4.    Government any appoint by notification in the Gazette any person by name or by virtue of the office held by him to be **Local Registrar and define œthe local Registration area constituting his jurisdiction. 1


5.    The Local Registrar shall unless permitted otherwise by the Registrar General, reside with in his jurisdiction and maintain an office at the outer door of which shall be displayed a signboard indicting his designation and hours of business.


6.    As soon as may be possible and not later than 15 days after the solemnisation of marriage, the husband may and in compulsory registration area shall give or cause to be given a report about the marriage in Form No. I (in original and duplicate) to he Local Registrar in whose jurisdiction the marriage was solemnised. The report may be sent by registered post or delivered personally or through messenger. In case a marriage report in delivered personally or through messenger; the Local Registrar will give a receipt indicating the fact of his having received the report, The date on which the marriage report was received shall be indicated in the receipt as also in the Marriage report and attested by the initials of the Local Registrar.


7.    The Local Registrar shall after verifying the entries in the marriage report referred to in Rule 6 for accuracy and completeness enter the various particulars in a Register in Form II and attest his signature in the space specified therefore. The entries relating to each marriage shall be given serial numbers consecutively with the first day of January and ending with the last day of December.


8.    The Register referred to in rule 7 shall be a bound book the pages of which are machine numbered.


9.    No correction of the entries in the Register shall be made without the concurrence of an œInspecting Officer, changes in material particulars like name, age, date, etc., shall be done invariably only after obtaining the sanction of the Registrar General.


10. (1) The Local Registrar shall within a week after the close of each month detach the duplicates of the Marriage Reports received and registered by him and forward the same to the Registrar General:


1 *Director of Panchayats is appointed as Registrar General of Marriage as per GOMS246/75, 247/75 LA &SWD dated 29.9.1975.


** Executive Officers and Municipal Commissioners are appointed as Local Marriage Registrars in the areas concerned.

* Substituted for one rupee by SRO. 123/86 published in Kerala Gazette No.3 dated 21.1.1986.


Provided that if it is directed by the Registrar General that the duplicate reports shall be forwarded through a specified authority the reports shall be forwarded through the authority so specified.


(2) The originals of the marriage report received by the Local Registrar shall be filed by him as permanent record.


11. The Registrar General shall have all the duplicate marriage reports received from the Local Registrars scrutinised for accuracy and completeness and file them in his office as permanent record.


12. The Registrar General shall cause indexes of marriage reports received by him being prepared and maintained in his office. The index registers shall be in bound books the pages of which are machine numbered and may be kept open for inspection by any person who desires to do so during office hours.


13. Application for certified extracts for the Register shall fulfil the following conditions:


(i)        Application for certified extracts of the Register shall fulfil the following conditions.


(ii)       It shall contain the name of the parties to the marriage the name and address of the applicant and the place and date of the marriage;


(iii)      Court fee stamps to the value of *[Three Rupees] shall be affixed to it. 2



*[Note-Applicants who desire to get the extract of the Register in stamp paper shall also produce the required stamp paper for the purpose, before the Registrar.]


14. The Local Registrar shall prepare and grant the extract under his signature and seal in Form No. III:


Provided that if the Registrar General directs that the extract shall be countersigned by any authority duly specified by him before delivery to the applicant the Local Registrar shall comply with such direction.


15. (1) The Registrar General may authorise any Officer to be an œInspecting Officer for the purpose of the rules, and assign the jurisdiction of such Inspecting Officer, subject to approval of Government.


(2)  Regular periodical inspection of the Registers and connected records kept by the Local Registrars shall be done by the Inspecting Officers in accordance with the instructions of the Registrar General.


(3)   The Registrar General shall arrange for the printing and supply of forms and registers required for use by Local Registrars.

* Substituted for one rupee by SRO. 123/26 published in Kerala Gazette No. 3 dated 21.1.1986.


16. (1) Not with standing any of the provisions contained in these rules, the failure by a party to marriage to comply with the direction in Rule 6 shall, if the marriage had been solemnised in a compulsory registration area be punishable on conviction by a Magistrate with fine which may extend to twenty-five rupees.


(2)  Prosecutions of offences referred to in sub-rule (1) shall be instituted only with sanction of the Registrar General.


(3)  The Rules passed by Government under any other enactment for the time being in force for the Registration of marriages of any section of the Hindus shall for œcompulsory registration areas stand repealed.



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