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MyNation Whatsapp Group is an Independent Whatsapp Group. The objective of this group is to help victims of false cases and fight against women centric biased laws like 498A, DVACT, Divorce, Maintenance, Alimony, Child Custody, HMA24, 125 CrPc, 307, 313, 376, 377, 406, 420, 506, 509 etc.

Mission: Help each other and fight together against false cases.

( We will guide you, share the resources and judgments you needed for a Promise, in return you will do the same to others and fight for the Cause )






DISCLAIMER : We are not Lawyers, but we are better knowledgeable than than any lawyer, We share our experience in a Friendly manner with Brotherly touch….continued….Click here to read more

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  1. My wife filed with all false alligations for divorce and later filed dvc on my total family members. Its been 2 years so far.

  2. Name(Frist Name): Rajsekar
    City: Hyderabad
    Case sections: 498a, DP 3,4, DVC, crpc 125
    Mobile Number:(Not published/visible) and
    Your case details in brief: My wife files 498a against sever member of my family in 2015-May alleging dowry harassment though we haven’t took any dowry and haven’t ` her, She was behind my parents property to be transferred on her name.

  3. four cases were registered against 30 persons, so I want to file a discharge petition so pls sugest me

    1. case under what section, u can search on mynation with section or word you will get plenty for more whatsapp msg to +17274144995

  4. facing false 498a and domestic voilence act 2005 city living in bangalore
    case put up on me is hyderabad mobile no

  5. My marriage is broken.. My wife has deserted me.. As of now she hasn’t filed any case.. She wants divorce but I don’t know on what conditions she wants.. I have fear that she can file DV, DP, 498A,Interim maintenance.. Things like that age not me and my family members.. She has broken all contacts with me.. Her father do not want me to contact her.. My father has also approached but to no avail.. She took her all belongings with her.. I don’t know what to do.. I have a kid also age 1 Year and 09 months.. I love my kid..

  6. Name – Vinod
    City Mumbai
    Case – 498a, DV Case
    Mobile –
    im Vinod. recently got married in 2017. just after the marriage the girl started complaining about mom and dad. as she doesnot wanted to live with my family. as after 2 months i got separated from my family and started living alone with my wife. but just after a week she left the home. Since then im staying alone in Mumbai. tried many times to make her come back but she refused evey time. now recently she has filed 498a and dv case on me and my whole family .

    1. Ask for DIR report for DV, get her educational details.Job details in hardcopy.

  7. Name:-Ziaul Ansari
    Case Section:-498a, 323,504,504, 125
    Mobile No:-

  8. Name-V.P.Jadhav
    Case-498a, DV case.
    I need your guidence for false cases under 498a and dv 2005.Kindly help.

  9. Hi this is rahul , My marriage took place on christian chruch, which was arranged marriage. date of marriage : may 2015 . My wife is from Andhra pradesh, Post graduate. She has severe health issues before marriage, hiding the facts , her parents performed marriage , soon after marriage , we both lived together for 3 months in our house. with in few days of marriage she was noticed with severe health issues , i have spend 1.5 lakhs of rupees on her recovery. i took a proper care of her from the day of the marriage. few months after my marriage, my father died on July 2015. We have performed marriage and spend lakhs of rupees on marriage.

    SHE IS very JEALOUS about my mom, She used to quarrel with my mom and also with me also for silly reasons. In action of Home seek,She has gone to her native place to stay for days , and her mother took her . she never returned back till now.. i used to co-ordinate with her on phone, but she has developed a negative impression and conclusion on our family, i have explained her my situation, she was so arrogant , used to scold and use un parlimantary words on phone.Our advocate send a appeal to her” Restitution of Conjugal rights” to join the family, she didn’t join. Our elders also spoke to their parents , she didn’t allow to join.. She used to harass me by allowing political influence on phone. I have asked her to join the family on Police station, but she didn’t took my request. She has started taking revenge on me by filing false allegations on police stations and also in court.

    i was a Private employee in a small company,unable to take the pressure, i have lost my job.. Now i am jobless living with my old aged mom. i have filed divorced petition in family court , showing the facts of her cruel, fraud cases and behaviour in honourable city civil court .

    She files false allegations cases in various police stations , Woman and child development, that our sisters , my mom and myself have harassed her, beat her to bring additional dowry. and all other bullshit reasons which are not baseless. We the family never harasshed her , loved her , provided good food for her recovery. I used to communicate with her via whatsapp, facebook to her return, but It is almost 2 years,I have stopped talking to her.

    Now she had filed DVC and MC files in her native place court and also files interim maintainance. i am attending the court to represent my presence.

    Qualified wife cannot sit idle and demand maintenance from husband. After doing all these Drama, now she pass the message to my advocate that she want to join the family.She has a suicidal behaviour also, i cannot accept her , and i cannot risk my life. Request a Suggesstion on this issue. Thanks ..

  10. Sir please give latest judgements of child custody to father maintenance denied to wife

  11. Name: Anupam Verma (Mob-P:)
    Case details: 498aDV, 125 maintenance
    Jurisdiction: Dhanbad CJM court
    My family parents n siblings stays: Ghaziabad
    I work : Mumbai
    Brief detail: married in May 2015, staying in her native DHN frm Feb 2017.We total stayed together 7-8 months.on evry 2 months she was go her home wo any reason n come after 6,8,9 months. N now finally recvd notice on 29 Dec 17 w/o any info no talk in between.

  12. Kindly add my no. to your whatsapp group.

    I am facing case of divorce.

  13. Hii my wife is filing for a divorce against me …she is having my call details …can she prove me wrong on the bases of call details


  15. How to keep my case confidential when my phone number is exhibited?

  16. I am Aniruddha Mukherjee, an Ex-serviceman and presently based at district katni, Madhya pradesh. I am being cheated worth lakhs of rupees by one deputy superintendent of police. A case has been registered against them but due to vengeance they in connivance with the local police registered 3 false criminal prosecutions against me. I request your help to assist me to fight the false cases so that I can help others too.
    09165924295, whattsapp- 7000326553

  17. HI ,

    This is sajid as refered by my friend found this website, and my x wife file false cases against me and whole family 307,498a,420,354,506,500 34… sir all are false cases and am nri living in abroad, in case 8 persons accused and its private refer case and my x out law is advocate he plant false witnesses and file case in court .. now my parents , sis and bro inlaw is on bail who are in india , but me,my brother & his wife in abroad…
    now my x need cancel my passport and all,, but in my home me only one who earn for my whole family take care.. thay approach MEA AND INDIAN EMBASSY AND I GIVE MY EXPLANATION TO THEM AND SAID CASE IS ON COURT now … then again x approach my state PRO ( passport regional office) they send me SHOW cause notice to me they need my explanation about case .. with in 15 days ..
    what should i do … now should i replay or not .. and if i dont response pro will take initial action from there side … its mentioned on the document.
    so please advise.


  18. Joined the group already but the email triggered to fill the details so filling them again.

    Facing 498 A ,DP 3 & 4

  19. Name : Ram
    City : Hyderabad/Warangal
    Case Sections : False complaint. NO FIR. MCD running
    Case details briefed : I was detained illegally without any FIR for 2 days in sep’2016 in warangal PS and forced settlement for 25L and MCD. she has already taken 20 tula (200g) gold. 10L paid thru DD. now MCD pending. Is there a way, I get back my money

  20. name – nikhil jagannath thombare
    case – dv and caw cell complaint alleging dowry demand
    number –
    brief – lived 37 days in interval , so much drama , filed false dv and caw cell complaint fr no reason

  21. Name: Rahul
    City: Pune
    need help on defending myself from false Cases: 498a, 523, 506, 504, U/S 27 (1) (d) petition and blackmailing me for money.
    It was a court marriage. then had a reception party in presence of our parents. The expenses was shared. she deserted me after 3 months. filed false cases against me for money. Now demanding money for marriage expenses which was never spent.

  22. Name: Samarth
    Case: HAMA 18 and 20
    Brief details: Facing Maintenance Case at family court.
    Case filed in 2017.
    No kids.

  23. Name: Sai Narayana
    Case: 125 CrPC
    Case details: Two and half years after marriage she went to her native place for one month vacation but that vacation never ended 🙂 and 1 &1/2 years thereafter initiated blame game and then a criminal complaint and a divorce case and a CrPC 125 case.

  24. Adultery by wife ,me beat her, false 307 petition on me & family came to agreement not to beat again ,after home wife again into adultery & threatnening to file the case again
    Deserted wife threatening to file dv ,307 on me & my family,
    Khammam telangana

  25. Vinod

    City: Bhuj, Kutch

    Case Sections:- 498A, 125, 335 May be,

    Case:- Due to Her Short Temper Behavior and Abusive Character to My Family and on Me Front of Our Relatives, Village People and even in Front of our Cast Superior.

    I Call My In-Law and ask to take her till Time she think she Doing Wrong She File Mental and Physical Harrasment, Domestic Violance and So Many Case on Me and My Family.

    Also Now Asking for Alimony Rs 10,000. My Income is 15k, Working in Pvt Ltd Company.But She Working as Professor in One of the B.Ed Collage in Adipur.

    So I Need Help From Expert Regarding Same.

  26. Hello sir I m vivek from korba chattisgarh in my case already dv decided of 5000 per month of my spouse I have no children and also my earning is not proofed by my spouse and main problem is that in family Court another 5000 rs decided as maintenance in exparte–is multiple maintenance allow or how to challenge exparte
    Thank u

  27. Case sections: DV act, Crpc 125, FIR 489A,323,504,3/4DP act
    City: Bareilly, U.P.
    Case brief: Desertion by wife after 4 months of marriage, Case filed by husband Sec 10 HMA, followed by counter attack by wife


  28. Devesh Chauhan
    Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh
    498a, 504,506, dpa 3/4, 125, dv
    Mobile Number:
    Fighting false case by my wife, as i catched her affairs, my father and mother very old age and undergone kidney transplant.

  29. Sec. 125 mai kaise bacha ha sakta hai???
    Aur mere do bache hai ek ladki aur ladka
    Beti7 saal ki hai beta 2 saal ka unki ligali custody to milengi nahi kya ham un ligali bachhi ko utha kar hamare pas la sakta. Hai??
    Dono bachho uske pas hai aur 125 1 saal see chal raha hai.u ski aur meri jubani hui hai

  30. Priyadharshini

    DV, maintainence, divorce
    Case details :
    Got married 5 year ago. My daughter is 4 yrs old. Was together with husband for 1 year bearing all humiliation from husband and in laws. Got separated 4 years ago. He is with his mistress. Have never shown up interest even to speak through phome with kid. My daughter is not aware of her dad. He had not spent even rs.1 for my daughter till date. I am also jobless. Living with my parents along with my daughter.

  31. Name: Y S chandra sekhar
    City: Vijayawada – Andhra Pradesh – India
    Case Session:From my end – RCR Sec 9A, From my wife DV / Complaint in women police station
    Mobile No

    My first wife expired in car accident after 17 yrs of amicable married life by burdening me alone with one boy and one girl ( now both are pursuing BTech 2nd year)

    I have married a women after 9 months of my first wife death in view as she commited she will take responsibility of children and my self (she knows all facts about me)

    After 6 months of marrage my second wife used to quarrel for every silly reason and moved to her parents home after that i used to follow her and get back her to my home. the in course of time every two months she used to go an i used to get her back. we are no way connected to mt parents or any of my relatives.

    On 13th January 2015 she started murmoring from early morning and got violent by after noon and behaved very vilent. she said that she want to be conseeved (no kids for my second wife) i said its not an issue for which the reply was ” if I am not conseeved wit in couple of months I will sleep with some one and get conseved before your ad claim all your property”
    she started shouting in my flat and left to her parents next day from than no communication.

    on 15/march/2017 I files RCR in family court (in party). Even though she is ls staying addresed house she refused to take notice .

    I 1st week on November 2017 she filed DV case in women & child welfare protection where in I was asked to come for counsiling I have hired a advocate and did not attend.

    On 10th Jan 2018 she filed case in Women police station under criminal case ( both mentally & physically) where in I got notice for counsilling on 22nd Jan 2018.

    Kindly advise…

  32. City: Lucknow
    Cases: 498A, PWDVA-2005

    In 498A fir sone and family court mediation going on.
    In DVA case DPO sending the DIR to court.

  33. Dear Sir,

    My marriage was bound on jan 2015 after marriage our lived happily with my wife, I am Diploma Engg. and my wife is MSC in Fashion & Technology (master degree) after 2-3 months she started quarreling for simple thing and one day she quarreled with my mom & dad in my absence & went to her father home,without informing me. after 3 months she rejoins me having discussion between their and our parents & mediators. she live with me for 45 days in this duration i came to know that she had suffering with irregular periods,since from 4 years sist occured in her left overy, i consult doctor and said need operation to remove and if get regular treatment she will become fine and can have baby also. after this her father called me and said he will give false police complaint against me if i will not send her father home, i sent with her brother while going she told she will be back after 7-8 days, she called and informed me after reaching their home, after 2 days her mobile was switch off. i tried to mother & father cell phone they said they will not send her i gave her mental harrashment so she is not feeling well. i tried continuously to talk with her and bring her back, but there parents not allowed me to talk & meet her. i tried to talk by sending messages and gmail but no reply from her, after then i requested through yelders & mediators but no reply by this time 1 year period over she left matrimonial home. in frustation i can not concentrate on my job and left the job and then I filed RCR on nov 2016 in my home town where we started our married life. she not claimed my notice and she filed Divorce 13(1)as cruelty & Mental torchure against me. she never attended case filed by me and i got exparty RCR on july 2017 in family court. i am attending my wife filed case 3 mediations by lawers failed. now at the time of evidence she applied middle amendment no:1 asking permanent alimoney of 50 Lacks under section 25.
    Now still i am ready to live with her as i need her, but her father asking money through her miss using law. in this condition. i want my wife back to live love life or if she will not come then i have pay 50 lacks. pls suggest me what can i do to save my married life.

  34. Need advice on divorce from wife who have unreasonably deserted

    Name: Sushant
    City : Mumbai
    Case section : 498a

  35. Name: Nitin
    Case sections:498A , DV, 406, 34
    Mobile Number:
    Your case details in brief:
    All cases are going on at same time , no charge sheet filed .

  36. Case- 498a, DV
    wife fled with all household and xuv car in my absence from faridabad where I had rented house. Mine was love marriage in nov 2011and nothing taken in dowry. In fact I have given 8.22 lakhs to father in law which he is not returning. Child was also taken to their home in jodhpur
    Police was managed and my FIR was not lodged citing family issue, even not to recover the car. I have a phone recording wherein wife has asked huge money and threatened for series of cases

  37. Name suraj
    Cases City – bhusawal
    Case sec : 125, dv, 498, 340crpc
    Mobile –
    Pls add

  38. Name. Rahul
    City:. Delhi
    Case sections: sec 377
    Mobile Number:< -- 9810272938 --> and
    Your case details in brief: my brother is named in false 377 case.

  39. Name : Abhishek M Bhatt
    City : Dharmpur (Dist Valsad)
    Mob No :
    Case in brief : My wife has gone away on
    1/05/17 from my house on her own will. On 7/11/17 she sent a notice by a lawyer
    making false allegations that I had thrased
    her and desserted her because i’m interested in Dowry only. On 8/12/17 she entered a case in FAMILY COURT on the basis of these false allegations that you had desserted me and not caring about me so I want maintenance
    From you 15000 per month. Sir now what shouls I do.

  40. Name: Tushar
    City: Pune
    Case Sections: DV ACT Section 12, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
    Wife filed a False DV case on me and my family members on 3rd march 2017. On 26th feb 2017, wifes cousin sent one message to my wife where he was instigating her to fight against me for no reason. This message was caught by my father. So She left home on 28th feb 2017 and started living at her cousins house. Her parents are against her. Current status is they are not appearing in court sunce last 10 months. Her lawyer sends some junior on few dates that too late in evening and clerk just gives them next date. They have already received summons to appear one month back. But still situation has not changed.
    Mob No.

  41. Wife left 2.5 years before with cruelties like false case threts and she continued the same threts and never returned back even though we tried to bring her back several times, so i filed divorce , she came with her parents n brothers and abused with vulger words and later did trespass to my parents house by breaking house door lock when my parents were not at house, so now she wants to come back and live with me.. so she is now accepting all her mistakes infront of police and she is ready to give in writing with conditions so

    Beacause she has not filed any case against me so if at all i want to give her another chance, n to take ain writing either through court or police station or any other means so pls suggest if she say No for that, is still good for me..

    Pls suggest

  42. please add me on group, I’m a law student in last year… my mobile number is

  43. My grandmother(nani)my mother my aunty is abused and beaten by my big uncle and his wife that is my nani big brother.she says he will case against us for dowry .we are unable do to any thing we dont have any proof.some local goons are using and helping them for us

  44. I have DV 498 a cases on me from 1 yr , very depressing environment around , what should be done ?

  45. A unmarried lady files false cases against most of my neighbours u/s 354 of IPC and for years do not conduct cases. When they reach at the stage of Evidence she withdraws case and file a fresh case.

  46. Hi,

    i am a psychiatric patient taking medication for past 15 yrs. i want to take legal opinion to file mental harassment case against my parents who mentally tortured me for 10 yrs due to which i went into severe depression.


  47. I hv bn married for 18yrs and hv two children…one of 16yrs and othr of 8 yrs…l m constant prey of domestic violence n nw don’t wnt to stay wth th prsn concerned. Bt i don’t want divorce …hw cn i get maintainence of my children

  48. Ian facing several false cases.hama/dv/
    .i am from anakapalli,.she have several. Which they hide from they demmding me 40 lakhs.Orelse file more cases.
    My mobile no.

  49. name-vikash sharma
    case section-pre-498a threat
    case detail-no case has been filed but continous threat and humilation with two years of sepration without any proper reason

  50. Dear sir..
    i love a married woman a lot.and i want to live with her forever so that i decided to elope with her but not know how….please help me to elope with her.
    my mobile no. is

  51. Name: Jordan
    Case sections: FIR with 498a,504,507,114,dowry 3,7
    Case Details: I filed for divorce after which my wife filed dowry case in FIR and other false allegations. Please let me know the procedure after this. Will I go to jail?

  52. Hi,
    We are married for 9 years and now my wife had filed DVA case.
    Please help.

  53. My number is
    Hi.. My earlier name was Deepa Namdeo Bhosale. I got married to a Muslim guy 6.5 years ago.. I got my religion changed to Muslim. I left my mom dad brother sister family friends and job for this guy.. I have two small kids.. One girl is of 2.5 years old and son is 4.4 years old.. My husband was doing business of clothes from home. One girl who has her own Boutique came to my home 2 years before and ruined my life.. She got involved with my husband.. My husband cheated me and he was having extra marital affair with her from past 2 years. Now 2 months before he ran away with this girl and he did second marriage with her without informing anyone.. Now my kids and myself is on road.. We dont even have a home.. I earn only 6000 per month. I cant live my life with only this much income.. The girl with whom my. husband is now married is very rich girl. My husband is now staying with her and working with her in her boutique. My husband and left no option for me and sometimes i feel like committing suicide with both my kids.. I have lodge a complaint in Police Station but its of no use as i feel no one is looking into this matter.. I really feel very helpless. Plzzzz help

  54. R.shunmathi priya
    On 28.12.2017 our vehicles were seized by sriram finance co ltd without intimating us.

  55. I and my family has been framed under 125,323,406,504,506,498A nd Dv. Taken stay order for family, went jail for 8 days and got bail from session court. Need assistance about how to face legal consequences and fight against false allegation.

    Dhirendra Singh

  56. Marriage lasted for 7 years. Implicated into false cases of
    498A, 406, 125 and DV

    Cases are running from 1 year. Have taken bail into 498A.

  57. Hi
    This side

    City:mathura uttar pradesh
    Case sections: 125
    Mobile Number: < -- 8860208210 --> and
    Your case details in brief: wife left me on July 15
    Filed 125 in Dec 15
    Intrim of 3 k per month
    No child married on 04 Feb 14.

  58. Octogenarian widow, son in law & daughter vs sons. Core issue: financial disputes upon passing away of father per his will. Sons are refused meetings or phone calls with mother for 4 years. What legal remedies exist to the sons vis a vis mother in her sunset days.

  59. let us build a healthy nation
    and free india from people fighting and spoiling their whole life behind nonsence
    1. i have found lawyers play a major role in ruining families
    2. the inlaws family members
    3. the spouse have some motive behind everything he~she does.
    4.jeleacy of some one else.

    ultimately it is game of needs, wants, desires, drives,
    the ultimate isin sexual dissatisfction may be the key cause of all fuss

  60. We are take mutual divorce (khula)from kaziyaat Bhopal 2010. on khulanama paper ,she forgive me for mehar amount and iddat maintenance,now after 3 years she second case on me under section 3 Muslim women protection rights on divorce act 1986.

    She first case on me under section 125 crpc in 2010 ,in result of this case in 2016 is court reject her maintenance due to she is well capable, only 2000 thousand for my daughter.

    After mutual divorce,after 5 year I’m second marriege and I have one more daughter.
    In section 3 next hearing for evidence, now what will be next steps.

  61. Sir
    I am sanju. 498a case against me… Need your advice and help
    Please add me in whatsapp group

  62. Hi,

    As i got married 2000from kuwait and got 3 kids my husband run away from kuwait 2008 for not taking 3 kids responsibilty and i was searching him past 8years i found he is in india awith a illegal relationship in 2016 and i went india with3 kids and went police station and the police called him, he told he dont have anywonan and he promised police that he will take care me and 3 kids. we started staying with him but he had other woman both where planning to take amount and while i refused he again run away and left 3 kids and we put 498a and mc domesticcase in india and he got bail still he was hiding and after bail now i got news he run away to dubai..and now we are in india for dubai how can we get justice.

  63. Name: Satyaveer
    City: Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh
    Case sections:498A,323,354,3/4DP,506,125
    Mobile Number:+ and
    Your case details in brief:FIR lodged in 26th of dec 2015 with above mentioned these sections but in FIR registered with all these sections pre-planned.FIR is lodged with 6 months before creating fake story.
    Creating fake story time period 23/03/2015 to 26/06/2015
    And FIR lodged on 26/12/2015
    FIR lodged with section I have more proofs on these date.
    Please Suggest…What can I do now? I and my family members are on bail.
    And case on trial in District and session court.
    And facing crpc125 also

  64. Sir,
    Myself also a victim of 498 A and in a lot of mental pressure since 2013,pls add me on your whatsapp group and support me with your legal experience.
    My whatsapp no

  65. I purchased 0.17 cents of wet lands comprising in S.No.86/2 and 86/6 of Thiruninravur Village, Avadi Taluk, Tiruvallur Distict vide document no.4084/85 dated 19-7-1985. The village was taken up for natham survey by the Special Tahsildar, Natham Settlement, Sripermbudur @ Poonamallee and applied for patta in 1995. Spl.Tahr. Natham Settlement has issued patta No.3866 Dated 28-3-1996 by clubbing with and classified the land as “Ryotwari Manai”. Applied to CMDA for regulalrisation on 31-10-2000 and it was forwarded to the Executive officr, Thiruninravur Town Panchayat but it was lost. Again applied for sub-division and it was accorded in pro.PP No.C 52392 dated 3-11-2009 and building plan was approved in pro PPNo.C 62546 dated 17-2-2010 and the house was fenced after due fencing. Due to illness and out of station duty I am unable to under take house construction. When I want to commence the work for construction I found that a “Toilet has been built” by the Town Panchayat under Ward Development fund in Plot No.1 where the Town Panchayat has granted planning permission to construct house.. I brought to the notice of the Town Panchayat for removal but till today no action was taken. I need to proceed further to take by my own house after removing the Toilet built by the Town Panchayat built illegelly by encroaching my house site. I need your guidance.
    Yours Faithfully,
    S. Rajeswari

    1. Report it to Land Sub Registrars or District Registrar along with District commissioner and followup with RTI

  66. Chandan
    Case section- 498A,DV
    Please add me to the group

  67. Hi…

    Case sections under which I am suffering due to my wife’s complaint which are running cases in section 498A, 377,125 separately. Apart she has also given an application under domestic violence act.
    I have also filed a case in section 10 of Hindu marriage act for Judicial separation.

    Case brief: married in June 2014. She was with me for 7 months. Feb 2015 , staying with her parents. She used say for divorce and sucide during this 7 months when I was doing job in Gurgaon, Haryana. I have been in jail for 90 days for her case 377. Now she is harassing me using all the women favoured laws. Please suggest.

  68. Meri wife ne mere pe jhootha case file kiya hai 125 under maintenance ka jabki wo khud bank mein job krti hai hamara 6 months ka beta hai jo ki uski custedy mein hai 498a aur 406 bhi under process hai plz help me …

  69. Hi,
    Case sections under which I am suffering due to my wife’s complaint which are running cases in section 498A, 377,125 separately. Apart she has also given an application under domestic violence act.
    I have also filed a case in section 13 of Hindu marriage act for Judicial separation.

    Case brief: married in June 2014. She was with me for 7 months. From Feb 2015 , staying with her parents. She used say for divorce and sucide during this 7 months when I was doing job in Gurgaon, Haryana. I have been in jail for 90 days for her case 377. Now she is harassing me using all the women favoured laws. Please suggest.

  70. Hi
    I’m a victim of IPC 498a, 323, 66 and 67.
    Almost a 6 month back my wife went back along with her father to her native home. And after one month she file few cases and then after couple of month 66 and 67 also added , now she filed a divorce . although I met my wife and father in-law an apologize in front of them for all allegation which I did not do just to get my wife and daughter back. But they stick on divorce. I am in big depression and anxiety and thinking of suicide as I’m unable to survive my life with out my wife and daughter . Please advise.


  71. name : gurmeet singh
    city : panipat
    case section : income tax , goods & service tax
    mobile no.

  72. Agar koi ladka kisi ladki k sath shadi ka promiss kre aur pati patni jaise rahe,lakin baad mai agar shadi se mana kr de to ladki police mai complaint kr k justice pa sakti hai,

    bt agar koi ladki kisi ladke k sath aisa kre physical relation mai rahe,ladke ko kahi aur shadi na krne de,lakin baad mai shadi se mana kr de to kya ladke b koi complaint krke justice pa sakte hai,

    Jb police walon se baat k to unka kehna hai k comlaint krne pe ladka h phasega,

    Kya boys k help k liye koi kanoon nahi hai,feeling ya izzat sirf ladkiyon k hoti hai,ladko k nahi hoti kya….,aj kal maximum case mai dekha hai k ladkiyan dhokha dete hai,aur ladke to unse baat krne b nahi ja sakte kyunki ladki k gharwale jhoote case(like-jabran ghar mai ghusna,chedne k kosis krna etc) mai b fasa dete hai,kya boys k liye koi law nahi hota sb bolte hai k ladki agar taiyaar hai to sb hoga,bt koi agar dhakha de to phir kya kre chup chap ghar pe baith jaye

  73. Phani
    498a, DV

    Hyderabad, jeedimetla court.

    Please add me to group

  74. Cases 498a, 406,506, dv act 2005, divorce , child visiting right filed u/s 21 of av act dismissed , criminal revision against dismissed of visiting right in dv act,
    Mobile No –
    Kindly add me in this group

  75. my wife is going to her home last two months ago now she tell file a case on me and my family she is eight months pregnant my contact no is

  76. 1) DVA, Rohini Court of DV and
    2) Maintenance, Rohini Family Court.
    Kindly add me to group.

  77. 1) DVA, Nagpur special court of DV and
    2) maintenance, Nagpur family court.
    Kindly add me to group.
    Contact no.

  78. Case details:- I married on February 2015 and my wife belongs to Sonipat. December 2016 there is a minor dispute between me and my wife. But her parents became aggressive and they came and took my wife with them. After some days they complained against our whole family and my maternal uncle, the police registered a case against us u/s 498/323/506/34 /354 Ipc 354 ipc against my younger brother. After registration the case she added 376 ipc also against my younger brother and my maternal uncle(mama) . There is not any evidence against us like medical evidence or any others complaints before this. Now my younger brother and my maternal uncle are in judicial custody. Session court rejected their bail application now their bail application is pending in the high court. I and my mother is on regular bail. Please suggest me any option, or tell me any order of upper court regarding this.

  79. My wife and I have been married for about one and half year. She left the house about 4 months ago over no big issue, just fought with me and decided to leave. We didn’t live with my parents, we lived separately just two of us in a different city. She refused to talk to me to solve the matter and warned me to not call or text her. I stopped chasing her after that. Her family constantly threatened me for legal cases if I do not beg her to solve and start living near their house. I denied their demand. She filed a complaint at CAW cell Delhi a couple of weeks ago. I went to the first date at CAW and saw the complaint. It was full of false dowry harassment allegations. Accused are myself, parents, brother, a cousin sister (who is married and lives far from us, she was only at our house on wedding day). Other allegation is that we kept her personal stuff like jewelry with us on the wedding day. And many other blames like demand of car, electronics and stuff. CAW cell has asked her to submit the list of items that she claims they gave us. Next date at CAW is in a couple of days. Please suggest.

  80. My wife filed false 498a case, after one year again filed DV case, plz advice

  81. I need to submit emails I have received from my uncle in my yahoo email account for a civil case. How do I produce the required certificate for 65B?

  82. Hello sir,
    I am facing a false case u/s 323,406,420,498A, 506 courts are just harrasing me

  83. I am staying with my wife separately from my parents…. My wife is not allowing my parents to enter in my house.. when they came she goes out of home and come back when they returned to their home…. she does the same with all of my family members….And now she wants me to do an alternative arrangements if I want to call my parent to stay with for 5-6 days… What should I do.

  84. Currently i am contesting crpc 125 and a declaration suit for divorce. 498a and 406 are awaited. FIR no registered yet. I am in need of help from you people to fight back these false cases

  85. My wife and their family planning to file false 498@ and maintenance case
    Please help me to get strategy to give her minimum maintenance she does not have any proof of my income

  86. my wife file 498a false case in march at west bengal
    now she file dv and 125 in kanpur also she included my brother in law and my sister father in law name in dv with false allegation how to get their name deleted from dv.
    my wife is ma qualified and i have no proof of that and she works before she strated working agian also she teach private tution

    how to deal deny interim maintanence plz suggest.

  87. Name: Ramanath
    City: Chennai
    Case section: 13, 24, 25, 27

    Details: False acquistion and heavy maintainance case

  88. Name:Ramanath
    Case Sections: 13, 24, 25, 27
    Mobile number:
    Details on Case: False acquisitions and divorce case with petitions on hefty IM and alimony

  89. Prasad.

    498a,125, divorce, DVC, alimony marriage by cheating ( hiding facts). we are are trapped into a money making game plan

  90. None examination of IO is fetal for prosecution cace in section 376 ipc and 6 of pocs act

  91. How i win to a false 498a. My wife file 3times 498a false case agaist me. Is it possible to case 3times same case to same man

  92. Name – Zeeshan ali
    City – Delhi
    Mobile –

    Cases –
    498a (AB from DJ, kkd), bail cancellation till HC & SC by wife. Revision of charge by wife, Transfer petition at Hc by wife(fail).

    DV dismissed for not giving evidence.

    125. Revision at HC by me. (Dismiss as non maintainable.) Transfer by wife.(fail) 127 also by me.( dismiss and not heard for not paying arrears. 127 revision by me at HC

    Custody by me. Got visiting right in 2013 by wife did not bring child. Filled contempt application but nothing happen.

  93. Name Saahil Ramzan Pathan
    City Srinagar Kashmir
    Case station Srinagar
    Case sec 12 DV act and 498 A

  94. My wife file false case against me at family court section 125. My father received legal letter on 22nd nov. We have to present on 25 nov at chittor garh. What we do.

    Name :- manish
    City :- beawar
    Case Station :- chittorgharh
    Case:- 125

    Help me

  95. Save men from false cases 125 and 498a
    Save family life from faake case

  96. Company boss every time mentally tourcher with all of executive regarding distributors outstanding.

  97. R Sir
    I Am fighting case U/S CRPC 125 & HMA 13 in Ghaziabad Court.
    case was filled in 2015 jan , I have a son also, Noe court has intrem order 7000/- (5000/- + 2000/-)
    court has issue recovery warant, Till now i have paid 10000/- but court wants 2/3 have to deposit to give benifit the OP. In sec 13 op has said the she did not want to consort with is written in case file. but the judge don’t take any action on that case. this case was standing at argument stage. the judge is combining both case together. Is any order of SC not to combine case of
    diferant nature.

  98. Name dheeraj bhatia
    City palwal
    Cases u/s 498a , crpc 125, hma13
    Hi I M facing trail of 498a, crpc 125 & hma13 in p&h high court plz add

  99. FALSE CASE U/S 498A 406 377 354 34


  100. Name: Ajay Goel
    City: Ghaziabad and Delhi
    Cases: Struggling against Socio-Political-Criminal Mafia deployed by my enemy. Women used too against me, 2 sis-in-laws are a part of their criminal network and commit crimes against me and my family 24/7. They mix intoxicants in my and my family’s food, drinks etc and manipulate and fool my family and others, and get me beaten at home and snatched my property rights over my parents property. Getting my police complains, court cases withdrawn against them by filing fake mental illness certificates.
    Mobile: (whatsapp too)

  101. name: david
    cases:maintenance, DVC, 498
    mobile No:

    Case details:
    Marriage in 2006.
    2008 girl child born.
    In 2011 3 cases filed i.e, maintenance, dvc, 498.
    Cases outcome: Dvc compromised in 2012, maintenance compromised and again reopened and again withdrawn in 2013, 489 turned hostile in 2014.

    In 2015 again stayed together with child for 15 days and she again filed maintenance,dvc,498.
    DVC, 498 running, maintenance granted and appeal in district court is going on.

    I want to join in watsapp group.

  102. Aman Konark modi
    498a 323 294 506 341 rcr 9 crpc 125 hma 13 24 26
    Raghogarh guna mp pincode 473112 and permanent address panna madhya pradesh

  103. I’m vamshivishwam studying in nizam college. I’m involved in a case under IPC section 394 i.e robbery. But actually didn’t do any crime. Please help me regarding this.

  104. Name:Madhu
    Case sections :498-A IPC 3,4,6 DPA
    City: Hyderabad,India
    Case details:I got married on 5/11/2011, after so many fights and tragedies I quit her and separated and applied for divorce from jan2012 the day of my mrg disposal order my wife didn’t attended in court even single minute so by so many steps like notification on local papers ets court given me marriage disposal order on 18/8/2017,after 80 days I got a form 11 section 15 mrg act notice from same court that indicates my wife filed a notice to set a side of order dated on 18/8/2017.
    So I will be attending the court no matter in that but my questions are
    1)how the court accpeted her notice as court already given divorec by exparty consern
    2)what are rights to me to face this challaange
    3)will the divorce canselled or Hon’ble judge sir caneselled her petition
    4)how can I face this
    5)I have so many evidence to show that she has been complaining me for sake of money only ex:I have a two different police complaint petitions which she was complainted about me one contain that I have too 500000 lakhs dowry second contain that I have took 1000000 lakhs etc
    And she filed a DV act as above mentioned sections how can I come over please give me your valuable suggestions

  105. They have filled lots of fabricated cases on me

    They are harassing me to the core

  106. Hi
    I obtained order for custody of boy child.
    I don’t have possession of child.
    Can I ask maintenance from ex wife on behalf of child
    If yes-provision please

  107. My name is Dinesh Kumar (GHAZIABAD). I got married in 3-1-2009 and have two kids. In laws are financially strong and have political connections and they pressurised me and my family several times. Wife filed false FIR in Meerut Mahila Ayog on 25-oct-2017 against me, my family and relatives. Charges are 498a, 307, 504& 323.

    Kindly guide with the steps to be taken as I have heard the law favours women and in Uttar Pradesh, no-one helps in legal terms.

  108. Dear sir, i am krishan i was married in 2009. and now i am facing 498a 342 3/4 dp act, and also dv act , 125. my wife always to leave my parental home and doing rude behaviour with all. when ask about its threating me. she was spending most time her parrents home. once she complain in police and deny to stay with us then i file rcr to come back in the court. she never attend court . and always threating me to die or stuck you in false case. one day she patched up with me help of my laywer and some relative without any written or order . she came back home and start to torture all of us more n more. she was making conspiracy against my family and me and filed the false case 498a 342 3/4 dp act with the help of his father and police. after that she file the case in her district of dv act and 125. in 125 ordered to pay monthly amount . in dv act she asking to stay with me . she wants to waste my life completly and now very dangerous for my family and me.

  109. Facing threats from sis in law, civil cases ij kurnool, no 7032555440

  110. I am facing false 498A case against me and my family members.
    Hello team, please provide your valuable assistance to face false case.

    Thanks in Advance,

  111. It’s nice to see that in commercial era people believe in give and take without profit motive to make each other’s complete.
    I would be warmly welcome queries to share my knowledge at Best level.
    Adv.Raghunath. A. Gawali

  112. Deepak
    City- Gurgaon
    498a, 406, running in Gurgaon
    125, 125(3), DV, running in Jind (Haryana)
    Brief of cases:
    498a is in trial stage, my wife & FIL is remaining fr evidences
    125- interim has been decided by lower court & execution is facing. Revision is filled by wife in session, arguments pending in session from 01 year.
    Dv is filled lately, only 2 hearings done

  113. iam facing 498a conviction by sessions court,how to get bail or suspense of sentence by high court,no tim, iam a govt employee

  114. Shinobi

    Divorce,(sec 498,125,111,112,328)
    It’s my brother case n my Bhabhi is trying to tear apart the family. She want that brother should leave the family , but my brother had refuse her so she put up the cases against all of the family members , she is sending legal notice against all family members trying to claim alimony , even though she is not ready to come with a us she is staying at her home past 2.5 yrs n she is going that my family had given her poison on December 31 2014 BT she is telling lie coz she is at her home from 06/062014 n in notice she wrote that family is giving her poison on December 31 at 10 pm BT after that she was on cl on same date she was talking to my brother on 31 December @10 30 pm from gonda to Mumbai we just need help coz my Lawry is not working properly I don’t knw what to do n how to get rid of this section although she is lying n we have solid evidence against her plzz help me to how to get a clean cheat for my brother n family

  115. harassment from brother and sister in law, sis in law filed 354, 498a, brother not accused,

  116. DV 18,19,20,21,22
    X wife living separately in father house.
    Divorce in 2004 about 13 years ago
    I’m currently married to an NRI n I have daughter aged 2years n 7 months.
    X in her application stated she is the wife for 22 years n does not state her divorce my mutual consent n martial status.
    Say she has my son aged 21 years.
    N goes on to state that I m married with another woman n has her child.
    Now I’m neglecting her.
    Only incident report filed is in this application n none exist prior.
    Nov2015 X send a legal notice from her lawyer n demands a settlement.
    I rejected her demand n files after my reply to her advocate with police under Section 376 allegations of it in year 2012.
    I moved session court n it it not grant AB as no FIR was raised but however on calling police they replied that X is not coming forward to give her statement

  117. I am appearing for husband. His first wife deserted him without any reason hence Family Court granted him divorce. She had also filed suit for partition before Civil Court and the same is decreed and FDP pending. She has also filed appeal against decree of divorce and in appeal she is seeking for maintenance/alimony for herself as well as on behalf of son who is already 18 years old.

  118. my wife live with her father without any reason, i ready to live with her but not come so what i do
    she is file cass against me
    1) D. V.
    2) 125

  119. I was married 5months back it was love marriage after marr she refused for sex if also means like dead wood she said no feelings she left home with her parents said she will come to festival i tried calling her but her father said she wants divorce i spoke to her she said same i recorded it i given notice to her to come back but now they r telling judge is known person they r threatening to put dowry case on me i only did marr with my money how can I ask dowry


    Case section: 125crpc
    Case details:-l have filed matrimonial case on my wife because ahead is not living with me from 12 years.and I am having a girl chid. After that she filed a case against me in her native Hubli family court .There the judge of the family out ordered ex parte maintenance order on me . The order is to pay rs 10000 pm includes maintenance of my chid also.
    I am having a girl chid living with my wife.
    INow it is difficult to me for paying 10000pm . The judge also sent an warrant against me. I am from poor family living with my mother and my father died from 3 months ago. My refused to take care of my mother and she staying gin her parental house
    I am working as a guest lecturer in private college and salary is only 6000 pm. But it imaintenance order it is said that my salary is 65000pm. So a false order is placed on me, so please advice me to get rid of this risk.

  121. HiSir,

    Wife has filed divoce case with false allegations. Now she has filed HMA 24 and asking for money. Please help me in this regard.

  122. HMA 24 and HMA 25.

    On 12th Nov 2017, already sent message on +14847408574.

  123. My wife and in-laws toucher me and my family by filing false cases .first they file 498a then DV then 494.
    Our 7 years old son is also with her. I filed divorce case.

  124. Hi me and my family have been falsly accuaed of 498a. Dv and other charges. The complaint is in caw at the moment. I am filing tep based on bogus report.need help in authenticating chief commissioner income tax addresss

  125. Jabalpur
    125 crpc
    Divorce proceedings

    Wife left me and filed 125 crpc after divorce proceedings

  126. I have been trapped in false dowry case in Mau,UP,sections are 498A,504,506,323,494.
    Mobile No-

  127. It’s been 2.5 yrs of marriage, love marriage and not living together, she is backing off due to her parents so what’s my options if I am not agree to it and what she can do against me like any false aligation etc. Please advise.

  128. Cases – 498a and DV
    I refused to move to her city after 2 years of marriage. She left and filed 498a and asked for 40 lacs. I refused to pay so DV was also filed.

  129. sandeep p
    cases:498a,Dva,crpc125, HMA24 7C

    Trapped in falses cases by wife and in laws.
    In laws have taken 8.5 Lakhs rupees by withdrawing MONEY from ATM. later returned by depositing into account. After 1year they filed false cases saying they have given 9.6lakhs as dowry and harassing for additional dowry.

  130. Name: Nitin Mahajan
    City: New Delhi, India
    Case Sections: 376 (2) (F), 354, 354 A, 354 C, 323, 498A of IPC and Section 3/4 of Dowry Prohibition Act.
    Mobile: +91-
    Case Details: A complete false and frivolous case filed by earlier my wife in connivance with the police against my father, mother and myself. My father had to undergo an imprisonment of 62 days and in between the girl and her family extorted 12.5 lacs and also signed a MOU with us and we had no choice but to go with their demands. Actually i did not get proper and professional and lawful advise by my earlier counsel and mostly counsels were influenced by the girl’s side either for monetary gains or reasons best known to them. Since then I started reading and other things and now in a position to fight atleast with some knowledge gained in the last 3 years. Much more to share……

  131. My wifed used me to fulfill her dreams before & after marriage. Now she filed fake case against me & my parents. Just got married in Feb2017 & now am on court to face this. 323,420,468, 498A, 506 r/w 34IPC, 3,4 DPA. My wife’s father is an advocate. He’s using all his possible name to defame & pressure me for my property into my wife’s name.

  132. Mob no
    Case details 498a 323 dp 4 and 125 only
    I am in lucknow uttar pradesh india.
    My 125 is in trial at final argument stage.
    498a is having 5 victim under private complaints.all are in bail. No benefir for other 4 victims. My bhaiya bhabhi and parents. Marriage on 2010. Case started on 2012

  133. Hi, my wife deserted me for 2 yrs leaving kid behind with me. My mother had to resign her service due to this. I attempted to get her back but she has ego problem. She wanted to come back recently in Feb17 without any shame for act so I denied. She threatened me of 498A if did not return kid to her. I did not surrender and filed divorce before she could do FIR. Now in court mediation she said she wants to come back and asked for maintenance also. Please guide further. I dont want her back after all police threatening drama that went in so far.

  134. Today I went through your helpful tips regarding christian succession Act. thank you so much.

  135. Today I went through your helpful tips regarding christian succession Act. thank you

  136. Faridabad
    498a, 406, 506, 34, 313, DV act HMA 24
    we filed Divorce , Permanent Injunction and recently FIR u/s 420/34 through court
    Currently in 498a Son is on regular bail and having got permission to travel to UK
    313 all on bail chargesheet filed pending arguments on charge for last 15 months
    DV act argument on interim maintenance ndoh
    Divorce arument on HMA 24 and POA from my son
    Injunction they have to file reply
    FIR 420 matter pending DHC for addition of section 471/485/468/120-B in FIR
    OP AB pending in ASJ court

  137. Meri wife ne mere upar 125 ka case kiya hai 5july ko maine sec 9 kiya hai 5 july ko aur meri wife ne 156/3me mere aur mere pariwar ke upar mukadma dark karwaya hai 10july Ko Ko is samay sec 200 me chal Raha hai basti district up

  138. My ex-wife filed the following cases.
    1. 125 – Which was twice dismissed due to non appearance.
    2. 498A – Patna High Court Quashed on 22-10-2017 against all family members except me (husband) as I was not the applicant.
    3. DV quashing was dismissed against all accused including husband.

    Please advise.

  139. Name Rajesh dave
    1 498a : matter is in HQ for quash
    2 crpc 125. Recently started

    Place : bharuch gujarat

    1. Please Read and fill your case details here in comment section
      and send a WhatsApp message to +14847408574

  140. Name – Pravin
    Case – Divorce under 13a
    Details –

    I filed divorce under cruality.

    My wife filed 2 application.

    1 . Application under divorce to provide house rent
    2. Under HMA 24 for Interim maintenance

    My sal – 1lac , After all desh diduction of loans and parents medical 25k remains.

    Her sal – 25k

    Application 1 under divorce which has no section is allowed and judge asked me to pay rent of 12k. We leave sepa.

  141. sir . false 498 . 125. 24.12 .23 jaise jhute cases laga diye hai .

    1. Hi…i m the second women facing a lot of problems recently in my relarionship with a man ..who is alredy married? Wat can i do about it?

  142. My wife spoke bad language about me. She spoke that I have a physical relations with my mother. She wants that I live separate from my parents but I refused the same. But I recorded her relative voice in which they agreed with me that their girl have a fault. But now my wife instituted a complaint of 125 crpc against me. Please help me.

  143. STOP misuse of IPC 498A, 406, DV

    I am fighting a similar case to a
    safegaurd my elderly parents..

    Please guide..


  144. My marriage happened in 2011.she is with just 5months.after getting pregnancy went to her mom’s house.never come back.after having kid her health being detorating.we came to know they cheated.parents asked why her going directly said to give 40lakhs marry again.later she filed.HAMA 18& she alleges that I only spoiled her by giving drugs.also said gave dowry 40lakhs.she even claims I have illicit relationship with my home servant.i.e.many more cases yet to come.any how I managed to get her mental retardation certificate and submitted to court.mean time filed child custody.i even request ed to allow for medical aid.after proper medical examination,I am willing to take her MIL playing big to extract money from me.interim dismissed.again they filed for i.m.please guide can i face these allegations.after marriage they gifted site to my wife.later gift deed cancelled.please suzzest me best approach.. thanking you in advance

  145. Hi my name is Arjun,
    I got married 3 years back, from starting my wife use to fight for silly things, every time whenever we get quarrel she will go to her parents house and will be there and i use to go their home and convince them with get back her. But these things become big and 2 years back she fought for silly thing and went and after going there she came to know that she was pregnant,she not even informed to us, they celebrated srimantham function without calling us, delivery also happened without knowing to us, so I have sent one lawer notice to come back, they replied to us by mentioning all false alligations,and after that i have sent RCR . After that they filed 498a,307 on me and my parents and my younger we went to get compromise, they are asking huge money and share in my parents property. I don’t want to give share to such kind of people, any day they may file false cases and harass us. They have political support and their lawyer is one of the best lawyer in their place,so kindly please guide me and help me In this situation. I am facing very critical part..

  146. please give me citation and title of the case in which supreme Court has held no alimony to a woman who desserts her husbanf

  147. Name(Frist Name): subbarao
    City. Srikakulam
    Case sections: no case up to now
    Mobile Number:(Not published/visible) and
    Your case details in brief.
    5 months ago am married with my wife.
    Before marriage i can’t find her mentality.
    She has 100% negative ….. Mentality..
    She shows me hell….
    Some time she is good .
    When she was meet her parents. she will became like devil.
    Now she was pregnant.
    From begging she blackmailing me, I’ll abortion .
    Now she asking divorce,
    And she talks I’ll marry some other.
    What can I do.
    I have voice proof…


  149. Name: Akram
    Age: 30
    City: Samastipur
    Case: 498A/3/4- 379/343/323 these cases are in bihar

  150. Maintenance even wife deserted, refuse to live & adultery .
    Kindly give the suggestion about it.
    If wife is living another man, male have to feed her & her lover also??
    If she refuse to live, it is her choice, but court grant maintenance?

  151. My wife deserted me 3 months ago for having asked her to make a cup of tea. She doesnt respond to my calls. I have to call on her dads cell to be able to speak to her. She avoids my whatsapp. She says she needs time to think whether she wants to come back to me. She avoids sex, avoids speaking to me & threatens to commit suicide. I have tried with patience & threats but to no avail. She is extremely adamant & headstrong. Cant handle her anymore. During festival as well her father speaks to me over phone & conveys that since train tickets were presumed unavailable, she wont be coming home. Instead of visiting fertility clinic he insists we attend marriage counsellors after three years of marriage & no issue as yet. This is mentality of sick individuals. I intend to seek divorce. Please guide me.

  152. I am a victim along with my sister. My parents are abusive and not at all civilized and my father has no living standard but EGO higher than the 11th dimension. He abuses me violently when I ask him to do something for me or family. Even petty expenses like getting Ration is not taken seriously by him. y mother is herself a victim of her abuse but fear has such stronghold over her that she never took any action no matter how worse the condition gets.
    Father made me left job to make me work with him and I am not allowed to pursue my goals freely. When anyone from my family asks for money or anything he beats us and abuses mother and sisters. My sister is 16 and I m 23 trying to hold my family together but my father and mother has made it a living hell from last 20 years since second marriage of my father but my stepsister and I are tired of burning everyday. Please Help

  153. Sourabh Katiyar
    Cases: 498a, 323, 504, 506. In up
    Marriage annulment case in Delhi

  154. Name: Nagraj Thadur
    City: Bangalore
    Case section: false dowry case 498a, 503, 504, 324, 325. Crcp 125.

  155. Name: Rocky
    City: Lucknow
    Case Section : 498a, DVA, 125
    Mobile Number:
    Case Details: 498a, DVA, 125 FILED 6 years ago.

  156. Sandeep from Bengaluru, facing case (1) 498a,3/4 DP and case (2) DVC at Ongole, AP. Parents are implicated falsely. All three of us got bail from HC in Hyd.

  157. my first wife passed away (natural death during pregnancy tiime)
    having a daughter of 5 yrs old
    second time i contact with widow lady
    she continuously harass me for the last 1.10 yrs
    put false complaints (domestic voilence,dowry ) against me me mohali,hoshiarpur and guraspur (police station and women cell)
    do not want to continue with this lady

  158. facing maintenance proceedings since from last 17 years. civil and criminal maintenance proceedings. Marriage and cohabitation denied. civil court decreed suit partly. order challenged in appeal. now trying to obtain stay to judgement and decree in appeal. another matter under section 125 of crpc is pending since 2006 yet not any maintenance order. all interim application rejected by all courts. partition suit dismissed. surching case law on point that, without depositing any money appelet court cant stay judgement and decree theireby granting maintenance to chailld.

    My case is true. the other side has made false allegations. please help me. My whats app no. is

  159. Meri wife khud ko injured kr mujhe aur mere pure family ko 498 me fansa dena chahti hai iske liye kya precautions liya ja skta hai
    Meri wife aur father in law mujhe jhuthe 498 case aur domestic violence case me fansa dene ki dhamki dete hai. Aur meri wife ko ydi kuch v mai bolta hu to sucide krke v fansa dene ki dhamki deti hai .Mai kya kru pls suggest me
    Uske father 28 august ko dhamki dete hue gye hai ki tmko jaan se marwa dunga aur 498 me jail bhej dunga

  160. I am fighting false DV case and 498 a which is 600 km from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. Recently I have also completed law course. My marriage was solemnized in the year 2012 she stayed hardly about 20 days with me and she left my company there after immediately schiphol 498 and there after in the year 2016 June she file domestic violence case against me only to Harass Nd extort money

  161. Name : Bharat Sharma
    City : Delhi /NCR
    Case Sections: 498a,406,DP3/4,DV and CrpC 125
    Brief background: I filed Divorce case (cruelty); rest of the cases by her as counterblast.

    Need advice on handling multiple cases simultaneously.

  162. ?? ???? ????? ?????????? ???????? ???????? 832107 ?? ??????? ????? ??? ?? 498a 3/4 ?? ????? ??? 7/9/17 ?? ???????? ???????? ?? ???? ???? ???????? ?? ????? ??? ???? ???? ????? ?? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ???? ?????? ??? ???? ??? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ??? ??? ????? ?? ??????? 498a 3/4 ?? ????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ????? ?? ????? ??? ?? ????? ?? ??? ??? ???? ?? ????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????? ?
    ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ???

  163. False charge sheet filed in February 2017. Anticipatory bail dismissed in HC & SC giving order that get regular bail from session court.

  164. please guide me to defend the false 498a/406/ dp act sec 4 case –

    a. in this matter charge sheet has been filled and dp act sec 4 removed in charge sheet., not matter fixed for arguments for framing of charges in 498a/406 , there is not direct evidences / findings in charge sheet for crime, i want some supporting court orders or mater so that i got discharged at this stage .
    b. also want to defend maintainbilty of complaint u/s dv act. as she residing in my relative property and earning good .not direct allegations/proofs of violence even in domestic incidence report except some petty allegations.

    rest of advice i will sought in due course

  165. Hello
    Facing 498a, 313, dv on me, my father, my wife, my sister.

    I have filed divorce section 13 . 3 dates gone. She is not appearing.

  166. My marriage life 1 .5 years,my wife was not staying with me from 1 year ,during this period we didnt made any contacts or.mer,suddenly I got information from there that my wife get hospitalized due naturall illness,and she passed away within a week during the treatment . I was not there during treatment,my father in law filed FIR agst me and my mother for harassment.last week we hv given our statement. Now.pls suggest what we cn do?

  167. Hi

    I am brother of Amit Gulati. And I am one of the accused in the case with charges 498A, 504, 506, 506(2), 3 and 7 along with DV sections.

  168. Hi this is Abhinav from Delhi . Dv Case filed by wife in Mumbai . Matrimonial home Delhi parental home u.p. filed divorce in Delhi transfered to Mumbai and child custody remained in Delhi

  169. I want to join group. I’m facing 498a, 125 finished and 125(3) filed but summon / notice not received.

    1. my wife file false dv act that she is unemployed lady but i give her income tax proof in lower court but lower court award interim maintance then i go to session court and now my case is in high court nagpur lower court struck my defence in high court my lawery not give reply to wife application high court judge order pay 1lakh 20 thoused in lower court give 3 month time but iam unemployed and she is working due to my lawer fault judge allread mention in my appel that petioner lawyer no give reply in high court nagpur final argument is in 25 can i change lawyer anf what i said to new lawyer

  170. My elder bro wife staying in mumbai for last 20 years with her husband has filed 498A,DVA, etc in kolkata lower court against all family members.
    Mobile no.

  171. I vinod shegokar
    Married in 2008
    Since then I have suffered a lot from wife n her parents
    I had jailed with my parent about 56 days
    N suspended from government due same case
    Further quashed the fir from high court in 2011
    And reunion with wife
    Now she filled dv case in the Jalgaon court

    Can u suggest me to any provision to transfer the matter in high court Mumbai coz
    I am working in Mumbai

  172. My wife field fack domestic violence & 498 case how can I quesh the case, Pls suggest

  173. Fighting false FIR 498a, 323, 506, 3/4 dp act with false medical report . I also file divorce on cruelty bases. She also file 24 hma against divorce case.

  174. was accused in a rape case at the instigation of a police officer as he tried to extort huge some of money from a friend of mine Mr. Reshamwala but he never informed that he was visiting ladies of ill repute,its there that a gang run by police officer having ladies who would ask for hefty sum from rich senior citizen when refused would threatened to file Rape or molestation case, out of free victims would pay up,

    In my case I filed police complaint on behalf of my friend Mr. Reshamwala for being black mailed with Oshiwara Police Station and deuty officer was the accused police officer who was running the racket of black mailing and extortion in Lokhandwala Andheri west. You can catch me on face book also (sayed saeed aminuddin). I would need your help for which I shall ever be greatful.

  175. If in mutual consent divorce case wife has taken part payment of alimony in first motion and then refuses to file second motion then what should be done

  176. Sir, the court passed an exparte decision awarding the wife a maintenance of rs. 20,000 and arrear of rs. 11 lakh in 10 installments. Now I want a stay on this delicious since it is not possible for me to pay this huge amount. What should I do?

  177. Fighting False dv and divorce case, filed divorce case on cruelty grounds and child custody cases after wife deserted my child.

  178. I m also a victim of 498 case and have daughter also which is in her custody….she want money …and I want justice …

  179. I’m married in 21st jan 2016 and registry marriage on september 2015, she stay with me for 4 mnths (Jan to April)while i was posted in assam due to job purpose. after that she went to her paternal home citing exam purpose as reason. then on july 2016 i got transferred to my native place and she again returned to my place on august 2016. After staying with me for one month she again returned back on sept 2016 citing exam purpose. on november 30 2016 i filed rcr under sec 22 of special marriage act. after recieving my notice on 15th dec 2016 she filed 498a, 307, 406, 506, 323, 34crpc, 4dp on 31st dec 2016. i was arrested on 14th feb 2017 and subsequently relaesed on bail on 20th feb 2017. chargesheet is yet to be filed. she filed crpc 125 on 21st march 2017 which is also pending. now my question is shall i withdraw my rcr as she transferred the case to her native place and i’m finding it hard to constest 3 cases as i got to travel 300kms for each dates?

  180. my marriage has happened 2 years back its love marriage, my parents are staying with me from the day she came to my home harrashing me and family members and one day she filed false case and after bail she wants to join back marriage life. I want to fight my case. Required your support. Please help me with knowledge.

  181. Neeraj
    I am facing false 498A and DV including maintenance case HMA24 and crpc 125.

  182. Hello
    my brothers wife has falsely implicated me in to 498a .please add me to the group. my number is

  183. 498 a, 406 on my son Abhishek in Delhi my name (father’s, mothers, brother’s and my sister’s (bhuas of boy) are included in the the FIR, notice bail taken for all the above mentioned person, investigation done by IO, charge sheet awaiting

  184. 498 and d.v in whuch husband is not party father mother and brother is accused…

  185. 498 and d.v in which husband is not party…mother in law father in law and brother in law are accused….living in sane house which is selfowned of fil …in same house but in diffrent portion

  186. Aman
    Case sections- not yet received
    My wife just after 3.5 months of marriage, threatened me of dowry and domestic violence case against me and my family. Her parents support her and instigate her daily to fight. Currently she left my home and living with her parents. And she written on paper and signed in presence of police that she will come back once I arrange a different place to live for both of us.. Now her parents are calling our relatives and saying false things that we used to beat her and they will get divorce and they have spent lacs of rupees in marriage.. Please help me what can I do in this initial stage.

  187. I am pri ate sector working guy. My wife is paramatry force ASI she it just passed 6 month of marriage she lodge an false dowwry case just bcz she wants to do what she wants even like Rome around with other guy if I try curve on her she thrate and his brother come to my rental house where we were staying start heating me I have given on aaplication I have submitted Local police station about his torturing and harsment even she compell me to cook food and treating worse than servent if I speak she thrate after submitting application to police station I start staying alone with other rental house which one also given written appication to police but they came to my new room and start humulating and threating to leave the city else you would no more. I came to my home town and given aknowledgmet to magistarate in court blah blah people therting me to kill me and may can lodge false dowwry case .
    Now she has lodged false dowwry case in local court..
    I am under deprase I have not done any thing and she is darging me which I have not done even included my brother and Mom . Please suggest me what to do.

  188. Got full package of 498A
    City: Guntur, A.P
    Case Sections: 498A, 3&4 DP, DVC and CrPC 125.

    Case Details: Got Bails, Charges framed in 498A. DVC and CrPC 125 Counter has to be filed. No lawyer is helping me out due to internal politics here. So I am fighting on my own as party in person.

  189. Kindly add me to whatsapp group. Kudos to these people for helping others
    My mobile number is

    I filed RCR in Pune in Feb 2016 and almost same time, wife filed 498A with
    package in Vadodara. Later she filed Divorce in Vadodara. I filed GWA in

  190. I got married for 1.5 yrs now, have no kids. We both are equaly educated.Post marriage my life has turned hell, my wife is from a rich advocate’s family, next day of marriage they thretened & abused my parents that my wife will not stay with my parents and my parents should vacate a floor in the home and give it independently to her. We did that, but I am living like a pupet from that day. I can not talk to my parents, I am seperated with my family. If I do any thing againgst her will, she threatens me to get me and my family in jail and file all women related cases like dowry & Domestic violence and ruin our life. She has called police multiple times at my home to threaten us.

    I am have a canadian PR stamped and copr letter, but not able to decide what will happen if I leave, she mighf file all false cases and get me deoprted or extradite.

  191. Sir 1st my filed application in jan 2013 and Feb 2013 and then in Aug 2013and then made rajinama in each case .She also filed 125 in Feb 2013 but I don’t receive summons till 2015 and court disposed that case .
    In sep 2015 I filed divorce and she filed 498a , dv ,125 .Court has made order to pay 3000 per month in 125 .
    In divorce in hma 24 court made order to pay 6000 per month and then I pick my case .Now tell wat I sud do

  192. Myself, father mother and younger brother harassed by my wife 498a since Feb’17 be aides sec 406 nd 354. Also 125 and DV

  193. I along with mother ND sister being harassed by my wife 498a since Oct 2015beaides sec 34 nd 3/4.she is HIV positive. At lower court ABP has been granted subject to mediation successful and fulfillment of all the clause by me. Now I moved to HC for quash. Can I reveal the fact of HIV to H C and whether it will be in our favor please advise.

  194. My wife filed false against me and my family and we are suffering with severe agony for the past 5 years. Last year i have filed for divorce after that my wife filed 498A and child maintaince on me.
    Please help me to get out of 498A and how to reduce maintainence

  195. Name: Tuhin
    City: Kolkata
    Case sections: 498a/406

    Case details: Wife left house after 3 years of marriage, along with my 2 months son. After lot of discussion and negotiation, did not return back. And father-in-law mentioned that his daughter wants divorce as she doesn’t want to continue.

    Immediately after that, wife filed a 498a/406 case. I took AB and was ready to fight the case. However, there is constant pressure and harrassment from wife’s side and police officials… Mainly because my wife has a reference of a retired IPS officer. Hence, it looks like the I/O is unnecessarily forced to do false things.

    Some items listed as streedhan never existed. We allowed police to conduct seizure process without any interference, however the police blindly seized goods from my house without any proof just bcoz my wife pointed it. Also, on protest the police along with my wife filed petition for search warrant of entire house. No chargesheet is filed yet by police and we are being harassed on the name of streedhan. Next hearing date for 498a is 22 Sept in Barrackpore court. But, my wife is unnecessarily causing delay by creating nuisance so that charge sheet is delayed.

    Would appreciate your help on a couple of things here.

  196. My wife’s friend filed a false 354 against me.the police removed 354 in chargesheet and only kept 504 506.the complainant has avoided 7 dates for cross examination while I was in that I have moved abroad she is insisting that I be present for her cross.also my wife has filed execution case against me for alimony.she has moved court to impound my passport.please advice on best possible scenario

  197. Hi, I need help in fighting the following 4 cases:
    Cases from girl side

    1. CrPC 125
    2 4988, 406
    3. Section 12 DV case
    4. Another 406 separately

    Cases from my side
    1. CrPC 340
    2. Criminal defamation 499, 500

    Please help in providing providing proper guidence

  198. I was married on 31st may 2010 in group marriage with Hindu marrige long painful journey of mental and physical agony after seperation…in sep2014 same month I filled a divorce..and in replay had long list of opposite wrong alligation..later got a decree in March 2016…story doest ends there is dark side of this agony and destruction..i required serious help on it.

  199. Hi, I am married on 23 AUG 2016, FROM first days my in-laws started interferences in my personal life. I am staying in NCR and my family is staying in Punjab, my wife was staying with me in NOIDA, after mis guidance from her family she started torturing me. demanding money for her parents. I was paying all her education expenses. I have deposited money to her father’s account. she was going out of home many times. abusing me and my family.
    she is staying at her father’s house since feb 2017
    she was pregnant at that time. they did abort the baby.. but I don’t have any proof for it.
    she has filed 125 Crpc and given false complaint to Police station of Dowry.
    4 sept is my first date for 125 crpc

  200. We are married in August 2006. My wife and myself living separately since 2011, after her father threatened me, and my wife decided to stay with her parents. She filed a false 498a against me and 5 other family members in July 2014. As I am living abroad, all of my family members got bail in August 2014. No one was arrested. Same year, 2014, she also filed another maintenance case in another court asking me Rs. 1.25 lakhs/month. As I have a daughter, I am willing to support my daughter. However, my wife unable to prove her false 498a case until now and maintenance case is still pending. Since 2011, she suffered me and my family members with extreme cruelty, and act like nothing happened. Now, her family approached through mediators demanding hefty lump sum money for my wife, and Rs. 50,000 per month as school expense for my 10 year old daughter to study in a small city. Both of 498a, and maintenance cases are still pending in court. My salary falls so below, and I am working on non-permanent basis as a contract worker. I am not in a position to pay such money and I am not willing to agree both. Moreover, I have not filed for any divorce from her. But her family insists on divorce. I am willing to support them, with justifiable amount, and agree for amicable divorce. Please advise on the expenses on maintenance to my wife, and daughter’s monthly expense. Thanking you.

  201. Hi,

    I married 5 years back and have a girl child of 2 years. I and my wife are not living with each other since last 8 months due to our differences and other personal issues. I want to take divorce as she is cheating me and I can not trust her.


  202. I am fighting DV case at interim stage. Married on 18th January 2015.
    498A in investigation.
    They came to our house in 1st November 2015 and quarrel happen. I called pcr, SI came along them and made false kalandra case on me 107/151 crpc. Put me in lockup and next day sem sent me to tihar jail for 3 days without any investigation. Got bail and fought for 6 months then won it in revision only. Judgement says its a biggest blunder by delhi police.
    Filed complaint case and malicious prosecution.
    All cases are in initial stage.

  203. Name:Rajendra
    City: Kanpur
    Case sections:IPC 498a, 323, 3/4 DP Act, CrPC 125

    Your case details in brief: Chargesheet has filed recently. CrPC 125 is running in the court.

  204. My wife filed 498 , 125 498a , 323 and case of domestic violence In Chandigarh

  205. sharing legal matter between the advocate profession one another to social justice to the society

  206. Name(Frist Name): prashant
    City: Delhi
    Case sections: 498a, 125, DV, etc

  207. Name(Frist Name): Yash
    City: Delhi
    Case sections: 498a, 406, DV

    Your case details in brief: wife filed 498a, 406 and DV and in DV interim maintenance case and appeal is going on where she is highly qualified lady with huge salary

  208. Sir,after my marriage my gf loged false fir in U.P. 376,315 after that I went to Lko high court for quashing fir in first date Lko high court pass order for arrest stay and directed to investigation officer file counter affidavit according khusbu case (supra) as living relation not offence.
    After finding falsly implicated in this case police file closer report in high Lko high court dispose quashing writ as infractuas.
    After not succeding in her aim she loged second fir in Delhi on same set of allegation.
    So,i again went to Delhi high court for quashing second fir on the ground of second fir on same set allegation.
    Delhi high court Denying to use quashing fir becuse of here 376.although petition not dismiss and directed to my advocate file counter affidavit to Gian Singh judgement and give next date for argument.
    Dear sir,please suggest me what I do as I am seeing no relief from hicourt.and Any counter judgement to Gian Singh judgement .

  209. Name: Rakesh

    Case detail: I m frm mumbai. My wife is having extra marital affairs. When i found out she became abusive n she tried to physically harm me but i defended. After 2 days she called her mother n went to police stn n filed 498a against me n my parents brother n cousins. She took all valuables with her and left the house without informing me.
    Since i had solid evidence of her relationships she agreed fr out of court settlement withut any financial demand + give divorce. Rght now case is at documentation stage.
    I want to join this grp fr getting more information related to cases similar

  210. Name(Frist Name): Manohar
    City: Hyderabad, Telangana
    Case sections: 498A, DVC under section : 12,18,19,20D and 22

    Your case details in brief: My wife before filing 498A has treated me to give divorce by asking huge amount of rupees to which I refrained then on a given day she laid a plan to beat me up and caused serious/grievous injury to my head with their family members and then escaped from the scene and filed 498A and that’s when my story of 498A has stated.

    I’m fully determined to fight my case I need help on few things especially on DVC case. So, please add me in the WhatsApp group and let me put my best step forward.

    Thanking you

  211. Name: Hitesh
    City: Bangalore
    Case sections: PWDV Act, G & WC and Title declaration suite
    Your case details in brief: Contesting cases in TVM for 3+ yrs now. DV Act case going through trial and in evidence closure stage of the complainant. The G&WC and Title declaration suite are in evidence stage by the advocate commissioner.

  212. brief history of my case – wife wanted divorce citing my stagnant economic situation. She is from affluent family without any siblings. She was forced to marry me under pressure from his father. To get my consent for divorce, she started to threatening me to implicate me in false case as well as threat to kill me using contract killer. Later her father comes to my place with some unknown people and takes are with him when I took my transfer from Kolkata to my native place. Later files crpc 125 in court. Please make me part of the group, so that I can get knowledge about Indian law and it’s misuse and how to minimize the misuse. Thanking you – –

  213. Sir I and my wife is government employees in same University in Haryana. Government quarter is allotted to my wife. I am not living with my wife in same quarter and i filed a case section 9 in Haryana court. University was not paid to me house rent allowance and not give government quarter. My wife is negative approach for live with me. Kindly advise and any rule for regarding can I avail house rent allowance or government quarter. Plz plz give me rule how i can get house rent allowance or government quarter.

  214. Hi,
    I am sumanth bhaskar from bangalore, fighting false case in west bengal burdwan district kalna court for false 498a crpc 125 . Recently she filed 307 , 363 and 511 . Please help me with judgement and related stuffs to fight against it. Thank you in.advance.

  215. Hello Sir,
    I’m in Mumbai and have been having issues with related to my in-laws (wife’s parents) they asking my wife to stay away with my child (2.8yrs) and indirectly don’t allow me to meet my child and speak a different language and say ill things about me and interfering my married life and have been harassing me got her admitted to a school without my knowledge and I need some guidance and help please do update me

  216. Hello Sir,
    I am in bay area, California and have been implicated in 376/498a/406/34 and DV Act section 12 related cases. For settlement and case closure, the other party demanded Rs. 80 lacs for which I am taking loans. In really distressed financial situation. I need your help to get out of this depression. Already paid Rs. 30 lacs, taking loans on credit cards and personal loans for remaining amount otherwise, other party is threatening to get me arrested, my passport impounded.

  217. Please add me

    Name: Ashish
    City: Bangalore
    Case City: Jaipur Rajasthan India
    Case status: FIR going to happen.

  218. Hello,

    Myself Arun from Bikaner, Rajasthan. My wife has filed false 377 in my home town and 498a, DV and 125 at Delhi. In the DV case, court has already passed the interim maintenance order. Along with 377, they have filed 354a against my elder brother in my hometown. I am looking for some guidance as how to fight back these false cases. Many thanks.

  219. I am fighting 124 crpc, please add me in group for more information

  220. Section 498a, 506, 504,3,7, 506 (2) And DV notice from a place called Dahod in Gujrat

  221. NAME : TAO
    AGE : 38
    CASES :
    1. 498A, 323,504,506A,147,307 R/W 149
    2. DV

  222. Please join me in your group to discuss my case and query.
    Wife left just 5 month of marriage, we filled section 9 case which is running last 1 year.
    Wife in response filled recently divorce and section 24 maintainance case.

  223. Hello,
    I am Lakshit from Hisar (Haryana). I am not fighting 498A, but I suspect it be filed against me, as wife is cheating on me with a lawyer. I am a yahoogroup member also. Please add me to whatsapp group.


  224. Hello Sir, My Name is Hari Prasad. I am fighting false 498a, DVC and interim maintenance cases. I have already registered on the site and a member of the Yahoo group. Request you to please add me to the watsapp group as well. Appreciate all the work you are doing to help people like me. Thank you.

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