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Mrs.Sivasankari vs Mr.Paranitharan … 1St on 20 January, 2020

TR.C.M.P.No.376 of 2019


DATED: 20.01.2020


TR.C.M.P.No.376 of 2019
and C.M.P.No.10556 of 2019
Mrs.Sivasankari … Petitioner/Respondent
1. Mr.Paranitharan … 1st Respondent/Petitioner
2. Dr.Nichole … 2nd Respondent/2nd Respondent

(R2 was given up by Order dated 16.09.2019 as per memo dated 16.09.2019)

PRAYER: Petition is filed under Section 24 of Code of Civil Procedure to withdraw the
M.O.P.No.69 of 2019 from the file of the Family Court, Pondicherry and transfer the same
to Family Court, Chengalpattu.

For Petitioner : M/s.Anita P.Jason

For R1 : Mr.P.Veeraraghavan
For R2 : Given up (Memo Recorded)

The Transfer Petition has been filed to transfer the case in M.O.P.No.69 of 2019

pending on the file of the Family Court, Pondicherry to the file of the Family Court,


2. When the matter is taken up for hearing, both the petitioner and the respondent,

who are the wife and the husband respectively, present before this Court in-person have

submitted that M.O.P.No.69 of 2019 has been filed by the husband for dissolving the

marriage and the wife has lodged a complaint against her husband and in-laws under the
TR.C.M.P.No.376 of 2019

provisions of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, which is pending in

D.V.C.No.3 of 2019 on the file of Judicial Magistrate, Thirukazhukukndram. They have

further submitted that though the present petition has been filed for transfer of

M.O.P.No.69 of 2019 from the file of the Family Court, Pondicherry to the file of the Family

Court, Chengalpattu, they are willing to get separated on mutual consent and divorce may

be granted by this Court on mutual consent.

3. From the representations made by the parties, it could be visualized that the

spouses are not even interested to have an eye to eye contact and that there is a vast

difference of opinion between them in the matrimonial front. Once they themselves have

taken a decision to opt for voluntary separation, the grant of time to prolong their

relationship by merely referring the matter for mediation and conciliation will not help


4. At this juncture, the parties have placed on record the original Joint Compromise

Memorandum dated 20.01.2020 duly signed by the respective parties and have requested

that based on the above memorandum, a decree of divorce may be granted to them by

converting the divorce petition filed by the respondent / husband in M.O.P.No.69 of 2019

as one of the divorce petition by mutual consent in terms of the conditions incorporated in

the memo dated 20.01.2020.

5. This Court, while dealing with a case of similar in nature reported in (2016) 7
TR.C.M.P.No.376 of 2019

MLJ 54 [A vs. B], had granted divorce to the parties therein even in a transfer petition, by

holding as under:

“28. Prolonging the divorce proceedings or not relieving the petitioner, from the
clutches of the so-called holy bond of marriage, would be sheer injustice meted out to the
poor lady, who, with fond hopes and colourful dreams, would have stepped into the marriage
hall, only to get shocked terribly and shattered by the disease being suffered by the
respondent. No amount of consolation, either by money or otherwise, could compensate the
agony and pain undergone, both psychologically and physiologically, by the petitioner.

29. Even after hearing the cry of the innocent girl, if this Court mechanically passes
order in the transfer petition only citing the limited prayer sought for from this Court, which
is custodian of fundamental rights, civil rights, it would be shirking its responsibility. It is well
settled that Rules and Procedures are the handmaids of justice. Technicalities and procedures
should not frustrate the course of justice. Tears from the eyes of justice seeking lady have to
be necessarily wiped out by passing unconventional orders travelling beyond the prayer,
procedures and provisions. She needs to be consoled, comforted and compensated speedily.
To give re-birth to her hopes to lead a normal life, the only way is to cut off the marital bond
between the petitioner and the respondent, which this Court would not endeavour to do, in
normal circumstances. Transferring the proceedings to the trial Court to face the trial for
many years and then to superior Courts would only cause grave injustice to the petitioner.
Hence, departing from conventional method of transferring the cases invoking Article 227 of
the Constitution of India and Section 151 of the C.P.C., this Court has to grant decree of
nullity of marriage dated 13.11.2014 as prayed for under Section 12(1)(c) of the Hindu
Marriage Act, 1955 in H.M.O.P. No. 158 of 2015 filed by the petitioner and dismiss the
respondent’s petition filed under Section 9 of the Act seeking restitution of conjugal rights in
F.C.O.P. No. 1922 of 2015. Assuming for a moment that the decree of nullity can not be
granted under Section 12 (1) (c) of the Hindu Marriage Act, for the reasons stated in para 28
of this Order, divorce, under Section 13 (1) (ia) of the Hindu Marriage Act on the ground of
cruelty has to be granted alternatively.

30. In the result, H.M.O.P. No. 158 of 2015 filed by the petitioner for annulment of
marriage is allowed declaring the marriage dated 13.11.2014 between the petitioner/wife
and the respondent/husband as null and void on the ground of fraud by suppression of pre-
existing disease of the Respondent/Husband and F.C.O.P. No. 1922 of 2015 filed by the
respondent for restitution of conjugal rights is dismissed. The Transfer Civil miscellaneous
Petition is disposed of. There shall be no order as to costs. Consequently, connected
miscellaneous petition is closed.

31. At the same time, by this order, the Respondent should not feel demoralized. This
Court is aware that the occurrence of disease to one is not at his/her invitation and for the
diseases suffered by him, he cannot be found fault. This Court only found that the petitioner
was not informed the Respondent’s disease before the marriage. Though cancer is considered
to be dreadful and incurable, by advancement in the medicine, the disease has become
manageable. In fact, a few types of caners are stated to be curable. According to medical
literature, the main types of cancer treatment include surgery, Chemotherapy radiation,
targeted therapy, hormone therapy and immunotheraphy. Scientists achieved a “break through
therapy” for treating colon cancer and Hodgkin Lymphoma which Respondent is suffering.”
“The New England Journal of Medicine” Journal issue dates May 21, 2015 reported that one
dose of immunotherapy would cause rapid eradication of a Bulky Melanoma mass. ”
TR.C.M.P.No.376 of 2019

Immunotherapy” is a revolution in the treatment of cancer reports. The journal of Lancaster
Journal Hospital Spring issue 2016. It reports that immunotherapy, has the potential of
treatment of cancer. Immunotherapy is a treatment that helps immune system to fight
cancer. LIVE SCIENCE dated 21-8-2015 reported that 91 years old Former President of USA Mr.
Jimmi Carter, who has advanced liver and brain cancer, received a drug called
“PEMBROLIZUMAB” marketed as “KEYTRUDA” approved by FDA, USA in 2014 and his disease is
stated to have been cured. Because of the above reason, the new magical drug “KEYTRUDA” is
popularly called ” CARTER DRUG “. It works in a new way to help the body’s own immune
system to tackle hard – to – reach tumor cells. Other can treating drugs are ” Ipilimunmab,
Opdivo, Yervoy, Nivolumab etc. Further, “in a matter of a few years, therapies have truly
transformed the outlook for patients with melanoma and many other hard-to-treat cancers”
said Dr. Don Dizon, an Oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and spokes person for
“American Society for clinical Oncology” (ASCO). Moreover, researches are being conducted
throughout the world by scientists to find effective and standard drugs to treat cancer
patients. In view of the above developments and with new therapies and drugs, this Court
hopes and believes that he would be successful in tackling the disease, as the disease of the
respondent responds to the treatment. This Court once again stresses that the respondent
should not feel discouraged and demoralized due to cancer as new medical therapies are
creating wonders. What is needed is will-power and regular follow up. What is required for
respondent and other cancer patients is will-power, courage, timely medication and regular
follow-up. Not only Governments but also people should encourage and reassure them with
compassion and support and they should not be ignored, discouraged, ridiculed and

32. This case would amply demonstrate as to how a young lady suffers because of the
marriage conducted without proper enquiry and verification about the groom. Therefore, it is
prudent for the parents of prospective brides and grooms to make necessary enquiry and
verification about the health of their prospective son-in-law/daughter-in-law, as the case may
be. However, in haste and hurry, most of the marriages are conducted and invariably, the
women are becoming victims violating their “dignity” “human rights” and ” right to decent and
meaningful life as guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

33. One should remember that “Institution of Marriage”, is based on mutual faith and
trust where both the bride and the groom are equal partners. If pre-marital examination of
the respondent had been done, the diseases would have been diagnosed and the marriage
would have been certainly stopped. If pre-marital examinations are done, many problems due
to medical issues, failure of marriages due to fraud, non-disclosure of health problems etc.,
could be averted. Therefore, it is appropriate for the Central State Governments to
sensitize the people about the importance of pre-marital counseling atleast, if not premarital
examination and the benefits of such counseling by medical experts by proper advertisements
in media, short movies, conducting seminars in colleges etc. Will they ?”

6. Following the aforesaid judgment, I had also granted divorce to parties even at

the time of hearing a Transfer Petition in the case of M.Kalpana Sridevi -vs-

C.Swaminathan [TR.C.M.P.Nos.897 and 898 of 2019] decided on 17.12.2019. In view of

the precedent and taking note of the submissions made on either side and in the interest of

parties, M.O.P.No.69 of 2019 filed by the respondent / husband for annulment of marriage
TR.C.M.P.No.376 of 2019

is allowed, thereby dissolving the marriage dated 01.02.2004 held between the

petitioner/wife and the respondent/husband, in terms of the Joint Memo dated

20.01.2020. In view of disposal of M.O.P.No.69 of 2019, no further order is required to be

passed in the present transfer petition and accordingly, this petition shall stand disposed

of. As agreed by the respondent / husband, he shall hand over the jewels to the petitioner

/ wife, either directly in the presence of their respective counsel or through Family Court

on or before 31.01.2020 on due acknowledgment.

7. The parties are directed to produce a copy of this order to the Family Court,

Pondicherry and the Judicial Magistrate Court, Thirukazhukukndram for closure of the

respective cases, consequent to the grant of divorce on mutual consent on the basis of the

Joint Compromise Memo dated 20.01.2020. No costs. Consequently, connected

miscellaneous petition is closed.

Index: Yes / No
Internet: Yes / No
Speaking Order: Yes / No

Note: Issue order copy on 23.01.2020


The Family Court,

TR.C.M.P.No.376 of 2019

TR.C.M.P.No.376 of 2019


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