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Section 259 – The Cantonments Act,2006

The Cantonments Act,2006

Section 259. Names of streets and numbers of buildings

(1) A Board may determine the name or number by which any area, street or public place in the cantonment shall be known and may cause name or number to be affixed on any building in the cantonment in such place as it thinks fit and may also cause a number to be affixed to any such building.

(2) Whoever destroys, pulls down, defaces or alters any such name or number or puts up any name or number differing from that put up by the order of the Board shall be punishable with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees.

(3) When a name or number has been affixed to any building under sub- section (1), the owner of the building shall maintain the name or number in order, and shall replace it if removed or defaced, and if he fails to do so the Chief Executive Officer may by notice in writing require him to replace it.

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The Cantonments Act,2006

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