my baby right now being 7nth month, but very unfortunate whose father who has no monthy income has forced/motivated her against me and my mother for only cause of money and property from me and my father for his benifits. I am sure my wife too love me so much but i am not sur how could her father cahnge her against me NOW WHO HAS LEFT ME ALONE NOT EVEN IN A SITUATION WHERE I CAN GO AND TAKE CARE OF MY WIFE’S DELIVERY AND SEE MY BABY TAKING INTO MY HANDS GIVING HER MY FIRST KISS….I COULD BE A POOR FATHER WHAT I FEEL COZ I WAS DREAMING FOR MY BABY SINCE LAST SEVEN MONTHS.


    Thank You All!!!!!! for who have prayed for us.

  20. hello thanks a lot for giving so much strength and writing in detail about the harrasement.
    i am also a victim of the 498a false dowry case.
    and not even for a single moment i lost the faith in me and my strength, and my trueness.
    i believe in bagavadgita and i believe in truth will prevail today or tomorrow.
    we need patience to overcome all the troubles and come out successfully. once again thank you for the information.

  21. hi all
    my sister really facing problem my mom is retd and we lost my father spouse famly realy harrassing her for dowry plz 498is not always fake case

  22. It’s very ironic that there are so many links and information about 498a misuse, but hardly any link about the genuine cases. And unfortunately, it’s because of these misuse fighters that the genuine cases are not really taken seriously. What do you think needs to be done to bring justice to genuine cases?
    It’s my personal opinion that no women would give up her marriage just for harassing her husband or her family unless she has indeed not been harassed.
    We need more links and solutions to fight against injustice and harassment. The man behind a genuine case also says it as false.

  23. Sushma whatever your are saying is also right but the problem is that this 498A has lots of drawbacks, so this law needs to be changed to stop its misuse and to bring the cruel husband who demands dowry to the justice soon.
    I guess you girls who are also getting trapped(less then 5%) should also come forward to make changes to stops misuse and to bring the greedy people to justice.

  24. @Deepak Kumar

    I like the tone of your message.
    However, many of them seem to be bombarding me (a girl) who just put forth her opinion. Do you know why there are so many links about misuse and not about genuine cases?
    The reason is because the fight against misuse is led by a man who gets the support of his mother, sisters and other women.
    The fight by women against harassment is led by “woman” who hardly has much support and her voice goes unheard.

    Please don’t take anything personally. I’m just talking about the general trend and if we collectively can do something about it.

    Let’s go to the root cause. Do you agree that traditionally society has been “male-dominated”? Men had a better say in most of the things and women used to agree even if they disagreed. Now women are educated and started working and this probably is the reason behind so many cases being filed by women.
    Agreed that women have become less patient, but don’t you think they have a reason?
    The reason I think is women have changed. When women changed so much, men are lagging behind. They want working women, but with same patience and tolerance levels as their mothers. If men were asked to do the same jobs as women(including taking care of the kids), what percentage of men would be as successful as a women. I’ve seen lot of mothers giving up their careers for the sake of their kids, but hardly saw any father do so; and a woman never expects her husband to do that either. So, don’t you think you men need to have a little soft corner on her and try to understand her instead of raising so much voice against misuse?
    One thing which bothers me is whether, what we are doing in this fight, is justified? For whose sake are we fighting? Are we setting good example to our children? Are we telling them to fight? We are making the children’s already complicated lives more complicated. This way we are creating more problems. Definitely not a solution.
    And the solution we have to look for shouldn’t be legal. It has to be more of a moral or social kind. Justice anywhere in the world is delayed. I feel there is no point fighting for or against the laws like 498a. Both of it is only fighting without a solution.
    We all need to work together to pave a better society for our children. Women need men to support them because traditionally and even today society is male-dominated. If we don’t change, our children will be in the same state that we are in. We should all want to live peacefully, rather than fighting and missing on the essence of a beautiful life. This requires a lot of commitment from the men, more than women.
    And finally to contradict your claim on <5% being genuine and the rest being false, here's the only link I found. According to it, all the cases in which women compromise are being branded as false. So, the question is who is right – a woman compromising or a man not compromising at any cost?
    I personally think there should be a body/organization to determine this. Instead of forming so many women's or anti-women's organizations with so many people, why can't we dismantle them and form organizations to solve our problems. There is a TV show I've seen where there is an advocate, a psychologist and a counselor to analyze both the parties. They give their opinion and try to keep the relationship intact. Since it is a TV show not many of us would want to go in. I think we need many organizations like that.
    Please understand that the solution is personal accountability, compromise and forgiveness for a better life for our children.
    I'd really appreciate all of your inputs. No single person can bring about the change. And again please don't think in legal terms all the time.

  25. The link I was mentioning. Please look at the “Other Answers” by Nikki.

  26. If MyNation Foundation motto is “We Speak The TRUTH, Do you Dare”, I’m in search of the TRUTH. Please clarify.

  27. If we all agree to amend the legal laws as per your demands, do you think all our problems will be solved? Do you think we can bring better harmony between husband and a wife? Do you think there will be less divorces? Do you think our children will be peaceful and successful? Do you think we can save the institution of Indian marriage?
    If so, I support your fight for change in legal laws. If not, what shall we do?

    The comments coming from people here are very personal and demeaning. Moderators of this website, please control that language. Otherwise, you are not standing by your motto “We Speak The TRUTH, Do you Dare”. Don’t even question about anyone’s dareness. When someone dares, you are trying to use demeaning language so that they would not respond back.

  28. Good thought sushma, i really appreciate that, i think rather then fighting, the problem should be resolved between husband and wife but the problem is that most of the time wife destroy everything under the influences from others and men under the men ego…

  29. @Deepak

    Thank you for the tone of your comment. It brings back the missing hope!!!
    I agree there are women who are under influence of someone else. At the same time, there are quite a few men who are under severe influence of someone else.

  30. i m oppose to argument of susma.your comment is very opposite to subject.dont write like this in future…

  31. I have gone through the forum and find very useful in case of false cases in family court.
    I am also suffering with the similar situation and very much inclined to share my case.

    I was married with my wife X two years back then she went to abroad for study and it was a love marriage under the presence of relatives.
    We both were in love since 4 years before marriage and had simple quarrels throughout the phase bcz of work pressure at the same place.
    Now after marriage when family’s role came into existence they were also in our favor. Time is passing and I was away from my wife and had only email/telephonic conversation.
    Bcz of my academic pressure and problems I had started some drink as i was alone and missed my wife a lot.
    We loved to each other immensely.
    When I got rid from my academic problems, I felt that my struggle is completed and I had started a plan to live with my wife as soon as possible.
    On day I again drank bcz I got the information from my close friends that my mother in law was inquiring my drinking thing everywhere, even with my parents.

    and passed a very bad impressions to my parents, close friends.
    On that day my wife phoned me and talked me angrily, I
    requested her to not to talk at this moment, will talk later day but………… she became volcano and said me to talk to her parents and now the time is over.
    After that, I slept and felt in the morning, the home (In laws home, as I am living there to complete my academic) seems to me at a graveyard position.
    On that day her parents talked to my parents and break the marriage relationship verbally.
    Then, I left their home immediately after getting the message from my parents and my wife denied any conversation.
    Now the fuss started……….. till the date.
    I tried to talk my wife many times through email/phone but she denied always and responded me to talk with her father.
    I talked to her father but he adamantly denied my married terms with my wife and said to forget your wife and we dont want any further relationship.
    After then, I remained keep quite but tried to write my wife but……………. she is not ready to talk, we had some talk but she is confused and under pressure of her family members as all are against us.
    Now , I have fear of false cases from my IN LAWS.
    What I should do now???????????????
    Please suggest me as around 11 month had been passed and the issue remain continues.
    Thank you.

  32. @P. Kumar,

    I dont have much idea about the legal system in India, but with my limited knowledge (since I’m going through the same)I can advice you the following:

    1. I can understand that you are sad and panic. Please remain calm and know that, there is always a way out. Please do not send any threatening e-mails/phone calls to your wife/in-laws. Know that there is a chance they may record it and use against you.

    2. If you are threatened by her/in-laws for filing a 498a against you, immediately file a complaint in the police station. Seek the help of a criminal lawyer. Take anticipatory bail for you and immediate relatives.

    3. Keep records of all communications between you and her/in-laws. Record the phone calls. Stay calm while talking even when they provoke you.

    4. Watch their movements really closely. Take feedback from her friends/relatives who are close to you.

    5. If there is no real reason for her to stay away from you, please take the advice from your lawyer and try to resolve the issue through court.

  33. By last point, what I meant is filing an RCR (Restitution of conjugal rights, if she is staying away from you without any proper reason, denying to talk to you etc. That actually shows your interest to get your wife back.

  34. We are facing the 498a for the second time. And in both cases falsely. The irony is that the present ‘bahu’ had registered 498a against her previous in laws also but at that time my brother was so eager to marry her that he genuinely believed her and did not investigate further. Even before marriage her eccentric behaviour was evident but my brother kept thinking that she is tempramental and soon when they start staying together things will be alright. They practically forced my brother to the earliest marriage just within one month of settling the case with the first wife and now the same thing is getting repeated. Although we at our end had taken precautions when she became completely hysterical about things but the allegations are so prepostourous that we do not know what hit us. Lot of harrasement and mental tension on the way. Fiding a good lawyer is also a problem. Can somebody suggest a good lawyer to us.

  35. My bro is also facing same issue. My bro got married on Feb 14,2010. Within span of 10 days she left the home and went with her parents. When enquired she is telling some bull shit reasons..

    1. In our custom, after marriage our relatives will arrange for lunch to the new couple by inviting all the family members. As my bro is working in blore he has to travel to my hometown in tamilnadu every weekend to finish post marriage formalities(only 2 weekends they went).For this my sister in law had conversation with my bro that my life will end by travelling to tamilnadu and blore.

    2. ous family is a big family. when invited for such a occasion everybody cant ne accomodated on dinning table. So, everybody use to sit down and eat. For making her to sit on floors she complaint to her mom and created some issue. So, when they went for another uncle’s place they made the couple alone to sit on dinning table and all others sat together on floor and ate(even my grandfather sat down who is more than 70 yr old).

    3. when there is a family get together, Men will form a gang and will chit chat and same with the women. during that gala time people use to tease each other. TO make her comfortable and mingle in the family. My aunts were kidding with her. for that also she raised some prob with my bro.

    These all happened within 10 days of marriage. Still many more… her mom has called my bro and torturing mentally saying if he is not coming for settlement she will make him sit behind the bars. Kindly advise what to do… my bro is in abroad for some assignments.. In what way it will affect my family and my bro if they take their weapon (498A).
    Kindly advise…

  36. within 10 days of time her mom is asking for divorce and intimidating our family for settlement. I dont know what exactly she will know about my bro and family within 10 days. Now its almost 10 months since she left the home.

    My bro has went to her home to take her back and also beared all the insults made by their parents. But no use. She is not ready to come. we asked her school and college certificates for registering the marriage. But their parents refused to give. So, till now marriage has not been registered. I am really confused with this kind of behaviour from the bride’s family.

  37. Can anyone pls tell me as the marriage has not been registered, can they put 498a case on our family?

    I am really worried for my family and my bro. They are restless bcos of this. Day by day my dad is going weak.

  38. iam in serious need of ur father, mother &brother r falsely implicated in 498A. my brother is missing since 27 sep. his father in law came with 30-40 people & beat my mother. police did not take any action regarding this. now they file a case in sirsa under 498a on 9 nov. how my parents can get anticipatory bail in Haryana.

  39. can any one reply question 37(Vivek’s qtns),What help we get in a case where marriage is not registered in court.can girl family file false 498a and dv?
    also how to fight against the gift given in cheque form and now when they claim that was dowry?

  40. i’m reading all the posts above.. and totally agree with persons facing these knd of prob… there is no point in fighting on the point that who is more better or suffered.. is it MAN / WOMEN ..under this law or in our nation…the main thing is we are here to share our prob which is very much differnt from i request every one not to take ne thing personal here..n its better we all think how to stop the mis use of law n how to provide justice to an innocent person..

  41. i also need advice regarding same matter..since m also facing same problem.. since no on knows it all better thn me so i dont want ne comments over it, i only luking for possible solutions…i’ll b highly greatful for tht..

  42. i am suffering from 498a my marriage was held on 11-12-08 after four month she left filed case on 25aug09 and i won sec9 filed in july09 she is livigng with me since dec09 we blessed by baby on 5may11 and on 8june11 she left still 498a is going on and she told me she dont want to live with mean time her father commit sucideon 21march11 and there is no urning member in her famimily also she have two younger sistershe is living with my daugterher mother and sister she is arrogant proudy and adament.

  43. i am calling her telling her to forget all but she refused to live with me but still i am concentrating to take her amnd my daughter back though i got jailed for three days she is living in nepanagar 187 A type nepamil quarters nepanagar ditt:burhanpur her cell is 9926524798

  44. Hi,

    My Brother’s wife was having an affair with his old boy friend and she continued after marriage ,at last she ran away with gold ornaments and 1000 rs early morning and returned after 2 days. Now she is filling an harassment and dowry case on my family.

    She was been for 3 months and from 3 months my family is harrassed by police and she is coming to my house and she says its my house how can i leave this,1 time she came alone and other time she planned with police and came with police without any ornament ,to conclude that we have taken gold and bet her .

    Now they are asking for Settlement for more than 6 lakhs.

    For 498a case ,verification as been started .

    What we need to Doooo,please suggest ,we have never taken Dowry or harresed her .and she has been mention in police station that I went with my boyfriend .


  45. Nice article, Thanks for posting…

    Where can i find marriage laws of India articles..

  46. Step mother (house wife) who is a divorcee married to my father whose wife died due to health problems. Step mother tortured her first husband and brought to court of law and suceeded in giving him divorce on gains and she married the second husband and taken him out along with her by throughing the children of late first wife on their fate, where the second husband is a big govt.employee made him under her foot by cheating and stealing entire property and gold and cash and other articles after leading matrimonial life of 14 years. Now the position of Second husband is bad, his age is 69 years, where he lost everything whose entire life burnt for the above said all the property. Now he is alone facing 498a,DVC and also on his first wife children who were not at all living with them since their marriage as she only thrown them out. But here the things are immaterial to police or any one but women-protection laws are supporting to evil-ladies to enjoy and live on the husband money and property. They want money and property of husband but they does not want husband. I don’t know this type of cruel thing can be seen other than India.


  47. Dear Friends,

    Here the parents of a wife plays a vital role in putting trouble or threat to husband or his parents by all means of law. Where if parents or well wishers of wife thinks twice or thrice in resolving the issue with a great atmosphere, abviously it get resolved. But where parents of wife start abusing or challanging or threatening or encouraging to their daughter to do all non-sense then there ends the wife-husband family story forever-no chance when police or court entered into the matter.

    Dear Parents,

    PARENTS PLEASE THINK TWICE OR THRICE WHERE CHANCE OF RECONCILIATION OR MEDIATION POSSIBLE WITH THE WELL WISHERS OR FRIENDS to bring her life. Please ask your daughter before marriage about her wishes, do’s, issues, likes, dis-likes-please don’t force her to marry to guy-selected-unnecessarily put everyones life in denger zone “DO IT (OR) SPOIL YOUR DAUGHTER LIFE FOREVER.” GO FOR REPAIR BUT NOT FOR DESTRUCTION/DAMAGE AND DON’T GO FOR NEW PAIR. IT IS MORE DENGEROUS TO YOUR DAUGHTER OR KIDS OF FIRST HUSBAND.


  48. Justice dhingra of delhi HC had asked police to check IT returns for verification of claims of girl accusing boy as part of investigation under 498a. have their been any guidelines making it mandatory for police to cross verify with IT returns ?

  49. you can always use old judgment citation in your case. and ask police to do accordingly.

  50. This is crazy. If marriage is such a bed of nails in India, why even bother to get married? Following advice in this article, just for the sake of marriage, will make your life hell. If you area quailfied male, making good money, only marry a girl who has love in her heart, and truly wishes to be with a man. She will not be a 498A terrorist, if she has more to lose by using 498A. That is what every successful boy has to determine.

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