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Narmada vs Ghanshyam Das on 28 August, 2019

S.B. Civil Transfer Application No.112/2015

Smt. Gayatri Devi w/o Raghuveer Singh Ji Rawat, d/o Ganpat
Singh, aged 28 years, r/o Matrichhaya, Shivaji Colony, Gandhi
Nagar, Abu Road, District Sirohi.

Shri Raghuveer Singh s/o Laxminarain Singh, b/c Rawat, aged
32 years, r/o Patiya, Bheem, at present r/o Nathdwara, District


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For Petitioner(s) : Mr. Ravi Panwar, Mr. D.S. Rathore for
Mr. S.K. Verma, Mr. Kuldeep Mathur,
Mr. B.S. Charan, Mr. Rajesh Panwar,
Mr. Deepak Menaria, Mr. H.S.Shrimali,
Mr.Mahesh Khyani, Mr. Dhanpat
Choudhary, Mr. Rakesh Arora, Mr. O.P.
Joshi, Mr. JVS Deora, Mr. Anjali Gopa,
Mr. Om Rajpurohit, Mr. Bharat
Shrimali, Mr. Mukesh Kumar Trivedi,
Mr. G.J. Gupta, Mr. R.S. Mankad, Mr.
Vineet Jain, Mr. Ramniwas Choudhary,
Mr. B.S. Mertia, Mr. Richin Surana, Mr.
Pankaj Gupta, Mr. Bhagat Dadhich for
Mr. Mridul Jain, Mr. B.S. Sandhu, Mr.
M.S. Borawat, Mr. Rajendra Singh
Shekhawat, Mr. Rajendra Kataria, Mr.
B.Ray Bishnoi, Mr. Abhinav Jain, Mr.
D.S. Baghela, Mr. Deepak Korpal for
Mr. Rakesh Matoria, Mr. Keshav Bhati,
Mr.R.S. Rawal, Mr. Himmat Jagga, Mr.
Devendra Mahlana, Mr. Subhash
Choudhary, Mr. Lokesh Mathur, Dr.
Shailendra Kala, Mr. Vipin Makkad, Mr.
Vinod Choudhary, Mr. Sikander Khan,
Mr. R.S. Choudhary, Mr. Dhirendra
Singh, Mr. Mahaveer Bishnoi, Mr.
Manish Dadhich, Mr. Manoj Bhandari,
Mr. Navneet Poonia, Mr. Aniket Tater
for Mr. Suresh Kumbhat, Mr. Dhanesh
Saraswat, Mr. Rekha Ram Choudhary,
Mr. Shyam Vyas, Mr. Bhagirath Ray
Bishnoi, Mr. Narendra Singh A.
Rajpurohit, Mr. Shyam Sunder, Mr.
Abhishek Pareek, Mr. Rajendra Kumar
Soni, Mr. Jhamak Lal Nagda, Mr.
Jagatveer Singh Deora, Mr. DLR Vyas,
Mr. Arjun Singh Rathore, Mr. Rajesh
Choudhary, Mr. C.P. Soni, Mr. Arpit
Mehta, Mr. Rohitash Singh Rathore,
Mr. Falgun Buch, Ms.Deepika Vyas,
Mr. Harshit Bhurani, Mr. M.A. Siddiqui,
Mr. Dilip Singh Rathore, Mr. Vikram
Singh, Mr. Lokesh Menaria, Mr. Om
Prakash, Mr. Gopal Singh Bhati,
Ms.Rajni Kaushik, Mr. Arjun Singh, Mr.
R.S. Mankad, Mr. Kaushal Gautam,
Mr. Prakash Chandra Singhvi, Mr.
Sikander Khan, Mr. Kamlesh Kumar
Sharma and Mr. Roshan Lal.

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For Respondent(s) : Mr. M.S. Borawat, Mr. Narendra Rana,
Mr. Shambhoo Singh Rathore, Mr.
Poonam Chand Solanki, Mr. Umesh
Kalla, Mr. Tanwar Singh and Mr. Vinod




1. In all these cases, the transfer applications have been

moved by the petitioner-wife, who seek transfer of case filed by

her husband under the various Sections of the Hindu Marriage Act,

1955 to the place where the petitioner-wife is residing, by

invoking Section 24 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908.

2. Petitioners in different transfer applications have raised

several grounds in common for seeking transfer of the case.

Essentially, the wife prays that as she has very young

child/children and no one else to care of them, it becomes difficult

for her to attend the case along with children to the place where

her husband has filed the case under the Act of 1955.

In some cases, the petitioner-wife has raised a grievance that she

is single and lives with her old aged parents and has serious

apprehension of being alone to attend the case at different

town/city and therefore seeks transfer.

In some of the cases, it has also been urged that there are cases

preferred by her in the district/city/town where she is residing

against her husband under Section 125 Cr.P.C. or under Section 13

of the Act of 1955 or under SectionDomestic Violence Act. In such cases,

she therefore, submits that the husband has, with a purpose to

harass her, filed a separate case under the Act of 1955 in another

district or city or town, and it would be difficult for her to attend

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different courts and produce witnesses in her defence and

therefore seeks transfer.

In some cases, the wife has also raised grievance regarding her

working at a particular place, where she is residing and therefore

seeks transfer.

3. The grounds raised as above for transfer of matrimonial

matter has been time and again accepted as valid and justified

grounds for transfer of case to the place where the wife is residing

by this Court as well as by Supreme Court in Sumita Singh Vs.

Kumar Sanjay Ors., reported in (2001) 10 SCC 41; Sarkar

(Shome) Vs. Pardip Sarkar [Transfer Petition (Civil)

No.622/2007 decided by Supreme Court on 10.11.2008] ;

Manju Varma Vs.State of U.P. and Ors. [Civil Appeal No.

8290 of 2002 decided by the Supreme Court on

17.11.2004] and ; Arti Rani @ Pinki Devi Vs. Dharmendra

Kumar Gupta, reported in (2008) 9 SCC 353.

4. Section 24 CPC reads as under:-

“24. General power of transfer and

(1) On the application of any of the parties and
after notice to the parties and after hearing such of
them as desired to be heard, or of its own motion
without such notice, the High Court or the District
Court may at any stage-

(a) transfer any suit, appeal or other proceeding
pending before it for trial or disposal to any Court
subordinate to it and competent to try or dispose
of the same, or

(b) withdraw any suit, appeal or other proceeding
pending in any Court subordinate to it, and-

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(i) try or dispose of the same; or

(ii) transfer the same for trial or disposal to any
Court subordinate to it and competent to try or
dispose of the same; or

(iii) retransfer the same for trial or disposal to the
Court from which it was withdrawn.

(2) Where any suit or proceeding has been
transferred or withdrawn under sub-section (1),
the Court which 1[is thereafter to try or dispose of
such suit or proceeding] may, subject to any
special directions in the case of any order of
transfer, either retry it or proceed from the point
at which it was transferred or withdrawn.

(3) For the purposes of this section,-

(a) Courts of Additional and Assistant Judges shall
be deemed to be subordinate to the District Court;

(b) “proceeding” includes a proceeding for the
execution of a decree or order.

(4) the Court trying any suit transferred or
withdrawn under this section from a Court of Small
Causes shall, for the purposes of such suit, be
deemed to be a Court of Small Causes.

(5) A suit or proceeding may be transferred under
this section from a Court which has no jurisdiction
to try it.”

5. It is noticed that Section 24 CPC does not require it

necessary to issue notice to the other side and this Court, on its

own motion or on being satisfied at any stage, pass appropriate

order for transfer of the concerned case.

Similar view has been taken by the Rajasthan High Court in

Bhanu Kumari Vs. Jitendra Singh Ors., reported in

2007(2) RLW (Raj.) 1077.

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6. This Court also notices that in normal course, transfer

petitions are filed in this Court and they remain pending for years

as service is avoided by the other side.

In some cases, interim orders are passed by the Court resulting in

the matrimonial matter remaining undecided in the concerned

family court.

7. Thus, in the interest of justice and with the purpose to

expeditiously dispose of the matters, this Court invokes its power

under Section 24 CPC and deems it appropriate to allow all these

applications of transfer and direct the transfer of concerned case

to the place, as prayed for in the applications by the wife.

8. Accordingly, in the aforesaid cases, place where the

case is pending and place where the case is transferred is

mentioned below:

Civil Transfer Case Number Court Court where
Application (Family where the the case is
Number Title Court/Trial case is transferred
Court) pending
CTA-112/2015 Civil Original Family Court, District
(Smt. Gayatri Devi Case No. Rajsamand Judge, Sirohi
Vs. Shri Raghuveer 228/2015
Singh) (Raghuveer
Singh Vs. Smt.
Gayatri Devi)
CTA-4/2016 Civil Misc. Case ADJ, Bhinmal District
(Narmada Vs. No.38/2015 Judge, Sirohi
Ghanshyam Das) (Ghanshyam
Das Vs.
CTA-54/2016 Suit proceeding Family Court, Family Court,
(Amrawati Vs. No.58/2015 Ajmer Jodhpur
Rajesh) (Rajesh
Choudhary Vs.
CTA-55/2016 Matrimonial Family Court, Family Court,
(Amrawati Vs. Suit Ajmer Jodhpur
Rajesh) No.428/2015

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Choudhary Vs.
CTA-124/2016 Civil Misc. Case Family Court, Family Court,
(Smt. Sangeeta Vs. No.359/2016 Rajasamand Bhilwara
Shri Narendra (Narendra
Kumar) Kumar Vs.
CTA-130/2016 Divorce Petition Family Court Family Court,
(Smt. Rakhi Vs. No.489/2016 No.1, Sikar
Surendra Gurjar) (Surendra Bikaner
Gurjar Vs. Smt.
CTA-133/2016 C.O. No. Family Court, Family Court,
(Smt. Seema Vs. 38/2016 Bhilwara Chittorgarh
Rajesh) (Rajesh Vs.
Smt. Seema)

CTA-4/2017 (Smt. Civil Misc. Case Family Court, Family Court,
Manju Vs. Gopal Lal No.759/2016 Bhilwara Rajsamand.

Lakhara) (Gopal Lal Vs.
Smt. Manju)
CTA-11/2017 Misc. Case ADJ, Family Court,
(Shweta Vs. Mukesh No.77/2015 Suratgarh Bikaner
Kumar) (Mukesh Vs.
CTA-101/2017 Civil Misc. Case ADJ, ADJ,
(Smt. Chandra Kala No.12/2017 Didwana Sujangarh,
Vs. Devkinandan) (Devkinandan District Churu
CTA-106/2017 29/2017 ADJ, Bali Family Court,
(Shrishti @ Shiva (Bhavesh Vs. Jaipur
Verma Vs. Bhavesh Shrishti @
Verma) Shiva Verma)
CTA-132/2017 Civil Misc. Case ADJ, Family Court,
(Richa Dharu Vs. No.30/2017 Ratangarh Bikaner
Hemant Panwar) (Hemant
Panwar Vs.
Richa Dharu)
CTA-140/2017 Civil Misc. Case Family Court, Family Court,
(Rekha Vs. No.42/2017 Churu Pali

Mahendra Kumar) (Mahendra
Kumar Vs.
CTA-157/2017 Civil Misc. Case Family Court, Family Court,
(Smt. Mamta Vs. No.127/2017 Pali Balotra
Mahendra ) (Mahendra Vs.
CTA-177/2017 Civil Original ADJ No.1 Family Court
(Smt. Dimple Vs. case (Family Merta City

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Vijay Kumar) No.61/2017 Court),
(Vijay Kumar Nagaur
Vs. Dimple)
CTA-21/2018 (Smt. Civil Case ADJ, Family Court,
Gayatri @ Khushbu No.38/240/201 Laxmangarh Udaipur
Vs. Gudesh) 7 (Gudesh Vs.
CTA-26/2018 (Smt. Civil Misc. Case Family Court, Family court,
Suman Vs. Ashok No.37/2015 Pali Jodhpur
Kumar Chawla) (Suman Vs.
Ashok Kumar)
CTA-37/2018 (Indra Civil Misc. Case ADJ, Family Court,
Saini Vs. Sanjay No.5/2018 Deedwana Churu
Kumar Saini) (Sanjay Vs.
CTA-44/2018 (Smt. Case ADJ NO.1, Family Court,
Sonu Sharma Vs. No.33/2017 Nimbaheda Udaipur
Rameshwar lal @ (Rameshwar
Ramesh Sharma) Lal Vs. Smt.
CTA-59/2018 (Smt. Civil Original Family Court Family Court,
Lalita Vs. Sanjay case No.1, Pali
Bhansali) No.145/2017 Jodhpur
Bhansali Vs.
Smt. Lalita
CTA-60/2018 (Smt. Civil Misc. Case Family Court ADJ,
Sonu Verma @ No.239/2017 No.1, Srikaranpur,
Soniya Verma Vs. (Manoj Vs. Bikaner District Sri
Manoj Prajapat) Smt. Sonu Ganganagar
Verma @ Sonia
CTA-73/2018 (Smt. Misc. case ADJ, Khetri, Family Court,
Rajshree Vs. Tula No.18/2018 District Udaipur
Ram Yadav) (Tula Ram Jhunjhunju
Yadav Vs. Smt.
CTA-142/2017 Misc. case ADJ, Khetri, Family Court,
(Smt. Rajshree Vs. No.255/2015 District Udaipur
Tula Ram Yadav) (Tula Ram Jhunjhunju
Yadav Vs. Smt.
CTA-76/2018 (Smt. Civil Misc. Family Court Family Court,
Suman Kanwar Vs. Application No.1, Bikaner.

Abhimanyu Ujjawal) No.530/2017 Jodhpur
(Abhimanyu Metropolitan,
Ujjawal Vs. Jodhpur
Smt. Suman

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CTA-91/2018 (Smt. Case Family Court, Family Court,
Kesar Devi Sharma No.13/2018 Gulabpura, Bhilwara
Vs. Sukhdev (Sukhdev Vs. District
Sharma) Smt. Kesar) Bhilwara
CTA-96/2018 (Smt. Civil Case Family Court, ADJ,
Sharda Vs. No.114/2017 Merta, Gharsana,
Premchand) (Premchand District District Sri
Vs. Smt. Nagaur Ganganagar
CTA-97/2018 (Smt. Civil Case Family Court, Family Court,
Manjulata Vs. No.51/2016 Balotra, Sirohi
Yashwant) (Yashwant Vs. District
Smt. Barmer
CTA-101/2018 Divorce Family Court, Family Court,
(Smt. Divya petition Udaipur Banswara

Chobisa Vs. Jeevan No.174/2017
Chobisa) (Jeevan
Chobisa Vs.
Smt. Divya
CTA-103/2018 Civil Case Family Court Family Court,
(Smt.Nandini @ No.136/2018 No.1, Ajmer.

Smt. Durgesh Vs. (Manish Vs. Bikaner
Manish) Smt. Nandini @
Smt. Durgesh)
CTA-105/2018 Civil Misc. Case Family Court, ADJ,
(Smt. Sunita Vs. No.459/2017 Udaipur Parbatsar.
Lokesh Panwar) (Lokesh
Panwar Vs.
Smt. Sunita)
CTA-119/2018 Civil Misc. Case ADJ, Family Court,
(Manish Vs. Manoj No.6/2018 Raisinghnagar Hanumangarh
Kumar) (Manoj Kumar , District Sri
Vs. Manisha) Ganganagar
CTA-125/2018 Civil Original Family Court Family Court,
(Smt. Divya Soni Case No.1, Bikaner
Vs. Ashok Kumar No.591/2017 Jodhpur
Soni) (Ashok Soni
Vs. Smt. Divya
CTA-126/2018 Civil Case Family Court, ADJ, Nagaur
(Minakshi Vs. No.38/2018 Jodhpur
Naveen Dadhich) (Naveen Metropolitan
Dadhich Vs.
Smt. Minakshi)
CTA-129/2018 Civil Misc. Case ADJ No.1, District
(Deepa Goswami No.1/2017 Nagaur Judge,
Vs. Devapuri) (Devapuri Vs. Bhilwara

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CTA-131/2018 Civil Case Family Court, Family Court,
(Smt. Mona Vs. NO.207/2018 Ajmer Bikaner
Banwari Lal) (Banwari Lal
Vs. Smt. Mona)
CTA-150/2018 155/2018 Family Court, Family Court,
(Sonu Sikhwal VS. (Narayan Vs. Udaipur Sikar
Narayan Sukhwal) Sonu)
CTA-151/2018 Civil Original ADJ No.1, Family Court,
(Smt. Neelam Soni Case Barmer Jodhpur

Vs. Mahendra Soni) No.109/2018
Soni Vs. Smt.
Neelam Soni)
CTA-153/2018 Civil Case ADJ, Sojat Family Court
(Neeru Kanwar Vs. NO.42/2018 Jodhpur
Mahipal Singh) (Mahipal Singh Metropolitan
Vs. Neeru
CTA-160/2018 Civil Misc. Case Family Court Family Court,
(Kumari Rani Vs. No.516/2018 No.1, Hanumangarh
Manoj Kumar) (Manoj Vs. Jodhpur
CTA-171/2018 Civil Misc. Case Family court, Family Court,
(Smt. Pooja Vs. No.697/2017 Jodhpur Bhilwara
Hemant Bhargava) (Hemant
Bhargava Vs.
Smt. Pooja)
CTA-173/2018 Civil Misc. Case Family Court Family Court,
(Smt. Rashmi No.347/2018 No.1, Kota Udaipur
Srivastava Vs. (Nikhil Vs.
Nikhil Bhatnagar) Rashmi)
CTA-177/2018 Civil Original Family court ADJ,
(Rinku Vs. Bharat Case No.1, Sumerpur,
Nawal) No.554/2018 Jodhpur District Pali.

(Bharat Nawal
Vs. Smt.Rinku)
CTA-179/2018 Case Family Court Family Court,
(Smt. Anita Vs. No.720/2017 No.1, Pali
Mukesh Deora) (Mukesh Deora Jodhpur
Vs. Smt. Anita)
CTA-187/2018 Civil Misc. Case ADJ, Phalodi Family Court,
(Sonu Vs. Dinesh No.21/2018 Jodhpur
Kumar Jagarwal) (Dinesh Kumar
Jagarwal Vs.
CTA-208/2018 Case ADJ, Family Court,
(Smt. Namrata Vs. NO.86/2018 Kishangarh Jodhpur
Harish @ Sajan (Harish @ Metropolitan
Heeranandani) Sajan Vs. Smt.

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CTA-209/2018 Divorce Petition ADJ, District
(Smt.Kirti Gupta Vs. No.52/2017 Sujangarh Judge, Sirohi
Shri Prashant (Prashant
Gupta) Gupta Vs. Kirti
CTA-211/2018 Matrimonial Family Court Family Court
(Smt. Anuradha case No.1, Jaipur No.1, Jodhpur
Dadhich Vs. Anurag No.1515/2018
Verma) (Anurag Verma
Vs. Smt.
CTA-214/2018 Civil Misc. Case Family Court, Family Court,
(Smt. Ayushi Vs. No.294/2018 Bhilwara Rajsamand
Rohit) (Rohit Vs. Smt.
CTA-215/2018 Civil Misc. ADJ, Family Court,
(Narendra Kaur Vs. Petition Raisinghnaga Sri
Gurnam Singh) No.11/2016 r, District Sri Ganganagar
(Gurnam Singh Ganganagar
Vs. Narendra
CTA-216/2018 Divorce Petition Family Judge Family court,
(Smt. Sarita No.767/2018 No.1, Kota Bikaner
Sarswat Vs. Shri (Devansh
Devansh Tiwari) Tiwari Vs. Smt.
Sarita Sarswat)
CTA-217/2018 Civil Misc. Case Family court ADJ, Didwana
(Usha Devi Vs. No.450/2018 No.1,
Praveen Choudhary) (Praveen Vs. Jodhpur
Usha Devi)
CTA-218/2018 Case no. Family court, Family court,
(Smt. Rampyari Vs. 120/2017 Pratapgarh Ajmer.
Shri Kanhaiyalal) (Kanhaiyalal
Vs. Rampyari)
CTA-228/2018 Civil Misc. No. Family Court Family Court,
(Sona Devi Vs. 104/2017 No.2, Hanumangarh
Rampratap) (Rampratap Vs. Bikaner
Sona Devi)
CTA-2/2019 (Smt. Matrimonial Family Court Family Court
Anuradha Dadhich Case No. No.3, Jaipur No.1, Jodhpur
Vs. Anurag Verma) 486/2018
(Anurag Verma
Vs. Smt.
CTA-4/2019 (Smt. Civil Case No. Family Court, Family Court,
Mikesh Kanwar Vs. 400/2018 Udaipur Pali
Gajraj Singh) (Gajraj Singh
Vs. Smt.

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CTA-8/2019 (Smt. Civil Misc. Case Family Court, Family Court,
Poonam Vs. No.38/2018 Chittorgarh Udaipur
Chitranjan) (Chitranjan Vs.
Smt. Poonam)
CTA-10/2019(Preeti Civil Case No. Family court Family Court,
@ Sweeti Giri Vs. 703/2017 No.1, Bikaner
Mukesh Bharti @ (Mukesh Vs. Jodhpur
Pintu) Preeti @
CTA-12/2019 (Smt. Divorce Petition ADJ, Family court,
Preeti Vs. Abhijit No.63/2018 Sujangarh Bikaner
Mishra) (Abhijit Mishra
Vs. Smt.
CTA-14/2019 (Smt. Civil Misc. Case ADJ, Family Court,
Kirandeep Kaur Vs. No.104/2018 Raisinghnaga Bikaner
Balvir Singh) (Balvir Singh r, District Sri
Vs. Kirandeep Ganganagar
CTA-29/2019 (Smt. Case No. Family Court, ACJM,
Priyanka Vs. 3/2018 Phalodi Pokhran
Sheshmal) (Sheshmal Vs.
Smt. Priyanka)
CTA-33/2019 Divorce Petition Family Court, ADJ No.1,
(Parvati Devi Vs. No.77/2016 Churu Rajgarh
Manakchand (173/2015)
Jangid) (Manak Chand
Vs. Parvati
CTA-37/2019 (Smt. Case Family Court, Family Court,
Pooja @ Pushpa No.524/2018 Udaipur Bharatpur
Kewlani Vs. Shri (Narendra
Narendra Lokwani) Lokwani Vs.
Smt. Pooja @
CTA-44/2019 (Smt. Civil Case No. Family Court Family Court
Taruna Vs. Ravindra 41/2016 No.2, (ADJ No.1),
Kumar) (Ravindra Jodhpur Barmer
Kumar Vs.
Smt. Taruna)
CTA-46/2019 (Smt. Civil Case Family Court Family Court
Archana Sharma no.715/2018 No.1, No.1, Jaipur
Vs. Harish Sharma) (Harish Jodhpur Metropolitan
Sharma Vs. Metropolitan
Smt. Archana
CTA-47/2019 (Smt. Civil Original Family Court Family Court,
Kamla @ Payal Vs. Case No. No.1, Nagaur

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Arjun Kumar) 17/2019 (Arjun Bikaner
Kumar Vs.
Smt. Kamla @
CTA-48/2019 (Smt. Civil Case Family Court Family Court
Alka Suman Vs. Sh. No.296/2018 No.1, No.1, Kota
Lalit Gehlot) (Lalit Gehlot Jodhpur
Vs. Smt. Alka
CTA-51/2019 (Smt. Petition No. Family Court Family Court,
Neeta Pujari Vs. 1667/2017 No.1, Jaipur Sujangarh,
Amit Mishra) (Amit Mishra District Churu
Vs. Smt. Neeta
CTA-52/2019 (Smt. Divorce Petition Family Court Family Court,
Ismat Bano Vs. No.527/2018 No.1, Bhilwara
Habibur Rahman) (Habibur Jodhpur
Rahman Vs.
Smt. Ismat
CTA-54/2019 (Smt. Civil Case No. ADJ, Sojat Family Court,
Deepa Gamnani @ 1/2019 City Ajmer.

Deepa Lakhani Vs.    (Kamlesh
Kamlesh Kumar Kumar Lakhani
Lakhani) Vs. Smt.Deepa
Gamnani @
Deepa Lakhani)
CTA-56/2019 (Ritu Civil Misc. Case Family Court, Family Court,
Vs. Aman) No.479/2018 Bhilwara Udaipur
(Aman Vs.

CTA-58/2019 (Smt. Civil Case No. Family Court, Family Court,
Poonam Vs. Dilip 73/2018 (Dilip Pratapgarh Rajsamand.

Kumar)            Kumar      Vs.
Smt. Poonam)
CTA-61/2019 (Smt. Civil Original Family Court ADJ, Phalodi
Bhagwati Sharma @ Case No. No.1,
Guddi Vs. manish 204/2019 Jodhpur
Sharma) (Manish
Sharma Vs.
Smt. Bhagwati
CTA-62/2019 (Smt. Civil Misc. Family Court, Family Court,
Seema @ Smita Vs. Application Chittorgarh Bhilwara
Prakash Bhatt) No.38/2018
(Prakash Bhatt
Vs. Smt.
Seema @
CTA-64/2019 Civil Case No. ADJ, Sojat, Family Court,

(Khushbu Soni Vs. 25/2019 (Lalit District Pali Balotra

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Lalit Soni) Soni Vs.
Khushbu Soni)
CTA-68/2019 (Smt. Case Family Court, CJM,
Shobha Anr. Vs. CO.305/2019 Jodhpur Jaisalmer
Shri Ganesh Giri) (Ganesh Giri
Vs. Smt.
CTA-69/2019 Case Family Court ADJ No.1,
(Smt.Naina Vs. No.90/2018 No.2, Nagaur
Rajendra @ Raj (Rajendra @ Bikaner
Kumar) Raj Kumar Vs.
Smt. Naina)
CTA-73/2019 (Neha Case No. Family Court Family Court,
Verma Vs. 498/2017 No.1, Alwar
Siddharth Verma) (Siddharth Jodhpur
Verma Vs. Metropolitan
Neha Verma)
CTA-74/2019 (Smt. Case Family Court Family Court
Priyanka Shekhawat No.3286/2019 No.1, Jaipur No.1, Jodhpur
Vs. Vijay Singh (Vijay Singh
Rathore) Rathore Vs.
Smt. Priyanka
CTA-75/2019 Divorce Petition Family Court, Family Court,
(Rinita Sharma Vs. No.168/2019 Ajmer Jodhpur
Manish Saraswat) (Manish
Saraswat Vs.
Rinita Sharma)
CTA-80/2019 (Smt. Case No. Family Court, ADJ, Bali,
Nisha Kunwar Vs. 168/2018(Dari Udaipur District Pali
Dariyav Singh) yav Singh Vs.
Smt. Nisha
CTA-83/2019 Case No. ADJ No.1, Family Court,
(Khushboo Devi Vs. 13/2019 Nagaur Merta
Ramkishor) (Ramkishor Vs.
CTA-84/2019 (Smt. Civil Misc. Case Family Court Family Court,
Monika Vs. Satish No.288/2019 No.1, Hanumangar
Dhaniya) (Satish Bikaner h
Dhaniya Vs.
Smt. Monika)
CTA-85/2019 Civil Misc. Case Family Court, Family Court,
(Mamta Saini Vs. No.89/2019 Churu Jhunjhunu
Begraj Saini) (Begraj Vs.
CTA-86/2019 (Smt. Case No. ADJ No.1, ADJ, Bali,
Niranjan Kanwar Vs. 110/2018 Barmer District Pali
Taneraj Singh @ ( Taneraj Singh
Tane Singh @ @ Tane Singh

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Bhagirath Singh) @ Bhagirath
Singh Vs. Smt.
CTA-87/2019 Case Family Court, Family Court,
(Shahnaz Bhati Vs. NO.11/2018 Bhilwara Jodhpur
Mohammed Shahid (Mohammed
Chhipa) Shahid Chhipa
Vs. Shahnaz
CTA-90/2019 (Smt. Civil Original Family Court, ADJ, Sojat
Dimple Vs. Case No. Churu District Pali
Abhishek) 51/2019
(Abhishek Vs.
Smt. Dimple)
CTA-91/2019 (Smt. Case Family Court, Family Court,
Pooja Vs. Gajanand No.56/2019 Sirohi Ajmer
@ Kalu) (Gajanand @
kalu Vs. Pooja)
CTA-92/2019 (Smt. Case No. Family Court, Family Court,
Shobha @ Kirti Vs. 57/2019 (Pyare Sirohi Ajmer
Pyare Lal) lal Vs. Shobha
@ Kirti)
CTA-93/2019 Case No. Family Court, Family Court,
(Neeta Maheshwari 473/2018 Bhilwara Udaipur
Vs. Ankur Somani) (Ankur Somani
Vs. Neeta
CTA-95/2019 (Smt. Case No. Family Court ADJ,
Mamta Devi Vs. 2412/2018( Pin No.1, Jaipur Ratangarh,
Pintu Kumar tu Kumar District Churu
Kumawat) Kumawat Vs.
Smt. Mamta
CTA-96/2019 (Smt. 13/2018 (Shri ADJ No.1, Family Court,
Varshika Agarwal Saurabh Bansal Abu Road, Udaipur
Vs. Shri Saurabh Vs. Varshika District
Bansal) Agarwal) Sirohi
CTA-97/2019 (Smt. Civil Original ADJ, ADJ Hindaun
Rekha Soni Vs. Alok Case No. Raisinghnaga City, District
Kumar Soni) 17/2018 (Alok r, District Sri Karauli
Kumar Soni Vs. Ganganagar
Smt. Rekha
CTA-99/2019 Civil Misc. Case Family Court, ADJ,
(Arveen Kaur Vs. No.113/2018 Sri Anupgarh
Amarjeet Singh) (Amarjeet Ganganagar
Singh Vs.
Arveen kaur)
CTA-100/2019 Divorce Petition Family Court Family Court,
(Smt. Bobby VS. No.588/2018 No.2, Pali

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Praveen Singh (Praveen Singh Jodhpur
Sisodia) Sisodia Vs.
CTA-102/2019 Case ADJ, Family Court,
(Smt. Gona @ Neha No.45/2019 Nathdwara Bundi
Sharma @ Divya (Abhishek
Sanadhya Vs. Sharma @
Abhishek Sharma @ Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar Sanadhya Vs.
Sanadhya) Smt. Gona @
Neha Sharma
@ Divya
CTA-105/2019 Civil Original Family Court ADJ,
(Smt. Leela Vs. Suit No. No.1, Pokharan.
Jagdish Soni) 560/2018 Jodhpur
(Jagdish Soni
Vs. Smt.Leela)
CTA-106/2019 Civil application Family Court Family Court,
(Payal Harivyasi Vs. No.563/2019 No.2, Jaipur Bikaner
Prateek Harivyasi) (Prateek Metropolitan,
Harivyasi Vs. Jaipur
CTA-107/2019 Civil Original Family Court Family Court,
(Sarita Bishnoi Vs. Case No.2, Jaipur Bikaner
Vikas Kumar Jyani) No.58/2019 Metropolitan,
(Vikas Kumar Jaipur
Jyani Vs. Sarita
CTA-108/2019 Civil Misc. Case ADJ No.1, Family Court
(Smt. Shivani No.153/2019 Barmer No.1, Jodhpur
Bakhtani Vs. (Mukesh
Mukesh Bakhtani) Bakhtani Vs.
Smt. Shivani
CTA-109/2019 Case No. ADJ, Family Court,
(Saroj Bala Vs. 42/2019 Srikaranpur, Hanumangarh
Kamlajeet Singh) (kamaljeet District Sri
Singh Vs. Saroj Ganganagar
CTA-111/2019 Civil Original Family Court, Family Court,
(Smt. Gajendra Case No. Bhilwara Pali
kanwar Vs. Sunil 301/2018
Singh) (Sunil Vs. Smt.
CTA-112/2019 Application No. ADJ, Family Court,
(Smt. Chandrakanta 10/2019 Sumerpur, Jodhpur.

Meghwal         Vs.    (Parmajeet      Pali
Paramjeet Singh Singh Meghwal
Meghwal) vs. Smt.

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CTA-113/2019 Civil Misc. Case ADJ Jaitaran, Family Court,
(SectionAnita vs. Sagar) No.1/2018 District Pali Bikaner.
(Sagar vs.

Copy of this order shall be placed in each case with additional

direction to the concerned court, where the case is transferred, to

give notice to both the parties of the date on which they have to

remain present before it.



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