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M/S Meera Engineering Company vs Delhi State Industrial And … on 31 August, 2018


PPA No. 2/18

M/s Meera Engineering Company,
Through its proprietor
Sushma Jain 
W/o Sh. Ishwar Jain,
having office at,
Plot No. 23, Badli Industrial Estate,
Phase­II, Delhi­110042.       …………….. Appellant. 


1.Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure
Development Corporation Limited
Through its chairman
N­36, Bombay Life Building, 
Connaught Circus,
Rajiv Chowk,
Connaught Place, 
New Delhi­110001.

2. Estate Officer (North)
DSIIDC, Technical Centre Building,
Wazirpur Industrial Area, 
Delhi­110052.          …………….. Respondents

Date of filing of the appeal: 02.08.2018
Date of  decision    : 31.08.2018


1.  This appeal is under Section 9 of Public Premises (Eviction
of Unauthorized Occupants) Act, 1971 (hereinafter called the Act).

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 1/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.
I   have   already   heard   arguments   and   perused   the   record.   The
parties   have   addressed   oral   arguments   and   also   filed   written

2. The present appeal is against the order dated 16.07.2018
passed by respondent no. 2. The prayer sought in the appeal is to
set aside the order dated 16.07.2018 passed by respondent no. 2
and quash the proceeding initiated under Section 5 (1) of the said
Act.   Alternatively,   the   prayer   is   to   remand   back   the   matter   to
Estate Officer for decision on merits.

3.  The respondents have filed reply to the appeal wherein it is
prayed that the appeal be dismissed with costs.

4.  I   have   perused   the   material   on   record.   As   per   the   order
dated 16.07.2018 of Estate Officer, the appellant was ordered to
vacate the suit premises within 15 days of the date of publication
of the said order. The schedule in the said order dated 16.07.2018
reflects the description of property as plot no. 23, Phase­II, Badli
Industrial Estate, Delhi­110042.

5.  The contention of the respondent is that the appeal is not
filed within time. As per section 9 (2) (a) of the Act the appeal is to
be  preferred  within  12  days  from   the  date   of  publication   of  the

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 2/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.
order under Section 5 (1) of the Act. The appellant has alleged
that order dated 16.07.2018 was pasted on 27.07.2018. On the
other   hand,   the   respondent   has   contended   that   the   impugned
order was posted to the appellant vide speed post on 20.07.2018
and also affixed on the premises on same date simultaneously.
The   respondent   has   also   relied   upon   photocopy   of   the   postal
envelope of speed post which reflects the date of 20.07.2018 as
well   as   24.07.2018   and   the   same   is   purported   to   have   been
returned with the report ‘addressee left’. (Report is in Hindi). There
is also copy of letter  dated 25.07.2018  on  record  addressed  to
appellant and issued by the respondent. The said letter mentions
that eviction order dated 16.07.2018 was passed by Estate Officer
and it was served by pasting. The date of pasting is not mentioned
in said letter. There is also the photocopy of one photograph on
record which reflects that some papers are pasted on the portion
of some premises. It does not reflect any newspaper to show the
date   of   alleged   pasting.   In   view   of   the   overall   facts   and
circumstances and in the interest of justice, the delay, if any, in
filing the present appeal is hereby condoned. 

6.  Presently, the premises in question is lying sealed. It was
sealed on 10.08.2018 as reflected from the previous order sheets.
The   respondents   have   challenged   the   order   dated   16.08.2018
passed in the present appeal. As per the order dated 17.08.2018

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 3/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.
of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi passed in WP(C) No. 8664/2018,
titled as DSIIDC V/s Meera Engineering Company and Another,
the operation of order dated 16.08.2018 was stayed and it was
directed that DSIIDC shall not be required to remove its seal from
the premises and respondent therein shall not be entitled to enter
the premises or carry out any activity therein. Further as per order
dated   27.08.2018   passed   in   the   said   petition   by   Hon’ble   High
Court of Delhi, it was directed that the appeal preferred by M/s
Meera Engineering Company be disposed off within three days of
the hearing of the appeal which was fixed for 30.08.2018. I had
heard both the parties on 30.08.2018 itself.

7.  In   the   appeal,   it   is   mentioned   that   appellant   is   owner   of
property no. 23, Badli Industrial Area, Phase­II, Delhi and the said
property was purchased by the allottees of the property namely
Ravi   Sehgal   and   Pushpa   Devi,   who   had   appointed   Ms.  Shashi
Narula   as   their   GPA   vide   GPA   dated   27.07.1989.   It   is   also
mentioned that appellant is now the attorney holder from Shashi
Narula as per GPA dated 07.04.1992 and owner of the firm M/s
Meera Engineering Company. It is also alleged that a show cause
notice   dated   27.11.1995   was   issued   to   appellant   which   was
running  the industry of bi­metal bearing bushes for auto mobile
and   diesel   engines   and   the   firm   of   appellant   had   been   issued
lease  deed on 06.08.1981.   The said notice  was for  violation  of

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 4/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.
clause II (13) of the Lease Deed as alleged. It is also mentioned
that vide notice dated 31.12.1996, the firm of appellant was called
upon for cancellation of allotment of industrial plot no. 23, Phase­
II, Badli Industrial Estate and an appeal was filed against the said
order before Hon’ble LG, Delhi on 27.01.1997 by appellant and
the said appeal was rejected by Hon’ble LG with the direction to
Commissioner of Industries to take vacant possession of the plot/
building   from   allottee   and   in   pursuance   thereof   the   Deputy
Secretary, Industries passed an order dated 15.01.1999 against
the appellant’s firm to vacate the plot.

8.  It is further alleged that vide order dated 04.02.2003 under
Section 5 (1) of the Act of 1971, the erstwhile proprietors of the
firm   of   appellant   were   asked   to   vacate   the   premises   and   an
appeal bearing PPA No. 17/3 under Section 9 of the Act of 1971
was filed against the order dated 04.02.2003 which was titled as
Meera Engineering Company V/s Commissioner of Industries; and
the said appeal was decided by Ld. ADJ, Delhi vide order dated
24.08.2007   thereby   directing   the   remand   back   of   the   matter   to
Estate Officer to pass a reasoned order including regularization of
allotment.   It   is   also   alleged   that   thereafter   vide   letter   dated
15.01.2008,   Sh.   Ishwar   Jain,   GPA   Holder   of   the   appellant
submitted an application for restoration of lease and cancellation
of   eviction   order.   It   is   further   mentioned   that   on   12.12.2008,   a

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 5/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.
notice under sub Section 1 and clause (B) (II) of sub Section 2 of
Section 4 of the Act was issued by the office to show cause for
eviction   without   citing   any   ground.   It   is   also   mentioned   that   on
04.03.2009,   an   application   for   conversion   of   leasehold   plot   to
freehold plot was applied by the firm of appellant and the same
was   rejected   vide   order   dated   17.02.2015   citing   reasons   for
eviction proceeding being pending in the matter. It is also alleged
that   vide   letter   dated   03.10.2015,   an   appeal   for   restoration   of
lease was filed before Hon’ble LG and the matter is still subjudice.
In   the   corresponding   para   2.14   of   the   reply   filed   by   the
respondents,   it   is   mentioned   that   the   appeal   for   restoration   of
lease filed before Hon’ble LG by the appellant stands rejected and
there is no such appeal pending before Hon’ble LG. 

9.  It is further mentioned in the appeal that grounds mentioned
in   show   cause   notice   dated   05.05.2018   are   incorrect   and
untenable.   It   is   also   alleged   that   since   2007   till   2018,   the
reconsideration of eviction order passed by Estate Officer has not
been   decided   and   appellant   has   filed   reply   dated   01.06.2018
before respondent no. 2. 

10.  The   grounds   mentioned   in   appeal   are   that   the   impugned
order  suffers from material  irregularity  and illegality. It is further
alleged that said order has been passed in violation of principles

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 6/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.
of   natural   justice.   It   is   also   alleged   that   as   per   order   dated
24.08.2007, the Ld. ADJ directed the Commissioner of Industries
for regularization of appellant’s industry as per policy, and, status
was to be placed before Estate Officer who was to consider the
aspect of regularization. It is further  alleged that on 01.06.2018
after   filing   the   reply   by   appellant,   the   date   was   given   for
13.07.2018 for rejoinder, however, on 16.07.2018 the impugned
order was passed without providing copy to appellant and it was
pasted on the premises of the appellant. 

11.  It   is   also   alleged   that   impugned   order   was   passed   in
mechanical manner.

12.  In the  reply filed by the respondents,  it is mentioned  that
Estate Officer has passed reasoned order and the appeal reveals
no material infirmity or any illegality in the order passed by Estate

13.  It   is   also   mentioned   in   reply   to   appeal   that   except   for
seeking re­appreciation of facts, there is no ground of challenge. It
is   further   mentioned   that   a   complaint   dated   21.03.1996   was
received by the department from Sh. V. K. Jain and M/s Remedies
India,  plot no. 24  34 against plot no. 23, BIE i.e. the subject plot
stating   that   the   owner   of   the   plot   is   indulging   in   illegal   trade,

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 7/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.
without license using highly polluted chemicals such as sulphuric
acid etc. It is alleged that the lessee has been running steel re­
rolling   in   commercial   scale   without   any   license.   It   is   also
mentioned that facts as given by the complainant were confirmed
by   Estate   Manager’s   report   dated   29.03.1996.   It   is   further
mentioned that on 31.12.1996, the lease of plot was determined
by lessor for running highly polluting and hazardous industry. It is
further mentioned that the appeal against the said determination
order also came to be rejected by Hon’ble LG vide order dated
23.10.1998 and thereafter the first eviction order dated 04.02.2003
came to be passed. It is further mentioned in the reply that the
impugned order has been passed by Estate Officer after complete
application   of   mind   and   after   perusal   of   complete   record   and
submissions of both the parties. It is also mentioned that appellant
filed written reply and failed to produce any evidence/ document to
support its contention raised in the reply. 

14. It   is   further   mentioned   in   the   reply   to   the   appeal   that   on
27.11.1995 Show Cause Notice was issued to the appellant for
running a pollutant/ non­permissible industry of steel re­rolling at
the subject plot and the lessee did not reply. It is also mentioned
that personal hearing was granted on 27.05.1996 and 07.08.1996
but the allottee did not appear and, hence, the lease of the subject
plot came to be cancelled and same was conveyed by letter dated

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 8/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.
31.12.1996.   Appeal against said cancellation was also rejected
by Hon’ble L.G.  and, thereafter, the Estate Officer passed eviction
order dated 04.02.2003 under Section 5 of the Act.


15. It is further mentioned that the Ld. ADJ, Delhi remanded the
case back to the Estate Officer with directions to pass reasoned
order after hearing the parties and directed DSIIDC to consider
the   request   of  the   appellant   for  regularization,   if  eligible  as   per
policy.     The   copy   of   order   dated   24.08.2007   of   Ld.   ADJ,   Delhi
passed in PPA no. 17/03 is on record wherein the respondent was
directed  to  consider   the  appellant’s  request  for   regularization,  if
eligible, as per the respondent’s policy and place the status before
Estate Officer.   


16. In reply to appeal it is also mentioned that application for
restoration of lease and cancellation of eviction order, filed by the
appellant already stands rejected.  It is further mentioned in reply
that   on   09.03.2009,   Smt.   Sushma   Jain,   subsequent   occupant
applied   for   conversion   of   Plot   No.   23,   BIE   from   Lease   Hold   to
Freehold,   however,   the   said   application   was   rejected   by
competent authority, DSIIDC vide letter dated 09.10.2014 thereby
mentioning the grounds for rejection.

17. It is further mentioned in reply to appeal that appellant was

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 9/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.
called upon vide Show Cause Notice dated 25.04.2018 to show
cause   on   or   before   04.05.2018   why   such   an   order   of   eviction
should not be made, and, on the date fixed, neither appellant nor
its   AR   appeared   before   Estate   Officer   and   subsequently   in   the
interest of justice another opportunity was given to the appellant
vide   Show   Cause   Notice   dated   05.05.2018   to   appear   on
15.05.2018   and   on   said   date   Shri   Ishwar   Jain   appeared   and
sought   time   for   making   submission   in   this   case   and   final
opportunity was given vide Show Cause Notice dated 15.05.2018,
re­notifying   the   matter   for   01.06.2018   and   on   01.06.2018,   the
Advocate on behalf of appellant appeared and submitted reply to
Show   Cause   Notice   and   the   matter   came   to   be   re­notified   for
13.07.2018  vide notice  dated  01.06.2018,  when none  appeared
on   behalf   of   appellant  and   thereafter   the  Estate   Officer   passed
impugned order dated 16.07.2018 after examining all aspects of
matter and perusing all the documents and also reply filed by the

18. In the reply filed by the respondent it is also mentioned that
the   allottee   of   Plot   no.   23   has   been   evicted   from   the   subject
premises, however, the industrial goods left over by the evicted
allottee are sealed in the premises on the 10.08.2018.  It is further
mentioned   that   the   electricity   of   the   premises   have   been   got
disconnected through TATA Power DDL.   The respondents have

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 10/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.
prayed for dismissal of the appeal with costs.

19. During   the   course   of   the   arguments   the   Ld.   Counsel   for
appellant   submitted   that   the   appellant   or   his   counsel   could   not
appear before the Estate Officer on 13.07.2018 when the matter
was   fixed   there   and   ultimately   the   impugned   order   dated
16.07.2018 was passed by the Estate Officer.  The Estate Officer
has   passed   the   detailed   order   dated   16.07.2018   after   giving
reasons.  The entire facts and circumstances as depicted above in
detail clarifies that the appellant has thoroughly exhausted all the
remedies available to it before appropriate Forums earlier.   The
first eviction order was passed by Estate Officer on 04.02.2003 i.e.
more   than   15   years   back.   The   lease   of   the   appellant   stood
determined.   The   Hon’ble   L.G.   has   already   rejected   the   appeal
against the said determination order. The impugned order dated
16.07.2018 of the Estate Officer has been passed after taking into
consideration   the   reply   dated   01.06.2018   filed   by   the   appellant
herein.  In the said impugned order it is also mentioned that Smt.
Sushma Jain, subsequent occupant, applied for conversion of Plot
no. 23, BIE from lease hold to freehold, however, the conversion
application   was   rejected   by   competent   authority,   DSIIDC   vide
letter dated 09.10.2014 on the three grounds. Said grounds are
mentioned in the impugned order.  One of the grounds mentioned
therein reads as under:­

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 11/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.

2. The applicant of conversion to freehold purchased the
property subsequent to determination of its lease while there were prior
specific orders of lessor i.e. Hon’ble L.G. to take over vacant possession of
the plot/ building from the allottee and to disconnect electricity and water
supply to the unit.


20. The   impugned   order   dated   16.07.2018   of   Estate
Officer   also   reflects   that   on   scheduled   date   of   hearing   i.e.
04.05.2018 neither the appellant nor the authorized representative
turned  up for hearing,  however, Senior Manager  (IEM), DSIIDC
was   present   on   behalf   of   petitioner.     Subsequently,   another
opportunity   was   given   to   appellant   herein   on   15.05.2018   when
Shri Ishwar Jain appeared and sought time for making submission
in   this   case   and   accordingly   final   opportunity   was   given   for
01.06.2018 and on 01.06.2018 Shri Prasoon Kumar, Advocate for
Meera   Engineering   Company   appeared   and   submitted   reply   to
Show Cause Notice and subsequently another date was granted
i.e.   13.07.2018   when   none   appeared   from   the   side   of   Meera
Engineering Company, however, Shri Vijit Singh, D.M. (IEM) was
present on behalf of DSIIDC.

During   the   course   of   arguments   the   counsel   for
appellant   submitted   that   the   respondents   are   not   having   any
power   or   authority   to   proceed   against   the   appellant   under   the
provisions of the Act of 1971 in question in view of the provisions
of Delhi Industrial Development, Operation and Maintenance Act,

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 12/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.
2010.  The counsel for respondents vehemently opposed the said
contention   of appellant  and submitted  that  the appellant  cannot
take such a stand and in fact the appellant has already availed the
remedy under the provisions of the Act of 1971 in question which
is clear from the appeal bearing PPA No. 17/03, titled as Meera
Engineering   Company   Vs.   Office   of   the   Commissioner   of
Industries.  The judgement dated 24.08.2007 passed by Ld. ADJ,
Delhi   in   the   said   appeal   has   already   been   relied   upon   by   the
appellant   himself.   The   said   judgement   was   passed   in   appeal
under Section 9 of the Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorized
Occupants) Act, 1971.  The appellant has not taken such stand as
per   his   contention   as   mentioned   above,   in   the   reply   dated
01.06.2018 filed before the Estate Officer (North).  In view of the
above facts and circumstances, the said contention of appellant is
not tenable.   

21. In view of the above detailed facts and circumstances and
reasons   given   and   observations   made,   I   see   no   merits   in   the
appeal under consideration.  There is no infirmity or illegality in the
impugned order dated 16.07.2018.  Due opportunities have been
given   to   the   appellant   for   hearing   by   the   Estate   Officer.
Accordingly,   the   present   appeal   is   hereby   dismissed.     Ordered
accordingly.  A copy of this order be given to both the parties. The
appeal   file   be   consigned   to   record   room   after   completing   the

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 13/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.
necessary formalities.

Digitally signed
GUPTA Date: 2018.08.31
Passed  announced in  19:05:41 +0530
       (Manish Gupta)

the open court today.            ADJ­04(NW)/Rohini Courts

PPA No. 2/18 Page No. 14/14
M/s Meera Engineering Company V/s DSIIDC  Anr.

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We handle Women Centric biased laws like False Sectioin 498A IPC, Domestic Violence(DV ACT), Divorce, Maintenance, Alimony, Child Custody, HMA 24, 125 CrPc, 307, 312, 313, 323, 354, 376, 377, 406, 420, 497, 506, 509; TEP, RTI and many more…

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